开设开发者帐户Opening a developer account

本文介绍如何在 合作伙伴中心注册 Windows 开发人员帐户。This article describes how to register for a Windows developer account in Partner Center.


当你注册开发人员帐户时,我们将使用你在联系人信息中提供的电子邮件地址来发送与你的帐户相关的消息。When you sign up for a developer account, we'll use the email address you provide in your contact info to send messages related to your account. 有时,这些信息可能包含有关我们的程序的信息。At times, these may include information about our programs. 如果你选择不opt out使用这些信息性电子邮件,请注意,我们仍会向你发送事务性消息 (例如,通知你的应用已通过认证,或者) 的付款方式。If you choose to opt out of these informational emails, be aware that we'll still send you transactional messages (for example, to let you know that your app has passed certification or that a payment is on the way). 这些事务性电子邮件是帐户的必需部分,除非你关闭帐户,否则你将继续接收这些电子邮件。These transactional emails are a necessary part of your account, and unless you close your account, you'll continue to receive them.

帐户注册流程The account signup process


在某些情况下,注册开发人员帐户时看到的屏幕和字段可能与以下步骤中所述的内容略有不同。In some cases, the screens and fields you see when you register for a developer account may vary slightly from what's outlined in the following steps. 但基本信息和过程将匹配这些步骤所描述的内容。But the basic information and process will match what these steps describe.


有一个已知问题,某些区域设置中的用户可能无法完成其注册。There is a known issue where users in some locales might be unable to finish completing their registration. 在我们确认它已解决之前,建议你在 partner.microsoft.com 上开始注册过程后,手动将浏览器的区域设置标记更改为 en-usUntil we can confirm that it is resolved, we recommend that you manually change your browser's locale tag to en-us once you begin the sign-up process on partner.microsoft.com.

  1. 请在注册页,选择 "注册"。Go to the registration page and select Sign up.

  2. 如果您尚未使用 Microsoft 帐户登录,请在此登录或创建一个新的 Microsoft 帐户。If you're not already signed in with a Microsoft account, sign in now, or create a new Microsoft account. 此处使用的 Microsoft 帐户用于登录开发人员帐户。The Microsoft account you use here is what you'll use to sign in to your developer account.

  3. 选择您所在的 国家/地区 或业务所在的位置。Select the country/region where you live or where your business is located. 此后您将无法更改此信息。You won't be able to change this later.

  4. 选择开发者帐户类型(个人或公司)。Select your developer account type (individual or company). 此后您将无法更改此信息,因此请确保选择的帐户类型正确无误。You won't be able to change this later, so be sure to choose the right type of account.

  5. 输入要使用 (50 个字符或更少) 的 发布者显示名称Enter the publisher display name that you want to use (50 characters or fewer). 客户在浏览应用时将看到此名称,并通过此名称了解应用,因此请谨慎选择该名称。Select this carefully, as customers will see this name when browsing and will come to know your apps by this name. 对于公司帐户,请务必使用贵组织已注册的业务名称或商业名称。For company accounts, be sure to use your organization's registered business name or trade name. 如果输入其他人已选择的名称,或其他人有权使用该名称,则不允许使用该名称。If you enter a name that someone else has already selected, or if someone else has the rights to use that name, we won't permit you to use it.


    请确保您有权使用在此处输入的名称。Make sure you have the rights to use the name you enter here. 如果您选择的名称已被其他人用作商标或申请版权,则您的帐户可能被关闭。If someone else has trademarked or copyrighted the name you picked, your account could be closed. 有关详细信息,请参阅 应用开发人员协议See App Developer Agreement for more info. 如果其他人正在使用您已获得商标权或其他法律权利的发布者显示名称,请联系 MicrosoftIf someone else is using a publisher display name for which you hold the trademark or other legal right, contact Microsoft.  

  6. 输入要用于你的开发人员帐户的联系人信息。Enter the contact info you want to use for your developer account.


    此信息将用于就帐户相关事宜与您取得联系。We'll use this info to contact you about account-related matters. 例如,你将在完成注册后收到电子邮件确认。For example, you'll receive an email confirmation after you complete your registration. 完成此操作后,我们将在我们向你发送消息时发送消息,或者你需要通过你的帐户进行修复。After that, we'll send messages when we pay you or if you need to fix something with your account. 我们可能还会发送信息性电子邮件(如前文所述),除非你选择不接收非事务性电子邮件。We may also send informational emails as described earlier, unless you opt out of receiving non-transactional emails.

    如果要注册为公司,还需要输入将批准公司帐户的人员的姓名、电子邮件地址和电话号码。If you're registering as a company, you'll also need to enter the name, email address, and phone number of the person who will approve your company's account.

  7. 选择 " 下一步 " 转到 " 付款 " 部分。Select Next to move on to the Payment section.

  8. 输入一次性注册费用的付款信息。Enter your payment info for the one-time registration fee. 如果有抵扣注册费用的促销代码,可以在此处输入该代码。If you have a promo code that covers the cost of registration, you can enter that here. 否则,请在支持的市场) 提供信用卡信息 (或 PayPal 信息。Otherwise, provide your credit card info (or PayPal info in supported markets). 请注意,预付款的信用卡无法用于此项购买。Note that prepaid credit cards can't be used for this purchase. 完成后,选择 " 下一步 " 转到 " 查看 " 屏幕。When you're finished, select Next to move on to the Review screen.

  9. 查看帐户信息,并确认所有内容都正确无误。Review your account info and confirm that everything is correct. 然后,阅读并接受应用开发人员协议的条款和条件。Then, read and accept the terms and conditions of the App Developer Agreement. 选中相应的复选框,以指示已阅读并接受这些条款。Check the box to indicate you've read these terms and accept them.

  10. 选择“完成”**** 以确认注册。Select Finish to confirm your registration. 将处理你的付款,我们将向你的电子邮件地址发送一条确认消息。Your payment will be processed and we'll send a confirmation message to your email address.

注册后,你的帐户将经历验证。After you've signed up, your account will go through verification. 对于个人帐户,我们将进行检查,确保其他用户尚未使用您的发布者显示名称。For individual accounts, we check to make sure another user isn't already using your publisher display name. 对于公司帐户,过程所花时间会长一点,因为我们还需要确认用户得到授权,可设置公司帐户。For company accounts, the process takes a little longer, as we also need to confirm that you’re authorized to set up the account for your company. 此验证可能需要几天到几周的时间,并且通常包含公司电话呼叫。This verification can take from a few days to a couple of weeks, and it often includes a phone call to your company. 您可以在 " 帐户设置 " 页上检查您的验证状态。You can check your verification status on the Account settings page.

关于公司帐户的其他准则Additional guidelines for company accounts


若要允许多个用户访问你的开发人员帐户,建议使用 Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) 将角色分配给单个用户,而不是共享对 Microsoft 帐户的访问权限。To allow multiple users to access your developer account, we recommend using Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) to assign roles to individual users instead of sharing access to the Microsoft account. 然后,每个用户都可以通过使用其个人 Azure AD 凭据登录到合作伙伴中心来访问开发人员帐户。Each user can then access the developer account by signing in to Partner Center with their individual Azure AD credentials. 有关详细信息,请参阅管理帐户用户For more info, see Manage account users.

如果希望让多名用户使用打开 (该帐户的 Microsoft 帐户登录,而不是将单个用户添加到帐户) ,请参阅以下指南:If you want to let multiple people access the company account by signing in with the Microsoft account that opened it (instead of as individual users added to the account), see the following guidelines:

  • 使用不属于你或其他个人的电子邮件地址(例如)创建 Microsoft 帐户 MyCompany_PartnerCenter@outlook.com 。Create the Microsoft account by using an email address that doesn't already belong to you or another individual, such as MyCompany_PartnerCenter@outlook.com. 请勿使用公司域中的电子邮件地址,尤其是在公司已使用 Azure AD 的情况下。Don't use an email address at your company's domain, particularly if your company already uses Azure AD. 如前文所述,稍后可以从公司的 Azure AD 服务添加其他用户。As noted earlier, you can add additional users from your company's Azure AD service later.
  • 将此 Microsoft 帐户的访问权限限制为尽可能少的用户数量。Limit access to this Microsoft account to the least number of users possible.
  • 设置公司电子邮件通讯组列表,其中包括需要访问开发人员帐户的所有用户。Set up a corporate email distribution list that includes everyone who needs to access the developer account. 将此电子邮件地址添加到 与 Microsoft 帐户关联的安全信息Add this email address to the security info associated with the Microsoft account. 此方法允许列表中的所有员工接收发送到此别名的安全代码。This approach allows all the employees on the list to receive security codes that are sent to this alias. 如果设置通讯组列表不可行,可以将个人电子邮件地址添加到安全信息。If setting up a distribution list isn't feasible, you can add an individual's email address to your security info. 但在出现 (提示时,该电子邮件地址的所有者将是唯一可以访问和共享安全代码的人,如将新的安全信息添加到该帐户时或从新设备访问该帐户时) 。But, the owner of that email address will be the only person who can access and share the security code when prompted (such as when new security info is added to the account or when the account is accessed from a new device).
  • 将公司电话号码添加到 Microsoft 帐户的安全信息。Add a company phone number to the Microsoft account's security info. 尝试使用不需要扩展且可供关键团队成员访问的数字。Try to use a number that doesn't require an extension and that's accessible to key team members.
  • 鼓励开发人员使用 受信任的设备 登录公司的开发人员帐户。Encourage developers to use trusted devices to sign in to your company's developer account. 所有主要团队成员应有权访问这些受信任的设备。All key team members should have access to these trusted devices. 这种安排降低了团队成员访问帐户时要发送安全代码的需要。This arrangement reduces the need for security codes to be sent when team members access the account. 每个帐户每周可以生成的代码数有限制。There's a limit to the number of codes that can be generated per account per week.
  • 如果需要允许从不受信任的电脑访问该帐户,则限制最多只有五个开发人员可以进行该访问。If you need to allow access to the account from a non-trusted PC, limit that access to a maximum of five developers. 理想情况下,这些开发人员应从共用同一地理位置和网络位置的计算机访问该帐户。Ideally, these developers should access the account from machines that share the same geographical and network location.
  • 经常在 https://account.microsoft.com/security 中查看公司的安全信息以确保这些信息都是最新的。Frequently review your company’s security info at https://account.microsoft.com/security to make sure it's all current.

Microsoft 帐户安全性Microsoft account security

我们通过将 Microsoft 帐户与多种形式的身份验证相结合,使用所提供的安全信息来提高 Microsoft 帐户的安全级别。We use security info that you provide to raise the security level of your Microsoft account by associating it with multiple forms of identification. 这样一来,未经授权访问 Microsoft 帐户(和开发者帐户)的难度将大大提高。This makes unauthorized access to your Microsoft account (and your developer account) substantially more difficult. 此外,如果你忘记了密码,或者其他人尝试访问你的帐户,我们将能够联系你确认所有权,并/或重新建立适当的帐户控制。Also, if you ever forget your password or if someone else tries to access your account, we’ll be able to reach you to confirm ownership and/or re-establish appropriate control of your account.

你的 Microsoft 帐户上必须至少有两个电子邮件地址或电话号码。You must have at least two email addresses or phone numbers on your Microsoft account. 我们建议添加尽可能多的信息。We recommend adding as many as possible. 请记住,必须对某些安全信息进行确认,它才能生效。Remember that some security info must be confirmed before it will be valid. 此外,请确保经常查看安全信息并验证它是否是最新的。Also, make sure to review your security info frequently and verify that it's up to date. 你可以通过转到 https://account.microsoft.com/security 并使用 Microsoft 帐户登录来管理你的安全信息。You can manage your security info by going to https://account.microsoft.com/security and signing in with your Microsoft account. 有关详细信息,请参阅 帐户安全信息 & 验证代码For more info, see Account security info & verification codes.

当你通过 Microsoft 帐户登录到合作伙伴中心时,系统可能会提示你通过发送安全代码来验证你的身份,你必须输入该安全代码才能完成登录过程。When you sign in to Partner Center through your Microsoft account, the system may prompt you to verify your identity by sending a security code, which you must enter to complete the sign-in process. 建议将经常使用的电脑指定为 受信任的设备We recommend designating PCs that you use frequently as trusted devices. 当你从受信任的设备登录时,通常不会提示你输入代码,但在特定情况下可能偶尔会提示你,或者你在很长一段时间内未登录到该设备。When you sign in from a trusted device, you typically aren't prompted for a code, although you may occasionally be prompted in specific situations or if you haven’t signed in on that device in a long time. 有关详细信息,请参阅 将受信任的设备添加到 Microsoft 帐户For more info, see Add a trusted device to your Microsoft account.

关闭帐户Closing your account

开发人员帐户不会过期,因此无需续订你的帐户即可将其保持打开状态。Developer accounts don't expire, so there's no need to renew your account in order to keep it open. 如果你决定完全关闭你的帐户,你可以通过联系技术支持人员来执行此操作。If you decide to close your account completely, you can do so by contacting support.

当关闭你的帐户时,务必了解你在 Microsoft Store 中发布的任何应用会发生什么情况:When you close your account, it's important to understand what happens to any app that you have published in the Microsoft Store:

  • 应用的当前客户仍可使用该应用。Your app's current customers can still use the app. 但是,它们不能进行应用内购买。However, they can't make in-app purchases.
  • 即使应用仍可供以前获取该应用的客户使用,你的应用列表也会从 Microsoft Store 中删除。Even though the app is still available to customers who have previously acquired it, your app listing is removed from Microsoft Store. 任何新客户都无法获得您的应用程序。No new customers can acquire your app.
  • 将释放你的应用的名称,以供其他开发人员使用。Your app's name will be released for potential use by another developer.
  • 如果由于之前的应用销售额而产生余额,则即使到期金额不满足标准支付阈值,也可以请求支付此余额。If you have a balance due from previous app sales, you can request payment for that balance even if the amount due doesn't meet the standard payment threshold.