选择可见性选项Choose visibility options

定价和可用性页面中的可见性部分允许你对发现和获取应用的方式设置限制。The Visibility section of the Pricing and availability page allows you to set restrictions on how your app can be discovered and acquired. 因此你可以选择指定用户是否可以在 Microsoft Store 中找到你的应用或查看该应用的 Microsoft Store 一览。This gives you the option to specify whether people can find your app in the Store or see its Store listing at all.

有两个单独部分中的可见性部分:受众可发现性There are two separate sections within the Visibility section: Audience and Discoverability.


“受众”部分让你可以指定是否希望将你的提交的可见性限制为定义的特定受众。The Audience section lets you specify whether you want to restrict the visibility of your submission to a specific audience that you define.

公共受众Public audience

默认情况下,公共受众可以看到你的应用的 Microsoft Store 一览。By default, your app’s Store listing will be visible to a Public audience. 这适用于大多数提交,除非你希望将可以查看应用一览的用户限制为特定用户。This is appropriate for most submissions, unless you want to limit who can see your app’s listing to specific people. 如果你愿意,还可以使用可发现性部分中的选项来限制可发现性。You can also use the options in the Discoverability section to restrict discoverability if you’d like.


如果你提交的产品将此选项设置为公共受众,将无法在以后的提交中选择私人受众If you submit a product with this option set to Public audience, you can't choose Private audience in a later submission.

私人受众Private audience

如果你希望只有指定的所选用户可以看到应用一览,请选择私人受众If you want your app’s listing to be visible only to selected people that you specify, choose Private audience. 使用此选项,对于指定组中用户以外的任何用户,应用将不可发现或不可用。With this option, the app will not be discoverable or available to anyone other than people in the group(s) you specify. 此选项通常用于beta 版测试,因为它让你可以将应用分配给测试人员,而任何其他人则无法获取该应用,甚至无法查看该应用的 Microsoft Store 一览(即使他们能够键入该应用的 Microsoft Store 一览 URL)。This option is often used for beta testing, as it lets you distribute your app to testers without anyone else being able to get the app, or even see its Store listing (even if they were able to type in its Store listing URL).

当你选择私人受众时,需要指定至少一组应获取应用的用户。When you choose Private audience, you’ll need to specify at least one group of people who should get your app. 你可以从现有已知用户组中选择,也可以选择创建新组来定义一个新组。You can choose from an existing known user group, or you can select Create a new group to define a new group. 你需要输入与要包括在该组中的每个用户的 Microsoft 帐户关联的电子邮件地址。You’ll need to enter the email addresses associated with the Microsoft account of each person you’d like to include in the group. 有关详细信息,请参阅创建已知用户组For more info, see Create known user groups.

发布你的提交后,指定组中的用户将能够查看该应用一览并下载应用,前提是他们必须使用与你输入的电子邮件地址关联的 Microsoft 帐户登录,并且运行的是 Windows 10 版本 1607 或更高版本(包括 Xbox One)。After your submission is published, the people in the group you specify will be able to view the app’s listing and download the app, as long as they are signed in with the Microsoft account associated with the email address that you entered and are running Windows 10, version 1607 or higher (including Xbox One). 但是,不属于你的私人受众的用户将无法查看该应用一览或下载该应用(无论他们运行的是哪个操作系统版本)。However, people who aren’t in your private audience won’t be able to view the app’s listing or download the app, regardless of what OS version they’re running. 你可以将更新的提交发布给私人受众,然后将按照常规应用更新的方式分发给这些受众成员(但不属于你的私人受众的用户仍然无法使用,除非你更改受众选择)。You can publish updated submissions to the private audience, which will be distributed to members of those audience in the same way as a regular app update (but still won’t be available to anyone who’s not in of your private audience, unless you change your audience selection).

如果你打算在特定的日期和时间将应用提供给公共受众,则可以在创建你的提交时选择名为公开此产品的框。If you plan to make the app available to a public audience at a certain date and time, you can select the box labeled Make this product public on when creating your submission. 输入要将产品提供给公众的日期和时间(UTC 时间)。Enter the date and time (in UTC) when you’d like the product to become available to the public. 请牢记以下几点:Keep in mind the following:

  • 你选择的日期和时间适用于所有市场。The date and time that you select will apply to all markets. 如果你希望针对不同市场自定义发布计划,请勿使用此框。If you want to customize the release schedule for different markets, don’t use this box. 而是创建一个将设置更改为公共受众的新提交,然后使用计划选项指定发布时间。Instead, create a new submission that changes your setting to Public audience, then use the Schedule options to specify your release timing.
  • 输入公开此产品的日期对于适用于企业的 Microsoft Store 和/或适用于教育的 Microsoft Store 则不适用。Entering a date for Make this product public on does not apply to the Microsoft Store for Business and/or Microsoft Store for Education. 若要允许我们通过组织许可向这些客户提供你的应用,你需要在创建新提交时选择公共受众(并启用组织许可)。To allow us to offer your app to these customers through organizational licensing, you’ll need to create a new submission with Public audience selected (and organizational licensing enabled).
  • 选择日期和时间后,将来的所有提交将使用公共受众After the date and time that you select, all future submissions will use Public audience.

如果你不指定向公共受众提供应用的日期和时间,可以在以后随时执行此操作,方法是创建一个新提交并将受众设置从私人受众改为公共受众If you don’t specify a date and time to make your app available to a public audience, you can always do so later by creating a new submission and changing your audience setting from Private audience to Public audience. 在执行此操作时,请记住你的应用可能需要通过其他认证过程,因此请准备好应对可能出现的任何新认证问题。When you do so, keep in mind that your app may go through an additional certification process, so be prepared to address any new certification issues that may arise.

以下是在选择将应用分配给私人受众时要记住的一些重要事项:Here are some important things to keep in mind when choosing to distribute your app to a private audience:

  • 你的私人受众中的用户将能够通过使用应用的 Microsoft 帐户一览的特定链接来获取应用,而他们需要使用 Microsoft 帐户登录才能查看链接。People in your private audience will be able to get the app by using a specific link to your app’s Store listing that requires them to sign in with their Microsoft account in order to view it. 当你选择私人受众时会提供此链接。This link is provided when you select Private audience. 你还可以在应用标识页的 URL 下方找到该应用,条件是只有特定用户可以看到你的应用(需要身份验证)You can also find it on your App identity page under URL if your app is only visible to certain people (requires authentication). 请务必向测试人员提供此链接,而不是 Microsoft Store 一览的常规 URL。Be sure to give your testers this link, not the regular URL to your Store listing.
  • 除非你选择可发现性中一个阻止发现的选项,否则私人受众中的用户将能够通过在 Microsoft Store 应用中进行搜索来找到你的应用。Unless you choose an option in Discoverability that prevents it, people in your private audience will be able to find your app by searching within the Microsoft Store app. 但是,将无法通过搜索发现 Web 一览,即使对于属于此类受众的用户也是如此。However, the web listing will not be discoverable via search, even to people in that audience.
  • 你将无法在定价和可用性页面中的计划部分配置发布日期,因为你的应用将不会发布给私人受众之外的客户。You won’t be able to configure release dates in the Schedule section of the Pricing and availability page, since your app won’t be released to customers outside of your private audience.
  • 你所做的其他选择适用于此受众中的用户。Other selections you make will apply to people in this audience. 例如,如果你选择除免费以外的价格,你的私人受众中的用户将需要支付该价格才能获取该应用。For example, if you choose a price other than Free, people in your private audience will have to pay that price in order to acquire the app.
  • 如果你希望将不同的程序包分配给私人受众中的不同用户,在初次提交后可以使用打包外部测试版将不同的程序包更新分配给私人受众的子集。If you want to distribute different packages to different people in your private audience, after your initial submission you can use package flights to distribute different package updates to subsets of your private audience. 你可以创建更多的已知用户组来定义哪些用户应获取特定程序包外部测试版。You can create additional known user groups to define who should get a specific package flight.
  • 你可以编辑你的私人受众中的已知用户组成员。You can edit the membership of the known user group(s) in your private audience. 但是请记住,如果你要删除之前下载了你的应用的组内已有用户,他们仍然能够使用该应用,但不能获取你提供的任何更新(除非你日后选择公共受众)。However, keep in mind that if you remove someone who was in the group and previously downloaded your app, they will still be able to use the app, but they won’t get any updates that you provide (unless you choose Public audience at a later date).
  • 无论你的组织许可设置如何,都不能通过适用于企业的 Microsoft Store 和/或适用于教育的 Microsoft Store 提供你的应用,甚至对于私人受众中的用户也是如此。Your app won't be available through the Microsoft Store for Business and/or Microsoft Store for Education, regardless of your organizational licensing settings, even to people in your private audience.
  • 虽然 Microsoft Store 确保只有使用 Microsoft 帐户登录并已添加到你的私人受众中的用户可以看到并使用你的应用,但我们无法阻止这些用户向私人受众以外的用户共享信息或屏幕截图。While the Store will ensure that your app is only visible and available to people signed in with a Microsoft account that you’ve added to your private audience, we can’t prevent those people from sharing info or screenshots outside of your private audience. 保密性至关重要,请确保你的私人受众仅包括你相信不会与他人共享你的应用详细信息的用户。When confidentiality is critical, be sure that your private audience only includes people whom you trust not to share details about your app with others.
  • 请确保测试人员了解如何向你提供反馈。Make sure to let your testers know how to give you their feedback. 你可能不希望他们在反馈中心留下反馈,因为其他客户都可以看到该反馈。You probably won’t want them to leave feedback in Feedback Hub, because any other customer could see that feedback. 请考虑包括一个链接,以便他们发送电子邮件或以其他方式提供反馈。Consider including a link for them to send email or provide feedback in some other way.
  • 你的私人受众中的人员撰写的任何评论均可供你查看。Any reviews written by people in your private audience will be available for you to view. 但是,这些评价不会在你的应用的 Microsoft Store 一览中发布,即使将你的提交移至公共受众后也是如此。However, these reviews won’t be published in your app’s Store listing, even after your submission is moved to Public audience. 可以读取由你专用的受众编写通过查看评论评审报表,但不能下载此数据,也可以使用Microsoft Store 分析 API以编程方式访问这些评论。You can read reviews written by your private audience by viewing the Reviews report, but you can't download this data or use the Microsoft Store analytics API to programmatically access these reviews.
  • 当你将应用从私人受众移至公共受众时,Store 一览中显示的发布日期将是它首次发布至公共受众的日期。When you move an app from Private audience to Public audience, the Release date shown on the Store listing will be the date it was first published to the public audience.


可发现性部分中的选择指示客户如何发现和获取你的应用。The selections in the Discoverability section indicate how customers can discover and acquire your app.


如果你选择私人受众,则你的可发现性选择仅适用于你的私人受众中的用户。If you select Private audience, your Discoverability selections only apply to people in your private audience. 不在你指定的组中的客户将无法获取该应用,甚至无法看到该应用一览。Customers who are not in the groups you specified won’t be able to get the app or even see its listing.

在 Microsoft Store 中提供此产品,并使其可被发现Make this product available and discoverable in the Store

这是默认选项。This is the default option. 将保留如果你希望应用以供客户查找通过应用的直接链接和/或其他方法,组织有序的列表中包括搜索、 浏览和包含在存储中列出,则选择此选项。Leave this option selected if you want your app to be listed in the Store for customers to find via the app's direct link and/or by other methods, including searching, browsing, and inclusion in curated lists.

在 Microsoft Store 中提供此产品,但使其不可被发现Make this product available but not discoverable in the Store

当选择此选项时,客户无法通过搜索或浏览的方法在 Microsoft Store 中找到你的应用;获取你的应用一览的唯一方法是使用直接链接。When you select this option, your app can’t be found in the Store by customers searching or browsing; the only way to get to your app’s listing is by a direct link.


如果你不希望公众查看一览,甚至是通过直接链接查看,请在受众部分选择私人受众,如上所述。If you don’t want the listing to be viewable to the public, even with a direct link, choose Private audience in the Audience section, as described above.

同时必须选择以下选项中的一个来指定获取你的应用的方式:You must also choose one of the following options to specify how your app can be acquired:


以下每个选项限制了客户获取你的应用时需使用的操作系统版本。Each of these options limits the OS versions on which customers can acquire your app. 请仔细阅读说明,以确保知悉所支持的操作系统版本。Please read the descriptions carefully to make sure you are aware which OS versions are supported.

  • 直接链接:任何具有直接链接到该产品的列表的客户可以上进行下载,除 Windows 8.x。Direct link only: Any customer with a direct link to the product’s listing can download it, except on Windows 8.x. 所有通过直接链接访问你的应用一览的客户均可将其下载到运行 Windows 10 或 Windows Phone 8.1 及更早版本的设备上(但不包括运行 Windows 8.x 的设备)。Any customer who gets to your app's listing via a direct link can download it on devices running Windows 10, or on devices running Windows Phone 8.1 or earlier (but not on devices running Windows 8.x).
  • 停止获取:任何具有直接链接的客户可以看到该产品的应用商店列出,但如果他们拥有该产品之前,或有促销代码和使用的是 Windows 10 设备,它们可以仅下载它。Stop acquisition: Any customer with a direct link can see the product’s Store listing, but they can only download it if they owned the product before, or have a promotional code and are using a Windows 10 device. 即使客户具有直接链接,仍无法下载该应用,除非其拥有促销代码并且使用的是 Windows 10 设备。Even if a customer has a direct link, they can't download the app unless they have a promotional code and are using a Windows 10 device. 如果客户有一个促销代码,他们可以使用该代码免费获取应用(仅限 Windows 10),即使不再向任何其他客户提供代码时也是如此。If a customer has a promotional code, they can use it to get your app for free (on Windows 10 only), even though you aren't offering it to any other customers. 使用促销代码是所有用户获取你的应用的唯一方法。Aside from using a promotional code, there is no way for anyone to get your app.


如果你想要停止向任何新客户提供应用,则可以从概述页面选择禁止提供应用If you want to stop offering an app to any new customers, you can select Make app unavailable from its overview page. 在你对禁止提供的应用进行确认后,数小时内它不会再出现在 Microsoft Store 中,并且新客户将无法获取它(除非他们拥有促销代码并使用 Windows 10 设备)。After you confirm that you want to make the app unavailable, within a few hours it will no longer be visible in the Store, and no new customers will be able to get it (unless they have a promotional code and are on a Windows 10 device). 此操作将会覆盖提交中的可见性选择。This action will override the Visibility selections in your submission. 若要将应用再次提供给新客户(根据可见性选择),你可以随时在概述页面单击提供应用To make the app available to new customers again (per your Visibility selections), you can click Make app available from the overview page at any time. 有关详细信息,请参阅从应用商店中删除应用For more info, see Removing an app from the Store.