加载项提交Add-on submissions

加载项(有时称为应用内产品)是应用的补充项,可供客户购买。Add-ons (also sometimes referred to as in-app products) are supplementary items for your app that can be purchased by customers. 加载项可以是的有趣的新功能,新的游戏级别,或其他任何你认为将保持用户参与。An add-on can be a fun new feature, a new game level, or anything else you think will keep users engaged. 加载项不但是赚钱的绝佳方法,它们还有助于促进客户互动和参与。Not only are add-ons a great way to make money, but they help to drive customer interaction and engagement.

加载项通过合作伙伴中心中,发布,并要求你拥有一个活动的开发者帐户Add-ons are published through Partner Center, and require you to have an active developer account. 你还需要在你的应用代码中启用加载项You'll also need to enable the add-ons in your app's code.

加载项提交过程的第一步是定义其产品类型和产品 ID由在合作伙伴中心中创建加载项。The first step in the add-on submission process is to create the add-on in Partner Center by defining its product type and product ID. 在此之后,你将创建一个提交,以便可以通过 Microsoft 应用商店购买你的加载项。After that, you'll create a submission so that your add-on can be purchased via the Microsoft Store. 你可以在提交应用的同时提交加载项,或者可以单独处理它。You can submit an add-on at the same time you submit your app, or you can work on it independently. 并且你可以在应用在 Store 中上架后更新加载项,而无需重新提交该应用。And you can make updates to add-ons after the app is in the Store without having to resubmit the app again.


文档的此部分介绍了如何提交合作伙伴中心中的加载项。This section of the documentation describes how to submit add-ons in Partner Center. 此外,你也可以使用 Microsoft Store 提交 API 自动执行加载项提交。Alternatively, you can use the Microsoft Store submission API to automate add-on submissions.

加载项提交清单Checklist for submitting an add-on

以下是你在创建加载项提交时提供的信息的列表。Here's a list of the info that you provide when creating your add-on submission. 下面标出了你需要提供的项目。The items that you are required to provide are noted below. 其中某些是选填的,或已提供你可以按需更改的默认值。Some of these are optional, or have default values already provided that you can change as desired.

创建新加载项页面Create a new add-on page

字段名称Field name 注意Notes
产品类型Product type 必填Required
产品 IDProduct ID 必需Required

属性页面Properties page

字段名称Field name 注意Notes
产品生命周期Product lifetime 在产品类型为耐用品时必填。Required if the product type is Durable. 不适用于其他产品类型。Not applicable to other product types.
数量Quantity 在产品为** Store 管理的易耗品**必填。Required if the product type is Store-managed consumable. 不适用于其他产品类型。Not applicable to other product types.
订阅期限Subscription period 在产品类型为订阅时必填。Required if the product type is Subscription. 不适用于其他产品类型。Not applicable to other product types.
免费试用Free trial 在产品类型为订阅时必填。Required if the product type is Subscription. 不适用于其他产品类型。Not applicable to other product types.
内容类型Content type 必填Required
关键字Keywords 选填(最多 10 个关键字,每个限 30 个字符)Optional (up to 10 keywords, 30 character limit each)
自定义开发人员数据Custom developer data 选填(限 3000 个字符)Optional (3000 character limit)

定价和可用性页面Pricing and availability page

字段名称Field name 注意Notes
市场Markets 默认:所有可能的市场Default: All possible markets
可见性Visibility 默认:可供购买。Default: Available for purchase. 可能在应用一览中显示May be displayed in your app's listing
计划Schedule 默认:尽快发布Default: Release as soon as possible
定价Pricing 必填Required
销售定价Sale pricing 可选Optional

Store 一览Store listings

需要一个 Store 一览。One Store listing required. 我们建议为应用支持的每种语言提供 Store 一览。We recommend providing Store listings for every language your app supports.

字段名称Field name 注意Notes
标题Title 必填(限 100 个字符)Required (100 character limit)
提要Description 选填(限 200 个字符)Optional (200 character limit)
图标Icon 可选(.png、300x300 像素)Optional (.png, 300x300 pixels)

当你完成输入此信息时,请单击提交到 StoreWhen you've finished entering this info, click Submit to the Store. 在大多数情况下,认证过程需要大约一个小时。In most cases, the certification process takes about an hour. 然后,你的加载项将发布到 Store 并且可供客户购买。After that, your add-on will be published to the Store and ready for customers to purchase.


加载项还必须在应用的代码中实现。The add-on must also be implemented in your app's code. 有关详细信息,请参阅应用内购买和试用For more info, see In-app purchases and trials.

在发布后更新加载项Updating an add-on after publication

你可以随时更改已发布的加载项。You can make changes to a published add-on at any time. 提交和发布独立于应用,因此你通常不需要更新整个应用即可对加载项,如更新其价格或说明进行更改加载项更改。Add-on changes are submitted and published independently of your app, so you generally don't need to update the entire app in order to make changes to an add-on such as updating its price or description.

要提交更新,请转到合作伙伴中心中添加的页面,然后单击更新To submit updates, go to the add-on's page in Partner Center and click Update. 这将创建新的提交的加载项,使用之前提交中的信息作为起始点。This will create a new submission for the add-on, using the info from your previous submission as a starting point. 进行的更改,你将等,然后单击提交到应用商店Make the changes you'd like, and then click Submit to the Store.

如果你希望删除之前提供的加载项,可通过创建新提交并通过停止获取选项将分发和可见性选项更改为在 Microsoft Store 中隐藏If you'd like to remove an add-on you've previously offered, you can do this by creating a new submission and changing the Distribution and visibility option to Hidden in the Store with the Stop acquisition option. 请务必更新你的应用的代码,根据需要以同时删除对加载项的引用 (尤其是当你以前发布的应用支持 Windows 8.1 更早版本; 此可见性设置不会应用于这些客户)。Be sure to update your app's code as needed to also remove references to the add-on (especially if your previously-published app supports Windows 8.1 earlier; this visibility setting won't apply to those customers).


如果你以前发布的应用可供客户在 Windows 8.x 不同,你将需要创建并发布新的应用提交才能使这些客户看到加载项更新。If your previously-published app is available to customers on Windows 8.x, you will need to create and publish a new app submission in order to make the add-on updates visible to those customers. 同样,如果你在应用发布后向面向 Windows8.x 的应用添加新的加载项,你将需要更新应用的代码来引用这些加载项,然后才能重新提交应用。Similarly, if you add new add-ons to an app targeting Windows 8.x after the app has been published, you'll need to update your app's code to reference those add-ons, then resubmit the app. 否则,使用 Windows8.x 的客户将无法看到新的加载项。Otherwise, the new add-ons won't be visible to customers on Windows 8.x.