MoveFile 表MoveFile Table

此表包含要从指定的源目录移动或复制到指定目标目录的文件列表。This table contains a list of files to be moved or copied from a specified source directory to a specified destination directory.

MoveFile 表包含以下列。The MoveFile table has the following columns.

Column 类型Type Key NullableNullable
FileKeyFileKey 标识符Identifier YY NN
组件_Component_ 标识符Identifier NN NN
SourceNameSourceName 文本Text NN YY
DestNameDestName FilenameFilename NN YY
SourceFolderSourceFolder 标识符Identifier NN YY
DestFolderDestFolder 标识符Identifier NN NN
选项Options 整数Integer NN NN



唯一标识特定 MoveFile 记录的主键。Primary key that uniquely identifies a particular MoveFile record.


组件表中的外部键。External key into the Component table. 如果未选择此项引用的组件进行安装或删除,则不会对此 MoveFile 项执行任何操作。If the component referenced by this key is not selected for installation or removal, then no action is taken on this MoveFile entry.


此列包含要移动或复制的源文件的可本地化的名称。This column contains the localizable name of the source files to be moved or copied. 此列可能留空。This column may be left blank. 请参阅 SourceFolder 列的说明。See the description of the SourceFolder column. 此字段必须包含一个长的文件名,并且 (和? ) 中可能包含通配符 * 。This field must contain a long file name and may contain wildcard characters (* and ?).


此列包含要在移动或复制原始文件后将其提供给原始文件的可本地化的名称。This column contains the localizable name to be given to the original file after it is moved or copied. 如果此字段为空,则为目标文件指定与源文件相同的名称。If this field is blank, then the destination file is given the same name as the source file.


此列包含一个属性的名称,该属性的值解析为源目录的完整路径。This column contains the name of a property having a value that resolves to the full path to the source directory. 如果 "未用" 列保留为空,则假定 SourceFolder 列中名为的属性包含源文件自身的完整路径 (包括文件名) 。If the SourceName column is left blank, then the property named in the SourceFolder column is assumed to contain the full path to the source file itself (including the file name).


其值解析为目标目录的完整路径的属性的名称。The name of a property whose value resolves to the full path to the destination directory.


指定运行模式的整数值。Integer value specifying the operating mode.

常数Constant 十六进制Hexadecimal 小数Decimal 含义Meaning
(无)(none) 0x0000x000 00 复制源文件。Copy the source file.
msidbMoveFileOptionsMovemsidbMoveFileOptionsMove 0x0010x001 11 移动源文件。Move the source file.


如果在 * MoveFile 表的 "已" 列中输入 "通配符,并在 DestName 列中指定目标文件名,则所有移动或复制的文件将保留源中的名称。If a "*" wildcard is entered in the SourceName column of the MoveFile table and a destination file name is specified in the DestName column, all moved or copied files retain the names in the sources.

此表由 MoveFiles 操作处理。This table is processed by the MoveFiles action.