Xbox One 上的 UWPUWP on Xbox One

在 Xbox One 上生成适用于通用 Windows 平台 (UWP) 的应用入门。Get started building apps for the Universal Windows Platform (UWP) on Xbox One.

Xbox One 上的 UWP 支持开发应用和游戏。UWP on Xbox One supports developing both apps and games. 你不必参与开发人员计划,便可在 Xbox 上试用、创建和测试游戏。You don't have to be part of a developer program to experiment, create, and test games or apps on Xbox. 你只需要在合作伙伴中心内拥有开发人员帐户All you need is a developer account in Partner Center. 当你准备在 Xbox One 上发布和出售游戏或利用 Windows 10 上的 Xbox Live 时,你需要加入 Xbox Live 创意者计划或者需要是 ID@Xbox 开发人员。When you are ready to publish and sell games on Xbox One or take advantage of Xbox Live on Windows 10, you need to join the Xbox Live Creators Program or be an ID@Xbox developer. 如果计划成为 ID@Xbox 开发人员,建议在注册开发人员帐户前先申请加入该计划。If you plan to be an ID@Xbox developer, we recommend applying to the program first before registering for a developer account. 有关详细信息,请参阅开发人员计划概述For more info, see Developer program overview.

本部分包括设置步骤、身份验证过程指南、有关安装所需的 Visual Studio 版本和 Windows 10 工具的信息,以及生成、运行和调试你的第一个简单应用程序的步骤。This section includes setup steps, a guide through the authentication process, information about installing the required versions of Visual Studio and Windows 10 tools, and the steps to build, run, and debug your first simple application.

主题Topic 描述Description
入门Getting started Xbox One 上的 UWP 开发入门指南。Getting started guide for UWP on Xbox One development.
新增功能What's new 突出显示 Xbox One 上的 UWP 中的新功能。Highlights new features in UWP on Xbox One.
Xbox One 开发人员模式激活Xbox One Developer Mode activation 说明如何在 Xbox One 上启用开发人员模式。Explains how to enable Developer Mode on Xbox One.
在 Xbox One 上禁用开发人员模式Disabling Developer Mode on Xbox One 解释如何在 Xbox One 上禁用开发人员模式。Explains how to disable Developer Mode on Xbox One.
在 Xbox 开发环境上设置你的 UWPSet up your UWP on Xbox development environment 介绍了设置和测试 Xbox One 开发环境的步骤。Describes the steps to set up and test your Xbox One development environment.
示例Samples TVHelpers 是指向 GitHub 位置的指针,可以在这里找到有用的 XAML 和 JavaScript 示例以开始针对 Xbox 进行开发。Pointer to the GitHub location – TVHelpers - where you will find useful XAML and JavaScript samples to get you started developing for Xbox. 示例包括完整的 XAML 媒体应用模板以及自动控制器导航、丰富的媒体播放和基于 Web 技术的搜索。Samples include a full XAML Media App template as well as automatic controller navigation, rich media playback, and search for web-based technologies.
已知问题Known issues Xbox One 上的 UWP 的已知问题。Known issues with UWP on Xbox One.
常见问题解答FAQ 与 Xbox One 上的 UWP 相关的常见问题。Frequently asked questions related to UWP on Xbox One.
工具Tools 介绍特定于 Xbox One 的工具 Dev Home、如何使用 Windows Device Portal 以及如何设置 Visual Studio 以进行开发。Describes the Xbox One-specific tool Dev Home, how to use the Windows Device Portal, and how to set up Visual Studio for development. 本部分还指导新开发人员完成他们的第一个 Xbox UWP 应用程序,并说明如何使用 Fiddler 工具来查看网络流量。This section also guides a new developer through their first Xbox UWP application and explains how to use the Fiddler tool to view network traffic.
Xbox 应用开发活动App Dev on Xbox event 对于刚开始在 Xbox 上生成应用的开发人员来说,Xbox 应用开发活动是一个很好的起点。The App Dev on Xbox event is a great starting point for developers new to building apps on Xbox. 观看会议录像和浏览活动期间发布的博客文章。Watch the recorded sessions and read the blog posts from the event.
针对 Xbox 和电视进行设计Designing for Xbox and TV 介绍了有关设计可在电视上看到并将控制器用于输入的应用的最佳做法。Describes best practices for designing an app that will be viewed on a TV and will use a controller for input.
Xbox 最佳做法Xbox best practices 如何关闭鼠标模式、绘制到屏幕的边缘和禁用缩放。How to turn off mouse mode, draw to the edges of the screen, and disable scaling.
使用语音调用 UI 元素Using speech to invoke UI elements 介绍了在 Xbox 上的 UWP 应用中支持 Voice Enabled Shell 的最佳做法。Describes best practices for supporting Voice Enabled Shell in UWP apps on Xbox.
用于 Xbox One 上 UWP 应用和游戏的系统资源System resources for UWP apps and games on Xbox One 介绍了应用程序在 Xbox One 上运行时可用的资源。Describes the resources available to your application when it is running on Xbox One.
多用户应用程序简介Introduction to multi-user applications 介绍了 Xbox One 上的多用户应用程序 (MUA)。Describes multi-user applications (MUAs) on Xbox One.
自动化 Xbox One 开发任务Automating Xbox One Development tasks GitHub 上的 WindowsDevicePortalWrapper 项目提供了一个库,允许自动执行常见的开发任务,例如部署或启动应用。The WindowsDevicePortalWrapper project on GitHub provides a library that allows you to automate common development tasks such as deploying or launching an app. 该项目包括一个示例 XboxWdpDriver.exe,演示如何使用这些 API 执行常见任务。The project includes a sample, XboxWdpDriver.exe, that demonstrates how to use the APIs for common tasks.
将现有游戏移植到 XboxBringing existing games to Xbox 基于生成你的游戏所熟练掌握的技术,我们可以直接向你提供分步说明,这可以加快使用 UWP 将你的游戏移植到 Xbox 的进度。Based on what technology your game is built on top of, we can direct you to step-by-step instructions that can expedite the process of bringing your game to Xbox using the UWP.
Xbox One 上尚不支持的 UWP 功能UWP features that aren’t yet supported on Xbox One 介绍了在 Xbox One 上尚不能正常运行的 UWP 功能区域。Describes UWP feature areas that are not yet fully functional on Xbox One.


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