写入样式Writing style


错误消息的措词方式、帮助文档的编写方式,甚至为按钮选择的文本都会对应用的可用性产生重大影响。The way you phrase an error message, the way you write help documentation, and even the text you choose for a button have big impacts on the usability of your app. 写作风格可能对用户体验的好坏产生重要影响。Writing style can make a big difference between an awful user experience and a better one.

语音和声调原则Voice and tone principles

调查显示用户对于友好、有用和简洁的写作风格反应最佳。Research shows that people respond best to a writing style that's friendly, helpful, and concise. 作为此研究的一部分,Microsoft 确定了三个所有内容均适用的语音和声调原则,它们是 Fluent Design 不可或缺的组成部分。As a part of this research, Microsoft developed three voice and tone principles that we apply across all our content, and are an integral part of Fluent design.

温暖、轻松Be warm and relaxed

最重要的是不要吓跑用户。Above all else, you don't want to scare off the user. 要通俗易懂,不要使用他们不理解的术语。Be informal, be casual, and don't use terms they won't understand. 即使有错误发生,也不要因为任何问题而责怪用户。Even when things break, don't blame the user for any problems. 相反,你的应用应该承担责任并提供将用户操作放在首位的热情指导。Your app should take responsibility instead, and offer welcoming guidance that puts the user's actions first.

随时准备提供帮助Be ready to lend a hand

撰写风格始终表达出感同身受。Always show empathy in your writing. 专注于介绍正在进行的操作,并提供用户所需的信息,而不要向他们加载过多不必要的信息。Be focused on explaining what's going on and providing the information that the user needs, without overloading them with unnecessary info. 如果可能,应始终在出现问题时提供解决方案。And if possible, always provide a solution when there's a problem.

简洁、清晰Be crisp and clear

大多数时候,文本并非应用的焦点。Most of the time, text isn't the focus of an app. 它的目的是指导用户,告诉他们正在进行的操作以及他们接下来应该怎么做。It's there to guide people, to teach them what's going on and what they should do next. 不要在撰写应用文本时忽略这一点,不要假定用户会阅读每个字。Don't lose sight of this when writing the text in your app, and don't assume that users will read every word. 使用你的受众熟悉的语言,并确保能够轻松地过眼即懂。Use language that is familiar to your audience, make sure it's easy to understand at a glance.

突出重点Lead with what's important

用户需要能够快速阅读和了解你的文本。Users need to be able to read and understand your text at a glance. 不要将篇幅浪费在不必要的介绍上。Don't pad your words with unnecessary introductions. 最大限度地提高关键字的可见性,并且在添加之前始终展现核心思想。Give your key points the most visibility, and always present the core of an idea before you add onto it.

绿色栏的第一个屏幕截图,其中包含绿色复选标记和文本“执行”。First screenshot of a green bar that has a green check mark and the word Do in it. 选择“筛选器”为图像添加效果。Select filters to add effects to your image.

禁止事项 如果想要为图像添加视觉效果或者其他效果,请选择筛选器Don't If you want to add visual effects or alterations to your image, select filters.

强调操作Emphasize action

应用是由操作定义的。Apps are defined by actions. 用户在使用应用时会进行操作,而应用在响应用户时也会进行操作。Users take action when they use the app, and the app takes action when it responds to the user. 确保整个应用中的文本均使用主动语态 。Make sure your text uses the active voice throughout your app. 用户和功能应描述为它们主动执行操作,而不是对它们执行了操作。People and functions should be described as doing things, instead of having things done to them.

绿色栏的第二个屏幕截图,其中包含绿色复选标记和文本“执行”。Second screenshot of a green bar that has a green check mark and the word Do in it. 重启应用以查看更改。Restart the app to see your changes.

禁止事项 应用重启后,会应用所做的更改。Don't The changes will be applied when the app is restarted.

简短扼要Short and sweet

用户快速阅读文本时,通常会完全跳过大块的文字。Users scan text, and will often skip over larger blocks of words entirely. 请不要牺牲必要的信息和展示效果,但也不要使用不必要的字词。Don't sacrifice necessary information and presentation, but don't use more words than you have to. 有时候,这意味着可以使用许多更简短的句子或片段。Sometimes, this will mean relying on many shorter sentences or fragments. 其他情况下,这意味着需要谨慎地选择较长句子的措辞和结构。Other times, this will mean being extra choosy about the words and structure of longer sentences.

绿色栏的第三个屏幕截图,其中包含绿色复选标记和文本“执行”。Third screenshot of a green bar that has a green check mark and the word Do in it. 我们无法上传图片。We couldn't upload the picture. 如果再次发生此情况,请尝试重启应用。If this happens again, try restarting the app. 但是,不用担心,你的图片将会等待你返回。But don't worry — your picture will be waiting when you come back.

禁止事项 出错,我们无法上传图片。Don't An error occured, and we weren't able to upload the picture. 请重试。如果再次遇到此问题,可能需要重启应用。Please try again, and if you encounter this problem again, you may need to restart the app. 但是,不用担心,我们已经将你的操作保存到本地,你返回来以后即可继续操作。But don't worry — we've saved your work locally, and it'll be waiting for you when you come back.

风格惯例Style conventions

如果你认为自己不会成为一名作家,那么尝试实施这些原则和建议可能会具有挑战性。If you don't consider yourself to be a writer, it can be intimidating to try to implement these principles and recommendations. 但不用担心,使用简单直接的语言是提供良好用户体验的好方法。But don't worry — using simple and straightforward language is a great way to provide a good user experience. 如果你仍然不确定如何组织语言,这里有一些有用的指南以供参考。And if you're still unsure how to structure your words, here are some helpful guidelines. 如果要了解详细信息,请查看 Microsoft 样式指南And if you want more information, check out the Microsoft Style Guide.

称呼用户Addressing the user

直接与用户进行交流。Speak directly to the user.

  • 始终称呼用户为“你”。Always address the user as "you."
  • 用“我们”来指代你自己的角度。Use "we" to refer to your own perspective. 这样既热情,又有助于让用户感觉像是属于体验的一部分。It's welcoming and helps the user feel like part of the experience.
  • 不要使用“我”来指代应用的角度,即使你是唯一创建它的人。Don't use "I" or "me" to refer to the app's perspective, even if you're the only one creating it.

绿色栏的第四个屏幕截图,其中包含绿色复选标记和文本“执行”。Fourth screenshot of a green bar that has a green check mark and the word Do in it. 我们无法将你的文件保存到该位置。We couldn't save your file to that location.


当你需要在整个应用中多次提及产品、地点或技术概念时,缩写词可能会很有用。Abbreviations can be useful when you need to refer to products, places, or technical concepts multiple times throughout your app. 它们可以节省空间,并且感觉上更加自然,前提是只要用户能够理解它们。They can save space and feel more natural, as long as the user understands them.

  • 请勿假定用户已经熟悉了任何的缩写词,即使你认为它们很常见。Don't assume that users are already familiar with any abbreviations, even if you think they're common.
  • 始终在用户第一次看到新的缩写词时定义它的含义。Always define what a new abbreviation means the first time the user will see it.
  • 请勿使用过于相似的缩写词。Don't use abbreviations that are too similar to one another.
  • 如果你正在本地化自己的应用,或者如果你的用户将英语作为第二语言,请勿使用缩写。Don't use abbreviations if you're localizing your app, or if your users speak English as a second language.

绿色栏的第五个屏幕截图,其中包含绿色复选标记和文本“执行”。Fifth screenshot of a green bar that has a green check mark and the word Do in it. Windows 应用设计指南可以帮助你设计和构建美观、精良的应用。The Windows app design guidance is a resource to help you design and build beautiful, polished apps. 通过每个 Windows 应用中包含的设计功能,你可以构建适用于一系列设备的用户界面 (UI)。With the design features that are included in every Windows app, you can build user interfaces (UI) that scale across a range of devices.


人们习惯于使用简练的语言,并且很乐意阅读简练的文字。People are used to contractions, and expect to see them. 如果语言不够简练,你的应用会看起来过于正式,甚至是生硬。Avoiding them can make your app seem too formal or even stilted.

  • 当简练的语言能够自然融入到文本中时,请使用它们。Use contractions when they're a natural fit for the text.
  • 不要只是为了节省空间或者当这些简练的语言会让你的文字听起来拗口的情况下使用。Don't use unnatural contractions just to save space, or when they would make your words sound less conversational.

绿色栏的第六个屏幕截图,其中包含绿色复选标记和文本“执行”。Sixth screenshot of a green bar that has a green check mark and the word Do in it. 喜欢这个图像的话,选择“保存”即可将其添加到库中。When you're happy with your image, select save to add it to your gallery. 这样便可以与好友共享这个图像了。From there, you'll be able to share it with friends.


用句号结尾的文本意味着该文本是一个完整的句子。Ending text with a period implies that that text is a full sentence. 将句号用于较大的文本块,并且避免用于比一个完整句子较短的文本。Use a period for larger blocks of text, and avoid them for text that's shorter than a complete sentence.

  • 将句号用作工具提示、错误消息和对话中完整句子的结尾。Use periods to end full sentences in tooltips, error messages, and dialogs.
  • 请勿将句号用作按钮、单选按钮、标签或复选框文本的结尾。Don't end text for buttons, radio buttons, labels, or checkboxes with a period.

绿色栏的第七个屏幕截图,其中包含绿色复选标记和文本“执行”。 未连接。Seventh screenshot of a green bar that has a green check mark and the word Do in it. You’re not connected.

  • 请检查网络电缆是否已插入。Check that your network cables are plugged in.
  • 请确保没有处于飞行模式下。Make sure you're not in airplane mode.
  • 请查看无线开关是否已打开。See if your wireless switch is turned on.
  • 请重启路由器。Restart your router.


尽管大写字母很重要,但容易过度使用。While capital letters are important, they're easy to overuse.

  • 大写专有名词。Capitalize proper nouns.
  • 大写应用中文本的每个字符串的开头:每个句子、标签和标题的开头。Capitalize the start of every string of text in your app: the start of every sentence, label, and title.

绿色栏的第八个屏幕截图,其中包含绿色复选标记和文本“执行”。 哪部分遇到了问题?Eighth screenshot of a green bar that has a green check mark and the word Do in it. Which part is giving you trouble?

  • 我忘记了密码。I forgot your password.
  • 它不接受密码。It won't accept password.
  • 其他人可能正在使用我的帐户。Someone else might be using my account.

错误消息Error messages

当应用中出现问题时,用户会注意到这一点。When something goes wrong in your app, users pay attention. 由于用户在遇到错误消息时可能会感到困惑或懊恼,因此良好的语音和语气可能会在这方面产生特别重要的影响。Because users might be confused or frustrated when they encounter an error message, they're an area where good voice and tone can have a particularly significant impact.

最重要的是,错误消息不能责怪用户。More than anything else, it's important that your error message doesn't blame the user. 但是,同样重要的是,不要用他们不理解的信息使他们感到不知所措。But it's also important not to overwhelm them with information that they don't understand. 大多数时间,遇到错误的用户只是想尽快轻松地返回到他们之前正在进行的操作。Most of the time a user who encounters an error just wants to get back to what they were doing as quickly and as easily as they can. 因此,编写的任何错误消息应该:Therefore, any error message you write should:

  • 温暖、轻松 :使用谈话的口吻,避免使用陌生的术语和技术行话。Be warm and relaxed by using a conversational tone and avoiding unfamiliar terms and technical jargon.

  • 随时准备提供帮助 :尽可能告诉用户出现了什么问题,告知他们将会发生什么,并提供他们能够实施的可行解决方案。Be ready to lend a hand by telling the user what went wrong to the best of your ability, by telling them what will happen next, and by providing a realistic solution they can accomplish.

  • 简洁、清晰 :去除无关的信息。Be crisp and clear by eliminating extraneous information.

绿色栏的第九个屏幕截图,其中包含绿色复选标记和文本“执行”。 未连接。Ninth screenshot of a green bar that has a green check mark and the word Do in it. You’re not connected.

  • 请检查网络电缆是否已插入。Check that your network cables are plugged in.
  • 请确保没有处于飞行模式下。Make sure you're not in airplane mode.
  • 请查看无线开关是否已打开。See if your wireless switch is turned on.
  • 请重启路由器。Restart your router.


为应用中的任何对话创建文本时,许多适用于编写错误消息的建议也同样适用。Many of the same advice for writing error messages also applies when creating the text for any dialogs in your app. 尽管用户期待对话,但这些对话仍然会中断应用的正常进程;并且这些对话需要简洁有用,以便用户可以回到他们之前正在进行的操作。While dialogs are expected by the user, they still interrupt the normal flow of the app, and need to be helpful and concise so the user can get back to what they were doing.

但最重要的是对话标题和其按钮之间的“调用和响应”。But most important is the "call and response" between the title of a dialog and its buttons. 请确保按钮是标题所提及问题的明确答案,并且格式在应用中保持一致。Make sure that your buttons are clear answers to the question posed by the title, and that their format is consistent across your app.

绿色栏的第十个屏幕截图,其中包含绿色复选标记和文本“执行”。 哪部分遇到了问题?Tenth screenshot of a green bar that has a green check mark and the word Do in it. Which part is giving you trouble?

  1. 我忘记了密码I forgot my password
  2. 它不接受我的密码It won't accept my password
  3. 其他人可能正在使用我的帐户Someone else might be using my account


按钮上的文本需要足够简洁,让用户可以一目了然;并且要足够清楚,让该按钮的功能显而易见。Text on buttons needs to be concise enough that users can read it all at a glance and clear enough that the button's function is immediately obvious. 按钮上最长的文本应该只是简短的几个字词,许多文本应该都比这更短。The longest the text on a button should ever be is a couple short words, and many should be shorter than that. 在编写按钮的文本时,请记住,每个按钮代表一个操作。When writing the text for buttons, remember that every button represents an action. 请务必在按钮文本中使用主动语态 ,使用代表操作而非反应的词。Be sure to use the active voice in button text, to use words that represent actions rather than reactions.


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口语体验Spoken experiences

在为 Cortana 等口语体验编写文本时,相同的通用原则和建议也适用。The same general principles and recommendations apply when writing text for spoken experiences, such as Cortana. 在这些功能中,良好的写作原则甚至更为重要,因为你无法为用户提供其他视觉设计元素来补充说出的字词。In those features, the principles of good writing are even more important, because you are unable to provide users with other visual design elements to supplement the spoken words.

  • 温暖、轻松 :以谈话的口吻与用户进行互动。Be warm and relaxed by engaging your users with a conversational tone. 比其他任何方面都重要的是,要让口语体验听上去热情且平易近人,并且使用户敢于与之进行交谈。More than in any other area, it's vital that a spoken experience sound warm and approachable, and be something that users aren't afraid to talk to.

  • 随时准备提供帮助 :当用户询问无法做到的要求时,请提供替代建议。Be ready to lend a hand by providing alternative suggestions when the user asks the impossible. 就像在错误消息中一样,如果出现问题并且应用无法满足请求,它应该为用户提供一个可以尝试进行询问的可行选择。Much like in an error message, if something went wrong and your app isn't able to fulfill the request, it should give the user a realistic alternative that they can try asking, instead.

  • 简洁、清晰 :保持语言的简单。Be crisp and clear by keeping your language simple. 口语体验中不适合使用长句或复杂的字词。Spoken experiences aren't suitable for long sentences or complicated words.

辅助功能和本地化Accessibility and localization

如果在编写文本时考虑到辅助功能和本地化,你的应用可能会接触到更多的受众。Your app can reach a wider audience if it's written with accessibility and localization in mind. 这是仅通过文本无法达成的,尽管简单友好的语言是一个很好的开始。This is something that can't only be accomplished through text, though straightforward and friendly language is a great start. 有关详细信息,请参阅辅助功能概述本地化指南For more information, see our accessibility overview and localization guidelines.

  • 随时准备提供帮助 :考虑到不同的体验。Be ready to lend a hand by taking different experiences into account. 避免使用可能对国际受众无意义的短语,并且请勿使用假设用户可以和不可以做什么的字词。Avoid phrases that might not make sense to an international audience, and don't use words that make assumptions about what the user can and can't do.

  • 简洁、清晰 :避免使用不必要的特殊和专业词汇。Be crisp and clear by avoiding unusual and specialized words when they aren't necessary. 文本越简单,就越容易进行本地化。The more straightforward your text is, the easier it is to localize.

适合非作家的技巧Techniques for non-writers

无需成为训练有素或经验丰富的作家即可为用户提供良好的体验。You don't need to be a trained or experienced writer to provide your users with a good experience. 选择那些对你来说听起来舒服的字词,它们同样也会为其他人带来舒适感。Pick words that sound comfortable to you — they'll feel comfortable to others, too. 但有时,这并没有听上去的那么容易。But sometimes, that's not as easy as it sounds. 如果遇到问题,这些技巧可以帮助你。If you get stuck, these techniques can help you out.

  • 想象一下,你正在和一位朋友谈论你的应用。Imagine that you're talking to a friend about your app. 如何向他们介绍此应用?How would you explain the app to them? 如何介绍其功能或如何为他们提供说明?How would you talk about its features or give them instructions? 最好向尚未使用过的真实用户介绍此应用。Better yet, explain the app to an actual person who hasn't used it yet.

  • 想象一下你会如何描述一个完全不同的应用。Imagine how you would describe a completely different app. 例如,如果你正在编写游戏应用,想象一下该如何用语言或文字来介绍一款财务或新闻应用。For instance, if you're making a game, think of what you'd say or write to describe a financial or a news app. 通过对比所使用的语言和结构,可以让更深入地了解适用于你所编写应用的正确字词。The contrast in the language and stucture you use can give you more insight into the right words for what you're actually writing about.

  • 关注类似的应用以获取灵感。Take a look at similar apps for inspiration.

找到正确的字词是许多人纠结的一个问题,因此,难以确定最自然的字词时也不要感到沮丧。Finding the right words is a problem that many people struggle with, so don't feel bad if it's not easy to settle on something that feels natural.