Value 属性Value Property

Value 属性提供对象中包含的视觉对象信息的文本表示形式。The Value property provides a textual representation of the visual information contained in an object. 并非所有对象都支持 Value 属性。Not all objects support the Value property.

通过调用 IAccessible:: get _ AccValue检索 属性。The Value property is retrieved by calling IAccessible::get_accValue.

Value 属性告知客户端包含在对象中的可视信息。The Value property tells the client about the visual information contained in an object. 例如,编辑控件的值为它所包含的文本,而菜单项则没有值。For example, an edit control's value is the text it contains, whereas a menu item has no value.

提供分层信息Providing Hierarchical Information

属性提供诸如树视图控件等情况下的层次结构信息。The Value property provides hierarchical information in cases such as a tree view control. 尽管树视图控件中的父对象未提供 " " 属性中的信息,但控件中的每一项都有一个从零开始的值,它表示其在层次结构中的级别。Although the parent object in the tree view control does not provide information in the Value property, each item within the control has a zero-based value that represents its level within the hierarchy. 顶级项的值为零,第二级项的值为1,依此类推。Top-level items have a value of zero, second-level items have a value of one, and so on.