SSH Pin 码 API 参考SSH Pins API reference

可以使用此 REST API 删除开发工具包上的所有受信任 SSH Pin 码。You can remove all trusted SSH pins on your devkit using this REST API.

删除受信任的 SSH Pin 码Remove trusted SSH pins


方法Method | 请求 URIRequest URI :------ | :----- DELETEDELETE | /ext/app/sshpins/ext/app/sshpins
URI 参数URI parameters

  • None

请求标头Request headers

  • None

请求正文Request body

  • None


  • None

状态代码Status code

此 API 具有以下预期状态代码。This API has the following expected status codes.

HTTP 状态代码HTTP status code 说明Description
204204 清除 Pin 码的请求已成功。The request to clear the pins was successful.
4XX4XX 错误代码Error codes
5XX5XX 错误代码Error codes

**可用设备系列****Available device families**
  • Windows XboxWindows Xbox