WMI 提供程序WMI Providers

下表列出了操作系统 WMI 提供程序。The following table lists operating system WMI providers. 你的计算机上可能存在由 Microsoft 产品或第三方公司软件安装的其他提供程序及其类。Other providers and their classes may exist on your computer that are installed by Microsoft products or third-party company software. 有关编写你自己的提供程序的详细信息,请参阅 使用 WMIFor more information about writing your own provider, see Using WMI.

WMI 提供程序将错误消息和警告消息发送到事件日志。The WMI providers send error and warning messages to the Event Log. 有关详细信息,请参阅 WMI Provider MessagesFor more information, see WMI Provider Messages.

提供程序Provider 描述Description
Active Directory 提供程序Active Directory Provider 将 Active Directory 对象映射到 WMI。Maps Active Directory objects to WMI. 通过访问 WMI 中 (LDAP) 命名空间中的轻型目录访问协议,你可以在 Active Directory 中引用或使对象成为别名。By accessing the Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) namespace in WMI, you can reference or make an object an alias in the Active Directory.
BitLocker 驱动器加密 (MANAGE-BDE) 提供程序BitLocker Drive Encryption (BDE) Provider 为硬盘驱动器上的存储区域(由 Win32 _ EncryptableVolume的实例表示,可使用加密来保护)提供配置和管理。Provides configuration and management for an area of storage on a hard disk drive, represented by an instance of Win32_EncryptableVolume, that can be protected by using encryption.
BizTalk 提供程序BizTalk Provider 提供对 WMI 类所表示的 BizTalk 管理对象的访问权限。Supplies access to the BizTalk administration objects represented by WMI classes.
引导配置数据 (BCD) 提供程序Boot Configuration Data (BCD) Provider 通过根 WMI 命名空间中的 BCD 提供程序类提供对启动配置数据的访问 \ 。Provides access to Boot Configuration data through BCD provider classes in the Root\WMI namespace. 有关详细信息,请参阅 BCD 参考For more information, see the BCD Reference.
CIMWin32 WMI 提供程序CIMWin32 WMI Providers 支持在 CimWin32.dll 中实现的类。Supports the classes implemented in CimWin32.dll. 其中包括核心 CIM WMI 类、这些类的 Win32 实现和电源管理事件。These consist of the core CIM WMI classes, the Win32 implementation of those classes, and power management events.
分布式文件系统 (DFS) 提供程序Distributed File System (DFS) Provider 提供 分布式文件系统 (DFS) 函数,这些函数对多个服务器上的共享进行逻辑分组,并以透明方式将它们链接到单个命名空间中类似于树的结构。Supplies Distributed File System (DFS) functions that logically group shares on multiple servers, and link them transparently into a tree-like structure in a single namespace.
分布式文件系统复制 (DFSR) 提供程序Distributed File System Replication (DFSR) Provider 创建用于配置和监视 分布式文件系统 (DFS) 服务的工具。Creates tools for configuring and monitoring the Distributed File System (DFS) service. 有关详细信息,请参阅 DFSR WMI 类For more information, see DFSR WMI Classes.
DNS 提供程序DNS Provider 通过使用 Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI) ,管理员和程序员可以配置域名系统 (DNS) 资源记录 (Rr) 和 DNS 服务器。Enables administrators and programmers to configure Domain Name System (DNS) resource records (RRs) and DNS Servers using Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI).
磁盘配额提供程序Disk Quota Provider 允许管理员控制每个用户在 NTFS 卷上存储的数据量。Allows administrators to control the amount of data that each user stores on an NTFS volume.
事件日志提供程序Event Log Provider 提供对事件日志服务中数据的访问,以通知事件。Provides access to data from the event log service to notifications of events.
Hyper-v WMI 提供程序 (V2) Hyper-V WMI provider (V2) 使开发人员和脚本编写人员能够快速为虚拟化平台构建自定义工具、实用程序和增强功能。Enables developers, and scripters, to quickly build custom tools, utilities, and enhancements for the virtualization platform.
Hyper-v WMI 提供程序Hyper-V WMI Provider 使开发人员和脚本编写人员能够快速为虚拟化平台构建自定义工具、实用程序和增强功能。Enables developers, and scripters, to quickly build custom tools, utilities, and enhancements for the virtualization platform.
Internet Information Services (IIS)Internet Information Services (IIS) 公开可用于查询和配置 IIS 元数据库的编程接口。Exposes programming interfaces that can be used to query and configure the IIS metabase.
IP 路由提供程序IP Route Provider 提供网络路由信息。Supplies network routing information.
作业对象提供程序Job Object Provider 提供对命名的内核作业对象上的数据的访问。Provides access to data on named kernel job objects.
智能平台管理接口 (IPMI) Intelligent Platform Management Interface (IPMI) 与 WMI IPMI 提供程序一起使用,以便从基板管理控制器 (BMC) 操作向操作系统提供数据。Works with the WMI IPMI provider to supply data from Baseboard Management Controller (BMC) operations to the operating system.
实时通信服务器2003提供程序Live Communications Server 2003 Provider 提供用于创建、注册、配置、管理自定义会话初始协议 (SIP) 应用程序与 实时通信服务器 2003的 WMI 类。Provides WMI classes that create, register, configure, manage custom Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) applications with the Live Communications Server 2003.
网络负载平衡 (NLB)Network Load Balancing (NLB) 允许应用程序通过 WMI 与网络负载平衡群集进行交互。Allows applications to interact with Network Load Balancing clusters through WMI.
Ping 提供程序Ping Provider 提供 WMI 访问标准 ping 命令提供的状态信息。Supplies WMI access to the status information provided by the standard ping command.
策略提供程序Policy Provider 提供对组策略的扩展,并允许在策略应用中进行优化。Provides extensions to group policy, and permits refinements in the application of policy.
电源管理事件提供程序Power Management Event Provider Win32 _ PowerManagementEvent 类提供信息,以描述通过建模 Windows 电源管理协议而导致电源状态变化的电源管理事件。Supplies information to the Win32_PowerManagementEvent class to describe power management events that result from power state changes by modeling the Windows power management protocols.
远程桌面服务 WMI 提供程序Remote Desktop Services WMI provider 在远程桌面服务环境中启用一致的服务器管理。Enables consistent server administration in a Remote Desktop Services environment.
Reporting Services 提供程序Reporting Services Provider 定义使您可以编写脚本和代码以修改 Report Server 和报表管理器设置的 WMI 类。Defines WMI classes that allow you to write scripts and code to modify the settings of the report server and the Report Manager.
(RSoP) 提供程序的策略的结果集Resultant Set of Policy (RSoP) Provider 提供在假设情况下计划和调试策略设置的方法。Supplies methods to plan and debug policy settings in a what-if situation. 这些方法使管理员能够轻松地确定适用于或将应用于用户或计算机的策略设置的组合。These methods allow administrators to determine easily the combination of policy settings that apply to, or will apply to, a user or computer. 这称为策略的结果集 (RSoP) 。This is known as the Resultant Set of Policy (RSoP). 有关详细信息,请参阅 关于 RSOP Wmi 方法提供程序rsop wmi 类For more information, see About the RSoP WMI Method Provider and RSoP WMI Classes.
安全提供程序Security Provider 检索或更改控制文件、目录和共享的所有权、审核和访问权限的安全设置。Retrieves or changes security settings that control ownership, auditing, and access rights to files, directories, and shares.
服务器群集提供程序Server Cluster Provider 定义一组 WMI 类,这些类用于访问群集对象、属性和事件。Defines a set of WMI classes that use to access cluster objects, properties, and events.
会话提供程序Session Provider 管理网络会话和连接。Manages network sessions and connections.
卷影复制提供程序Shadow Copy Provider 为共享文件夹功能的卷影副本提供管理功能。Supplies management functions for the Shadow Copies of the Shared Folders feature.
SNMP 提供程序SNMP Provider 将简单的网络管理协议 (SNMP) 对象(在管理信息基本 (MIB) 架构对象)映射到 WMI CIM 类中。Maps Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) objects that are defined in Management Information Base (MIB) schema objects to WMI CIM classes. 未预安装此提供程序。This provider is not preinstalled. 有关详细信息,请参阅 设置 WMI SNMP 环境For more information, see Setting up the WMI SNMP Environment.
System Center Endpoint Protection (SCEP)System Center Endpoint Protection (SCEP) 定义用于实现 System Center Endpoint Protection (SCEP) 管理的 WMI 类。Defines WMI classes that enable management of System Center Endpoint Protection (SCEP).
系统注册表提供程序System Registry Provider 允许管理应用程序检索和修改系统注册表中的数据;并在发生更改时接收通知。Enables management applications to retrieve and modify data in the system registry; and receive notifications when changes occur. 64位平台上提供了两个版本的系统注册表提供程序。Two versions of the System Registry provider are available on 64-bit platforms.
系统还原提供程序System Restore Provider 提供配置和使用系统还原功能的类。Supplies classes that configure and use System Restore functionality. 有关详细信息,请参阅 配置系统还原系统还原 WMI 类For more information, see Configuring System Restore and the System Restore WMI Classes.
受信任的平台模块提供程序Trusted Platform Module Provider 提供有关安全设备的数据的访问权限(由 Win32 _ TPM的实例表示),这是 Microsoft Windows 可信平台计算机系统的信任的根。Provides access to data about a security device, represented by an instance of Win32_TPM, that is the root of trust for a Microsoft Windows trusted platform computer system.
Trustmon 提供程序Trustmon Provider 提供有关域信任的访问信息。Provides access information about domain trusts.
查看提供程序View Provider 基于其他类的实例创建新的实例和方法。Creates new instances and methods based on instances of other classes. 64位平台提供了视图提供程序的两个版本。Two versions of the View provider are available on 64-bit platforms.
WDM 提供程序WDM Provider 提供对符合 Windows 驱动模型 (WDM) 的硬件驱动程序的类、实例、方法和事件的访问。Provides access to the classes, instances, methods, and events of hardware drivers that conform to the Windows Driver Model (WDM).
Win32 提供程序Win32 Provider 提供来自 Windows 系统的访问和更新数据,如环境变量的当前设置和逻辑磁盘的属性。Provides access and updates data from Windows systems such as the current settings of environment variables and the attributes of a logical disk.
Windows DefenderWindows Defender 定义启用 Windows Defender 管理的 WMI 类。Defines WMI classes that enable management of Windows Defender.
Windows Installer 提供程序Windows Installer Provider 提供从 Windows Installer 兼容的应用程序收集的访问信息并使 Windows Installer 过程可远程使用。Provides access information collected from Windows Installer-compliant applications and makes Windows Installer procedures available remotely.
Windows 产品激活提供程序Windows Product Activation Provider 支持 Windows 产品激活 (WPA) 使用 WMI 接口进行管理,并提供一致的服务器管理。Supports Windows Product Activation (WPA) administration by using WMI interfaces, and provides consistent server administration. Windows 产品激活在基于 Itanium 的 Windows 操作系统版本上不可用。Windows Product Activation is not available on the Itanium-based versions of the Windows operating system.
WMIPerfClass 提供程序WMIPerfClass Provider 创建 WMI 性能计数器类Creates the WMI Performance Counter Classes. WMIPerfInst 提供程序会动态向这些 WMI 性能类提供数据。Data is dynamically supplied to these WMI performance classes by the WMIPerfInst provider. WMIPerfClass 和 WMIPerfInst 提供程序将替换 ADAP 函数。The WMIPerfClass and WMIPerfInst providers replace the ADAP function.
WmiPerfInst 提供程序WmiPerfInst Provider 从 WMI 性能计数器类 定义动态提供原始和格式化的性能计数器数据。Supplies raw and formatted performance counter data dynamically from WMI Performance Counter Class definitions.

WMI 参考WMI Reference