创建客户类别Create customer segments

有时出于促销和提升参与度的目的,可能需要面向客户群子集。There are times when you may want to target a subset of your customer base for promotional and engagement purposes. 可以实现此目标合作伙伴中心通过创建一种客户组称为包括 Windows 10 客户满足人口统计或你选择的收入条件。You can accomplish this in Partner Center by creating a type of customer group known as a segment that includes the Windows 10 customers who meet the demographic or revenue criteria that you choose.

例如,可创建仅包含年龄在 50 岁或以上的客户的类别,或创建包含在 Microsoft Store 中花费超过 10 美元的客户。For example, you could create a segment that includes only customers who are age 50 or older, or that includes customers who’ve spent more than $10 in the Microsoft Store. 还可将这些条件组合起来,创建包含年龄在 50 岁以上并且在应用商店中花费超过 10 美元的所有客户。You could also combine these criteria and create a segment that includes all customers over 50 who have spent more than $10 in the Store.

我们提供一些类别模板,帮助用户入门,但用户可根据喜好来定义和合并条件。We provide a few segment templates to help get you started, but you can define and combine the criteria however you'd like.


类别可用于向一组客户发送目标通知定向优惠,这是参与市场活动的一部分。Segments can be used to send targeted notifications or targeted offers to a group of customers as part of your engagement campaigns.

对于客户类别需要记住以下事项:Things to keep in mind about customer segments:

  • 保存类别后,需要 24 小时才能将其用于发送目标推送通知After you save a segment, it takes 24 hours before you’ll be able to use it for targeted push notifications.
  • 类别结果每天更新,因此可能会看到,随着符合类别条件的客户数增加或减少,类别中的客户总数每天都在变化。Segment results are refreshed daily, so you may see the total count of customers in a segment change from day to day as customers drop in or out of the segment criteria.
  • 虽然存在例外情况,但大多数类别特性均通过使用所有历史记录数据进行计算。Most segment attributes are calculated using all historical data, although there are some exceptions. 例如,应用购置日期市场活动 ID应用商店页面查看日期以及引荐 URI 域均限制为使用过去 90 天的数据。For example, App acquisition date, Campaign ID, Store page view date, and Referrer URI domain are limited to the last 90 days of data.
  • 类别仅包括在 Windows 10 上购置你的应用,同时使用有效的 Microsoft 帐户登录的客户。Segments only include customers who acquired your app on Windows 10 while signed in with a valid Microsoft account.
  • 类别不包括任何小于 17 岁的客户。Segments do not include any customers who are younger than 17 years old.

创建客户类别To create a customer segment

  1. 在中合作伙伴中心,展开参与在左侧的导航菜单,然后选择客户组In Partner Center, expand Engage in the left navigation menu and then select Customer groups.
  2. 客户组页面上,执行以下操作之一:On the Customer groups page, do one of the following:
  • 我的客户组部分中,选择创建新组,从最开始定义类别。In the My customer groups section, select Create new group to define a segment from scratch. 在下一页上,选择类别单选按钮。On the next page, select the Segment radio button.
  • 类别模板部分中,选择其中一个预定义类别(可按现样使用或按需修改)旁边的复制In the Segment templates section, select Copy next to one of the predefined segments (that you can use as is or modify to suit your needs).
  1. 组名称框中,输入类别名称。In the Group name box, enter a name for your segment.

  2. 包含此应用的客户列表中,选择一个目标应用。In the Include customers from this app list, select one of your apps to target.

  3. 定义包含条件部分中,指定类别的筛选条件。In the Define inclusion conditions section, specify the filter criteria for the segment.

    可以选择使用不同的筛选条件,包括收购获取源人口统计评级客户流失预测存储购买存储收购,以及Store 花费You can choose from a variety of filter criteria, including Acquisitions, Acquisition source, Demographic, Rating, Churn prediction, Store purchases, Store acquisitions, and Store spend.

    例如,如果希望创建仅包含 18 至 24 岁的应用客户的类别,可从下拉列表中选择筛选条件 [人口统计] [年龄组]\ [] [18 至 24]。For example, if you wanted to create a segment that only included your app customers who are 18- to 24-years old, you’d select the filter criteria [Demographic] [Age group] [is] [18 to 24] from the drop-down lists.

    可根据各种属性使用 AND/OR 查询包含或排除客户,生成更复杂的类别。You can build more complex segments by using AND/OR queries to include or exclude customers based on various attributes. 若要添加 OR 查询,请选择 + OR 声明To add an OR query, select + OR statement. 若要添加 ADD 查询,请选择添加其他筛选器To add an ADD query, select Add another filter.

    因此,如果要优化该类别,仅包含指定年龄范围的男性客户,可选择添加其他筛选器,然后选择其他筛选条件 [人口统计] [性别] [] [男性]。So, if you wanted to refine that segment to only include male customers who are in the specified age range, you would select Add another filter and then select the additional filter criteria [Demographic] [Gender] [is] [Male]. 对于此示例,类别定义显示为年龄组 == 18 至 24 && 性别 == 男性For this example, the Segment definition would display Age group == 18 to 24 && Gender == Male.


  4. 选择保存Select Save.


无法使用所含客户数过低的类别。You won't be able to use a segment that includes too few customers. 如果类别定义所含客户数不足,可调整类别条件,或者等到应用获取更多符合类别条件的客户后再重试。If your segment definition does not include enough customers, you can adjust the segment criteria, or try again later, when your app may have acquired more customers that meet your segment criteria.

应用统计信息App statistics

类别上的应用统计信息部分提供一些有关应用和所创建类别的大小的信息。The App statistics section on the segment provides some info about your app, as well as the size of the segment you just created.

请注意,可用应用客户数不反映获取应用的实际客户数,仅反映可包含在类别中的客户数(即这些客户可以确定为符合年龄要求、在 Windows 10 上获取了应用,并且与有效的 Microsoft 帐户关联)。Note that Available app customers does not reflect the actual number of customers who have acquired your app, but only the number of customers that are available to be included in segments (that is, customers that we can determine meet age requirements, have acquired your app on Windows 10, and who are associated with a valid Microsoft account).

如果在查看结果时看到此类别中的客户数显示少数,则表明该类别所含客户数不足,并且将标记为非活动状态。If you view the results and Customers in this segment says Small, the segment doesn't include enough customers and the segment is marked as inactive. 处于非活动状态的类别不可用于通知或其他功能。Inactive segments can't be used for notifications or other features. 执行以下其中一项操作,或许可以激活并使用类别:You might be able to activate and use a segment by doing one of the following:

  • 定义包含条件部分中,调整筛选条件,使类别包含更多客户。In the Define inclusion conditions section, adjust the filter criteria so the segment includes more customers.
  • 客户组页面上的非活动类别部分中,选择刷新以查看类别现在是否包含足够数量的客户(例如,如果自你首次创建类别以来,满足类别条件的更多客户已下载你的应用,或者,如果更多现有客户当前满足类别条件)。On the Customer groups page, in the Inactive segments section, select Refresh to see if the segment now contains enough customers (for example, if more customers who meet your segment criteria have downloaded your app since you first created the segment, or if more existing customers now meet your segment criteria).