Windows Hello 企业版功能Windows Hello for Business Features

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  • Windows 10Windows 10

考虑在你的组织完成部署 Windows Hello 企业版后可以的这些附加功能。Consider these additional features you can use after your organization deploys Windows Hello for Business.

条件访问Conditional access

Azure Active Directory 提供了一组用于保护对企业资源的访问权限的广泛选项。Azure Active Directory provides a wide set of options for protecting access to corporate resources. 条件访问提供更精细的控制,可控制哪些人可以访问某些资源,并在哪些条件下使用。Conditional access provides more fine grained control over who can access certain resources and under what conditions. 有关详细信息,请参阅 条件访问For more information see Conditional Access.

动态锁Dynamic lock

动态锁使用配对的蓝牙设备确定用户状态,如果用户不存在,则锁定设备。Dynamic lock uses a paired Bluetooth device to determine user presence and locks the device if a user is not present. 有关详细信息和配置步骤,请参阅 动态锁For more information and configuration steps see Dynamic Lock.

PIN 重置PIN reset

Windows Hello 企业版支持用户自行管理的 PIN。Windows Hello for Business supports user self-management of their PIN. 如果用户忘记了 PIN,他们可以从 "设置" 或 "锁定" 屏幕重置其 PIN。If a user forgets their PIN, they have the ability to reset it from Settings or the lock screen. Microsoft PIN 重置服务可用于完成此重置,用户无需注册新的 Windows Hello 企业版凭据。The Microsoft PIN reset service can be used for completing this reset without the user needing to enroll a new Windows Hello for Business credential. 有关详细信息和配置步骤,请参阅 Pin 重置For more information and configuration steps see Pin Reset.

双重注册Dual Enrollment

此功能支持预配管理员 Windows Hello 企业版凭据,这些凭据可由非特权帐户用于执行管理操作。This feature enables provisioning of administrator Windows Hello for Business credentials that can be used by non-privileged accounts to perform administrative actions. 这些凭据可以从使用 "以 其他用户身份运行 " 或 "以 管理员身份运行" 的非特权帐户中使用。These credentials can be used from the non-privileged accounts using Run as different user or Run as administrator. 有关详细信息和配置步骤,请参阅 双重注册For more information and configuration steps see Dual Enrollment.

远程桌面Remote Desktop

具有 Windows Hello 企业版证书信任的用户可以使用其凭据对 RDP 上的远程桌面会话进行身份验证。Users with Windows Hello for Business certificate trust can use their credential to authenticate to remote desktop sessions over RDP. 对会话进行身份验证时,如果已注册,则可以使用生物识别手势。When authenticating to the session, biometric gestures can be used if they are enrolled. 有关详细信息和配置步骤,请参阅 远程桌面For more information and configuration steps see Remote Desktop.

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