WSMAN_PLUGIN_REQUEST structure (wsman.h)

Specifies information for a plug-in request. A pointer to a WSMAN_PLUGIN_REQUEST structure is passed to all operation entry points within the plug-in. All result notification methods use this pointer to match the result with the request. All information in the structure will stay valid until the plug-in calls WSManPluginOperationComplete on the operation.


typedef struct _WSMAN_PLUGIN_REQUEST {
  WSMAN_SENDER_DETAILS *senderDetails;
  PCWSTR               locale;
  PCWSTR               resourceUri;
  WSMAN_OPERATION_INFO *operationInfo;
  BOOL                 shutdownNotification;
  HANDLE               shutdownNotificationHandle;
  PCWSTR               dataLocale;



A pointer to a WSMAN_SENDER_DETAILS structure that specifies details about the client that initiated the request.


Specifies the locale that the user requested results to be in. If the requested locale is not available, the following options are available:

  • The system locale is used.
  • The request is rejected with an invalid locale error.
Any call into the plug-in will have the locale on the thread set to the locale that is specified in this member. If the plug-in has other threads working on the request, the plug-in will need to set the locale accordingly on each thread that it uses.


Specifies the resource URI for this operation.


A pointer to a WSMAN_OPERATION_INFO structure that contains extra information about the operation. Some of the information in this structure will be NULL because not all of the parameters are relevant to all operations.


If the operation is canceled, the shutdownNotification member is set to TRUE.


If the operation is canceled, shutdownNotification is signaled.



Operations must signal the callback for the operation to indicate it has been shut down. Operations are canceled in a hierarchical way to ensure that all follow-on operations are canceled before the top-level operations. A plug-in has two ways of handling the cancellation of an operation. First, the plug-in can check the shutdownNotification Boolean value if it iterates through a set of results. Second, if the plug-in is more asynchronous in nature, the shutdownNotificationHandle can be used when queuing asynchronous notification threads.


Minimum supported client Windows 7
Minimum supported server Windows Server 2008 R2
Header wsman.h
Redistributable Windows Management Framework on Windows Server 2008 with SP2, Windows Vista with SP1, and Windows Vista with SP2