MyAnalytics 所支持的生产力见解正广泛地面向 Microsoft 365 用户提供。Productivity insights powered by MyAnalytics are becoming broadly available for Microsoft 365 users. 详细了解用户可在每个计划中获得的体验。Learn more about the experiences that users can get with each plan.

MyAnalytics 提供对个人生产力的两个关键因素的深入见解:人们如何花时间以及与谁一起花时间。MyAnalytics provides insights into two of the key factors in personal productivity: how people spend their time and who they spend it with. 管理员在你的组织内设置 MyAnalytics 后,你和你的团队可以获得这些好处。You and your team can get these benefits after an administrator sets up MyAnalytics within your organization.

  • MyAnalytics 配置 -作为管理员,您可以使用此部分为组织中的用户配置 MyAnalytics。MyAnalytics configuration - As an administrator, you can use this section to configure MyAnalytics for users in your organization.

  • 隐私指南 -了解 MyAnalytics 收集、使用和保护数据的方式,以及管理员如何基于公司策略配置 MyAnalytics。Privacy guide - Learn about the ways MyAnalytics gathers, uses, and protects your data, and how administrators can configure MyAnalytics based on company policy.

  • MyAnalytics 元素 -作为用户,了解 MyAnalytics 为你提供见解的方式,以及如何使用它们来做出良好决策。MyAnalytics elements - As a user, learn about the ways that MyAnalytics presents you with insights and how you can use these to make good decisions.

    • MyAnalytics 仪表板 -了解您在过去一个月花费的时间、有关工作模式的工作效率见解、有关改进的有用建议以及有关您的网络、顶级协作者和协作活动的信息。MyAnalytics dashboard - See how you spent your time over the past month, productivity insights about your work patterns, helpful suggestions for improvement, and information about your network, top collaborators, and collaboration activities.
    • Insights outlook 外 接程序-Outlook 的见解外接程序向你提供基于你最近的工作经验的活动卡,并根据活动做出响应或跟进的选项。Insights Outlook add-in - The Insights add-in for Outlook presents you with activity cards based on your recent work experience with options to respond or follow up on based on the activity.
    • 摘要 -接收每周摘要,使您可以突出显示上一周。Digests - Receive a weekly digest that gives you highlights about your previous week.
    • Outlook 中的内嵌建议 -上下文和数据驱动的建议,以改进你的工作模式。Inline suggestions in Outlook - Contextual, data driven recommendations to improve your work patterns.
  • 重点计划 -帮助您在每个日历上最长两个小时的无中断时间,以重点关注最优先的工作。Focus plan - Helps you schedule up to two hours of uninterrupted time on your calendar each day to focus on top-priority work.

  • MyAnalytics 采用材料 -这些采用材料可帮助团队和个人降低压力和 burnout,提高生产率和创造力,并让工作更愉快。MyAnalytics adoption materials - These adoption materials help teams and individuals reduce stress and burnout, increase productivity and creativity, and make work more enjoyable.

    • 个人采用 情况了解如何使用 MyAnalytics 构建和维护 healthier 工作模式。Individual adoption - Individuals learn how to use MyAnalytics to build and sustain healthier work patterns.
    • 团队采用 -团队成员了解如何设置和跟踪目标并构建新的习惯以改变团队协作的方式。Team adoption - Team members learn how to set and track goals and build new habits to change the way the team collaborates.
    • 习惯资源 -本节中的学习模块和习惯行动手册可帮助您构建积极的新习惯,并向您介绍如何更有效地使用 MyAnalytics。Habit resources - The learning modules and habit playbooks in this section help you build positive new habits and show you how to use MyAnalytics more effectively.