MyAnalytics 的常见问题Frequently asked questions for MyAnalytics


MyAnalytics 所支持的生产力见解正广泛地面向所有 Office 365 用户提供。Productivity insights powered by MyAnalytics are becoming broadly available to all Office 365 users. 详细了解用户将在每个计划中获得的体验。Learn more about the experiences that users will get in each plan.

其他问题和答案集按角色进行分组:The other sets of questions and answers are grouped by role:


问题 1.Q1. 谁可以查看我的数据?Who can see my data?

只有你能看到自己的数据。Only you can see your data. 根据你的数据生成的统计信息和见解仅对你可见。The statistics and insights that are generated from your data are for your eyes only. 你的经理或系统管理员无法查看你的个人数据。Your manager or system administrator cannot view your personal data.

有关详细信息,请参阅 MyAnalytics 隐私指南For more details, see the MyAnalytics privacy guide.

问题 2.Q2. MyAnalytics 如何保护我的数据?How does MyAnalytics protect my data?

MyAnalytics 使用 Office 365 邮箱中的数据,即有关你的电子邮件和会议的数据,以及有关 Teams 或 Skype for Business 中的通话和聊天的数据。MyAnalytics uses data from your Office 365 mailbox, namely data about your email and your meetings plus data about your calls and chats in Teams or in Skype for Business.

MyAnalytics 将数据存储在邮箱中,并获得与电子邮件和日历本身相同的保护。MyAnalytics stores your data in your mailbox itself, and gets the same protection that your email and calendar itself gets. 这意味着你的数据将受到保护,其保护方式与电子邮件和日历信息的保密和保护方式相同。This means your data is protected the same way your email and calendar information is kept private and protected.

MyAnalytics 执行的每个计算都基于你自己的数据,这些数据可以通过收集和检查电子邮件、会议、通话和即时消息的元数据(例如开始时间和结束时间以及主题行)来获取。Every calculation that MyAnalytics performs is based on data that you, yourself, can get by gathering and examining metadata of your email, meetings, calls, and instant messages, such as their start and end times and their subject lines. 换言之,MyAnalytics 可自动执行原本艰巨的任务。这些自动计算可让你清楚了解工作场所的协作习惯。In other words, MyAnalytics automates what would otherwise be a painstaking task; these automatic calculations provide you with transparency into your workplace collaboration habits.

MyAnalytics 不会在你的计算机上运行任何跟踪软件。MyAnalytics does not have any tracking software running on your computer.

问题 3.Q3. MyAnalytics 使用哪些数据?What data does MyAnalytics use?


MyAnalytics 按照隐私指南中的说明处理数据。MyAnalytics processes the data as described in the Privacy Guide.

MyAnalytics 使用:MyAnalytics uses:

  • 来自电子邮件项目的信息:Information from email items:

    • 元数据 - 包括电子邮件的时间戳、发件人、收件人和“已读”信号Metadata - which includes the email's timestamp, sender, recipients, and "read" signal
    • 用户在电子邮件正文中所作的陈述 - 这些陈述用于创建仅供你使用的任务卡Statements that people have made in email body text - these statements are used to create task cards for your use only
    • 收到电子邮件的其他用户的操作 - 例如是否已打开你的电子邮件。Actions of other users who receive your email - for example, whether or not they have opened your email. (这将仅以汇总形式使用,以保护个人隐私。)(This would be used only in aggregate form, to protect individual privacy.)
  • 来自日历项目的信息:Information from calendar items:

    • 类型(会议或约会)Type (meeting or appointment)
    • 状态(忙碌、空闲、外出、暂定)Status (busy, free, out-of-office, tentative)
    • 类别Category
    • 主题Subject
    • 持续时间Duration
    • 与会者Attendees
  • 来自 Teams 和 Skype for Business 的信息:Information from Teams and from Skype for Business:

    • MyAnalytics 统计用户在 Teams 和 Skype for Business 中作为协作活动进行的音频呼叫、视频呼叫和聊天。MyAnalytics counts audio calls, video calls, and chats that people make in Teams and in Skype for Business as collaboration activities.
  • OneDrive SharePoint 数据:MyAnalytics 显示你处理过的 OneDrive 和 SharePoint 文档的数量。OneDrive SharePoint data: MyAnalytics shows a count of OneDrive and SharePoint documents that you have worked on.

  • 仅当你选择加入时使用:从计算机上的活动中派生的数据,例如,你使用过的应用程序和访问过的网站。Used only if you have opted in: Data derived from activities on your computer, such as applications that you've used and websites that you've visited.

MyAnalytics 不使用:MyAnalytics does not use:

来自组织外部人员的电子邮件和日历数据,但以下情况例外:MyAnalytics 使用你自己的 Office 365 邮箱中存在的数据。Email and calendar data from people outside of your organization, with the following exception: MyAnalytics uses data that is present in your own Office 365 mailbox. 例如,如果你与组织外部的人员进行会议,则该会议的开始和结束时间可以在你的邮箱中找到,因此对你可见。For example, if you conduct a meeting with a person outside of your organization, the start and end times of that meeting can be found in your mailbox and therefore are visible to you. 因此,此数据可用于协作历史记录的计算。This data, therefore, can be used in computations about your collaboration history.

适用于 MyAnalytics 用户For MyAnalytics users

数据源Data sources

问题 1.Q1. 是否可以从本地安装的 Microsoft Exchange 或 Skype for Business 中提取数据?Can data be extracted from on-premises installations of Microsoft Exchange or Skype for Business?

否。No. 仅将 Exchange Online、Skype for Business Online 和 Teams 用作 MyAnalytics 数据的来源。Only Exchange Online, Skype for Business Online, and Teams are used as sources of MyAnalytics data.


问题 1.Q1. “会议时间”是否包括我在日历上为个人工作预留的时间?Does "meeting time" include time that I block out for personal work on my calendar?

如果你使用约会在日历上为个人工作预留时间(请参阅创建或安排约会)或创建只有自己参加的会议,则此时间不计为会议时间,而将计为专注时间。If you block out your calendar for personal work by using an appointment (see Create or schedule an appointment) or by creating a meeting with just yourself, this time does not count as meeting time and will count as focus time.

专注时间Focus time

问题 1.Q1. “专注时间”是否不包括我在日历上为个人工作预留的时间?Does "focus time" exclude time that I block out for personal work on my calendar?

如果你使用约会在日历上为个人工作预留时间(请参阅创建或安排约会)或创建只有自己参加的会议,则此时间可计为专注时间。If you block out your calendar for personal work by using an appointment (see Create or schedule an appointment) or by creating a meeting with just yourself, this time can count as focus time. 有关详细信息,请参阅专注For more details, see Focus. 要排除专注时间,请右键单击约会并将“显示为”设置为“外出”。To exclude focus time, right-click the appointment and set Show As to Out of Office.

问题 2.Q2. 为什么我的专注时间似乎不正确或不准确?Why does my focus time seem incorrect or inaccurate?

请尝试执行以下操作来解决你的专注时间总计问题:Try the following to troubleshoot your focus-time totals:

  1. 验证你的工作时间和时区设置是否正确。Verify that your work time and time zone settings are correct. (请参阅 Outlook 设置。)(See Outlook settings.)
  2. 有关专注时间的更多详细信息,请参阅专注For more details about focus time, see Focus.


问题 1.Q1. 如何让 MyAnalytics 知道我在休假?How do I tell MyAnalytics that I am on vacation?

如果你计划休假(或处于节假日),请创建一个包含休假天数的 Outlook 日历事件,并将状态设置为“外出”。If you plan to go on vacation (or on holiday), create an Outlook calendar event that includes the days of your vacation and set the status to Out of Office. 当你外出时,MyAnalytics 会将你的专注时间和会议时间计为零。MyAnalytics will count zero focus and meeting hours for you while you're away.

问题 2.Q2. 是否可以更改设置以使工作之外的时间更为准确?Can I change my settings to make time outside of work more accurate?

是。Yes. 你可以在 Outlook 设置中更改时区和工作时间。You can change your time zone and your working time in your Outlook settings.


问题 1.Q1. MyAnalytics 摘要如何在 Outlook 中显示?How do the MyAnalytics digests show up in Outlook?

MyAnalytics 摘要是系统生成的通知,并未经过标准的电子邮件投递过程。Your MyAnalytics digests are system generated notifications that do not go through the standard email delivery process. 它们直接由 MyAnalytics 插入到 Outlook 收件箱中。They are inserted directly into your Outlook inbox by MyAnalytics.

选择退出Opt out

问题 1.Q1. 我可以选择退出 MyAnalytics 吗?Can I opt out of MyAnalytics? 如果我选择退出(或者管理员让我选择退出),以后是否可以重新选择加入?And if I do (or if an admin opts me out), can I opt back in later?

对于这两种情况,都可以重新选择加入。Yes to both questions. 你可以选择退出 MyAnalytics 的单个部分,也可以选择一次退出 MyAnalytics 的所有部分。You can opt out of access to individual parts of MyAnalytics or out of all of MyAnalytics at once. 如果需要,您可以稍后再次 选择重新加入And you can opt back in again later, if you want.

有关详细信息,请参阅下文:See the following for details:

选择退出 MyAnalytics 的所有部分Opt out of all of MyAnalytics
选择退出 MyAnalytics 的单个部分Opt out of individual parts of MyAnalytics
自愿加入 MyAnalyticsOpt in to MyAnalytics

问题 2.Q2. 能否添加或删除 Insights Outlook 外接程序?Can I add or remove the Insights Outlook add-in?

是的,可以。Yes, you can. 但是首先,“选择退出”和“删除”之间有何区别?But first, what's the difference between "opt out" and "remove"?

删除 Insights Outlook 外接程序Remove the Insights Outlook add-in

请按照以下步骤从 Outlook 功能区中删除 Insights 外接程序。Follow these steps to remove the Insights add-in from your Outlook ribbon.


此过程还会删除 Outlook 中的内联建议This procedure also removes inline suggestions in Outlook.

  1. 在 Outlook“开始”功能区上,选择“获取外接程序”图标。On the Outlook Home Ribbon, select the Get Add-ins icon.


  2. 选择“我的外接程序”。Select My add-ins.

  3. 在“管理员管理的”中,选择 Insights省略号 (...),然后选择“删除”。In Admin-managed, select the ellipsis (...) for Insights, and then select Remove.

    删除 Insights

添加 Insights Outlook 外接程序Add the Insights Outlook add-in

请按照以下步骤将 Insights 外接程序添加到 Outlook 功能区。Follow these steps to add the Insights add-in to your Outlook ribbon.

  1. 在 Outlook“开始”功能区上,选择“获取外接程序”图标。On the Outlook Home Ribbon, select the Get Add-ins icon.
  2. 选择“管理员管理的”。Select Admin-managed.
  3. 找到 Insights,然后选择“添加”。Find Insights, and then select Add.

可见性和访问Visibility and access

问题 1.Q1. 为什么我看不到 MyAnalytics 仪表板?Why can't I see the MyAnalytics dashboard?

仅当你的组织具有符合条件的计划时,MyAnalytics 仪表板才可用。The MyAnalytics dashboard is only available if your organization has a qualifying plan. 表中的“功能可用性”下列出了符合条件的计划。Qualifying plans are listed in the table under Availability of features. 如果组织没有符合条件的计划,其成员将看不到任何 MyAnalytics 元素(包括仪表板),并且 MyAnalytics 不使用其数据。If an organization has no qualifying plan, its members can't see any of the MyAnalytics elements, including the dashboard, and MyAnalytics does not use their data.

问题 2.Q2. 我过去会看到一个全是数据的仪表板,但现在它变成了灰显。这是为什么呢?I used to get a dashboard full of data but now it's grayed out. What happened?

仅当使用 Office 365 进行了最低级别的活动时,才会准确计算个性化数据。Your personalized data is only accurately calculated when you have a minimum level of activities with Office 365. 几天之后再查看你的 MyAnalytics 仪表板,以获得完全个性化的体验。Check back on your MyAnalytics dashboard in a few days to get a fully personalized experience.

问题 3.Q3. 我没有 MyAnalytics 许可证,为什么 MyAnalytics 仪表板的“功能”设置中的 MyAnalytics 开关显示为“启用”?Even though I don't have a MyAnalytics license, why is the MyAnalytics toggle "on" in the MyAnalytics dashboard's Feature settings? 如果更改它会出现什么情况?What will happen if I change it?

如果没有许可证,则 MyAnalytics 不可用。MyAnalytics will not be available to you if you don't have a license. 但是,你的数据也会影响其他用户的电子邮件读取统计信息。However, your data contributes to the email read statistics for other users. 例如,当你收到一封符合条件的电子邮件并进行阅读时,MyAnalytics 会将该统计信息包含在向发件人显示的阅读百分比中。For example, when you receive a qualifying email and read it, MyAnalytics includes that statistic in the read percentage that's shown to the sender. 可以通过在 MyAnalytics 仪表板上的“功能”设置关闭 MyAnalytics 开关对此进行更改并提供数据。You can change this and not contribute data by turning the MyAnalytics toggle off in the Feature settings on your MyAnalytics dashboard.

问题 4.Q4. 如何了解我的计划是什么?How can I find out what my plan is?

某些 MyAnalytics 功能描述以“适用于:”部分开头,这些部分引用 Office 365 或 Microsoft 365“计划”,然后指向“计划和环境”文章。Some MyAnalytics feature descriptions start with Applies to: sections that refer to Office 365 or Microsoft 365 "plans," and then point to the Plans and environments article. 我拥有哪种计划?What plan do I have?

你可以按照以下步骤确定你的_计划_(以及你的_服务计划_):You can identify your plan (and also your service plan) by following these steps:

  1. 打开 MyAnalytics 仪表板Open your MyAnalytics dashboard.

  2. 在右上角的“我的帐户”下,选择“我的帐户”:In the upper-right corner, under My account, select My account:


  3. 在“我的帐户”页面上的“订阅”下,选择“查看订阅”:On the My account page, under Subscriptions, select View subscriptions:


  4. 在“订阅”页面上,找到“许可证”下列出的计划和服务计划:On the Subscriptions page, find your plan and your service plan listed under Licenses:

    在以下示例中,计划为“Office 365 E1”,与 MyAnalytics 相关的服务计划为“MyAnalytics 提供的见解”:In the following example, the plan is "Office 365 E1" and the MyAnalytics-related service plan is "Insights by MyAnalytics":

    服务计划:MyAnalytics 提供的见解

    在以下示例中,计划为“Office 365 E5”,与 MyAnalytics 相关的服务计划为“Microsoft MyAnalytics(完整版)”:In the following example, the plan is "Office 365 E5" and the MyAnalytics-related service plan is "Microsoft MyAnalytics (Full)":

    服务计划:Microsoft MyAnalytics(完整版)

问题 5.Q5. MyAnalytics 的元素以哪些语言提供?In what languages are the elements of MyAnalytics available?

请参阅 MyAnalytics 语言See MyAnalytics languages.

问题 6.Q6. 如果我的助手管理我的电子邮件和日历,那么 MyAnalytics 是否会将这些活动包括在我的数据中?If my assistant manages my email and calendar, does MyAnalytics include these activities in my data?

  • 你的助手代表你发送的电子邮件不会包括在你的数据中。Email sent by your assistant on your behalf is not included in your data. MyAnalytics 仅包括与通过你的邮箱发送的电子邮件相关的数据。MyAnalytics only includes data about email that you send from your mailbox.
  • 但是,MyAnalytics 会将你的日历事件包括在你的数据中,其中包括助手代表你创建和接受的事件。However, MyAnalytics does include your calendar events in your data, including the events created and accepted on your behalf by your assistant.

问题 7.Q7. MyAnalytics 是否使用 Cookie?Does MyAnalytics use cookies?

MyAnalytics 仅使用 Cookie 在仪表板中对用户进行身份验证。MyAnalytics only uses cookies to authenticate users for the dashboard. 有关 Cookie 的详细信息,请参阅 Microsoft 隐私声明See Microsoft Privacy Statement for more about cookies.

问题 8.Q8. 哪些 MyAnalytics 体验包括 Windows 10 活动历史记录?Which MyAnalytics experiences include Windows 10 activity history?

MyAnalytics 使用 Windows 10 活动历史记录与工作时间内和工作时间段内的文档所用时间相关的功耗见解。MyAnalytics uses Windows 10 Activity history to power insights related to time spent in documents within working hours and after hours. 这些在 MyAnalytics 仪表板中显示为思维的食物。These show up as Food for thought in the MyAnalytics dashboard. 在文档中花费的时间也会添加到总协作时间中,并影响指标,如 "可供关注的时间" 和 "免打扰时间"。The time spent in documents is also added to the total collaboration time and affects metrics, such as “Time available to focus” and “Quiet hours.”

问题 9.Q9. 如何检查是否已在设备上启用了 Window 10 活动历史记录?How can I check if Window 10 Activity history is enabled on my device?

  1. 打开 "Windows 设置"。Open Windows Settings.

  2. 搜索 "活动历史记录隐私设置"。Search for “Activity History Privacy Settings.”

  3. 若要使用数据,必须选择以下两个设置 MyAnalytics。The following two settings must be selected for MyAnalytics to use the data.

    Windows 10 活动历史记录设置

Insights Outlook 加载项Insights Outlook add-in

问题 1.Q1. Insights Outlook 加载项显示任务卡(承诺)。The Insights Outlook add-in displays task cards (commitments). 它们以所有语言提供还是仅以英语提供?Are they available in all languages, or just in English?

Outlook 加载项的任务卡仅以英语提供。The task cards of the Outlook add-in are available only in English.

问题 2.Q2. 是否可以获取共享或辅助邮箱的电子邮件阅读率?Can I get email read rates for shared or secondary mailboxes?

MyAnalytics 不使用来自共享或辅助邮箱的数据。MyAnalytics does not use data from shared or secondary mailboxes.

问题 3.Q3. 为什么我的某些电子邮件没有阅读统计信息?Why are read statistics not available for some of my email?

若要查看已发送的电子邮件的阅读统计信息,必须在过去 14 天内将其发送给了至少五个收件人。To see read statistics for an email that you sent, you must have sent it within the past 14 days to at least five recipients.

适用于 IT 管理员For IT administrators

问题 1.Q1. 如何管理用户的 MyAnalytics 体验?How do I manage the MyAnalytics experience for users?

你可以通过两种方式管理体验:You can manage the experience in two ways:

问题 2.Q2. 用户数据存储在哪里以及存储多长时间?Where and for how long is user data stored?

用户指标数据存储在用户的邮箱中。User metrics data is stored in users' mailboxes. 每日数据的存储时长不超过 35 天,每周数据的存储时长不超过 9 周,具体取决于使用的方案。Depending on the scenario, daily data is stored for up to 35 days and weekly data is stored for up to 9 weeks. 但是,与过去 12 个内的协作者数量相关的数据将存储长达 370 天。However, data about the number of collaborators in the past 12 months is stored for up to 370 days.

问题 3.Q3. 新用户需要多久才能访问仪表板和其他 MyAnalytics 元素?How long before new users can access the dashboard and other MyAnalytics elements?

在为 MyAnalytics 服务计划分配许可证后几天,MyAnalytics 用户即可使用仪表板。The dashboard is available to MyAnalytics users a few days after getting assigned a license with a MyAnalytics service plan. 有关新用户何时可以访问 MyAnalytics 的更多详细信息,请参阅对 MyAnalytics 元素的访问权限For more details about when new users get access to MyAnalytics, see Access to MyAnalytics elements.

问题 4.Q4. 仪表板激活后,它会显示任何历史数据还是从激活之日开始显示?When the dashboard is activated, does it show any historical data or does it start from the day of activation?

激活后,MyAnalytics 将处理激活日期之前四周的历史数据。After activation, MyAnalytics processes historical data for four weeks before the date of activation. 仪表板不会显示此四周日期范围之前的数据。No data before this four-week date range is shown in the dashboard. 为了计算活跃的协作者,MyAnalytics 会处理过去 12 个月的历史数据。For calculating active collaborators, MyAnalytics processes historical data for the previous 12 months.

问题 5.Q5. MyAnalytics 是否适用于共享邮箱?Will MyAnalytics work for shared mailboxes?

否,目前 MyAnalytics 服务计划无法用于共享邮箱。No, currently the MyAnalytics service plan cannot be used with shared mailboxes.

问题 6.Q6. 是否可以从本地安装的 Microsoft Exchange 或 Skype for Business 中提取数据?Can data be extracted from on-premises installations of Microsoft Exchange or Skype for Business?

否。No. 仅将 Exchange Online、Skype for Business Online 和 Teams 用作 MyAnalytics 数据的来源。Only Exchange Online, Skype for Business Online, and Teams are used as sources of MyAnalytics data.

问题 7.Q7. 我尚未收到 Skype for Business 数据。I have not received my Skype for Business data. 它似乎已丢失。It seems to have gone missing. 它在哪里?Where is it?

Skype for Business 数据通常会及时发送。Skype for Business data is usually prompt. 但是,在极少数情况下,用户可能会遇到两到四天的延迟。However, in rare instances, users can experience delays of from two to four days. 在星期五完成的用户操作可能不会包含在下个星期一执行的 MyAnalytics 计算中。User actions completed on a Friday might not be included in MyAnalytics computations that are executed the following Monday. 在这种情况下,包含 Teams 数据的非工作时间将在以后更新。In such cases, non-working time, which includes Teams data, is updated later. 同样,某些会议可能在一两天后被标记为“延期召开”,或者在星期一或星期二发送至 Outlook 收件箱的摘要可能不会立即包含数据。Similarly, certain meetings might be marked as "Late start" after a day or two, or a digest sent on a Monday or Tuesday to your Outlook inbox, might not immediately include the data. 在所有此类情况下,更新数据后将立即更新指标。In all such cases, the metrics are updated as soon as the data is updated.

问题 8.Q8. 哪些 MyAnalytics 功能对拥有“MyAnalytics 提供的见解”服务计划的用户_不_可用?Which MyAnalytics features are not available to users who have the "Insights by MyAnalytics" service plan?

MyAnalytics 提供的见解”服务计划目前未提供用于显示“电子邮件阅读率和文档打开率”的卡片。The cards that show email read rates and document open rates are not currently available with the Insights by MyAnalytics service plan.


所有 MyAnalytics 功能均对拥有“MyAnalytics(完整版)”服务计划的用户可用。All MyAnalytics features are available to users who have the MyAnalytics (Full) service plan.

问题 9.Q9. 为什么许可用户无法看到一个或多个 MyAnalytics 元素?Why can't licensed users see one or more of the MyAnalytics elements?

  • 检查对 MyAnalytics元素的访问权限,以查看在为用户分配 MyAnalytics 服务计划的许可证后 MyAnalytics 元素何时可用。Check Access to MyAnalytics elements to see when MyAnalytics elements become available after users are assigned a license with a MyAnalytics service plan.

  • 检查 EWSAllowList 是否配置为允许用户使用“myanalytics”;有关更多详细信息,请参阅 Set-OrganizationConfigCheck if EWSAllowList is configured to allow "myanalytics" for users; see Set-OrganizationConfig for more details:

    Set-OrganizationConfig -EwsAllowList @{Add="myanalytics/*"}

问题 10.Q10. 如何让一部分用户试用 MyAnalytics?How can I pilot MyAnalytics to a subset of users?

为试用用户启用“MyAnalytics 提供的见解”或“MyAnalytics(完整版)”服务计划。Turn on the "Insights by MyAnalytics" OR "MyAnalytics (Full)" service plan for the pilot users. 由于默认启用了这些计划,因此需要确认已为其他用户禁用这些计划。Because these plans are enabled by default, you'll need to confirm that the plans are turned off for other users. 有关如何禁用计划的详细信息,请参阅为用户分配许可证For details on how to turn off the plans, see Assign licenses to users.

问题 11.Q11. 如何确认已安装 Insights Outlook 加载项?How can I confirm that the Insights Outlook add-in is installed?

请参阅确认安装 Insights Outlook 加载项,以确认已安装。See Confirm installation of the Insights Outlook add-in to confirm it's installed.

问题 12.Q12. 是否可以要求删除 MyAnalytics 用户数据而不存储?Can I ask that MyAnalytics user data be deleted and not stored?

是的,你可以根据法律要求或在用户请求(支持 GDPR 数据主体权利)时删除和限制 MyAnalytics 用户数据的处理。Yes, you can delete and restrict the processing of MyAnalytics user data if required by law or when requested by a user, which supports GDPR data subject rights. 有关删除数据的说明,请参阅 GDPR 合规性的第三项义务For delete data instructions, see the third obligation of GDPR Compliance.


如果某个用户选择退出使用 MyAnalytics,则不会删除该用户的 MyAnalytics 数据。If a person opts out of using MyAnalytics, it doesn't delete that person's MyAnalytics data.

问题 13.Q13. Microsoft 人员是否可以访问用户的 MyAnalytics 数据?Can Microsoft personnel access a person's MyAnalytics data?

与适用于 Microsoft Office 365 商业联机服务的规则相同,Microsoft 人员无权访问 MyAnalytics 中的客户数据。The same rules apply as with Microsoft Office 365 commercial online services, Microsoft personnel do not have access to customer data in MyAnalytics. 若要了解详细信息,请参阅谁可以访问你的数据To learn more, see Who can access your data.

问题 14.Q14. 系统是否允许管理员记录或审核数据活动,例如访问、修改或删除数据?Does the system enable administrators the ability to log or audit data activity, such as accessing, modifying, or deleting data?

否。No. MyAnalytics 不支持审核。MyAnalytics does not support auditing.

问题 15.Q15. 可以将哪些浏览器与 MyAnalytics 和 Insights Outlook 加载项配合使用?What browsers can I use with MyAnalytics and the Insights Outlook Add-in?

有关 MyAnalytics 仪表板支持的 Web 浏览器的列表,请参阅计划和环境中的浏览器支持See Browser support in Plans and environments for a list of web browsers that the MyAnalytics dashboard supports.

作为 Outlook 加载项,Insights Outlook 加载项需要与系统平台和操作系统兼容的浏览器。As an Outlook Add-in, the Insights Outlook Add-in requires a browser compatible with your system's platform and operating system. 有关详细信息,请参阅 Office 加载项使用的浏览器For details, see Browsers used by Office Add-ins.

问题 16.Q16. 如何在 Office 365 GCC 中管理 MyAnalytics 体验?How can I manage MyAnalytics experiences in Office 365 GCC?

你可以按照为用户分配许可证中的适用步骤来启用或禁用 MyAnalytics 体验。You can enable or disable MyAnalytics experiences by following the applicable steps in Assign licenses to users. 到 2019 年底,将为每个用户界面提供更精细的控件。More granular controls for each user surface will be available by the end of 2019.

Q17.Q17. MyAnalytics 摘要如何在 Outlook 中显示?How do the MyAnalytics digests show up in Outlook?

MyAnalytics 摘要是系统生成的通知,并未经过标准的电子邮件投递过程。The MyAnalytics digests are system generated notifications that do not go through the standard email delivery process. 它们直接由 MyAnalytics 插入到用户的 Outlook 收件箱中。They are inserted directly into a user's Outlook inbox by MyAnalytics. 无法通过电子邮件设置传输规则管理摘要。Digests cannot be managed by email setting transport rules.

Q18.Q18. 如何管理组织的 Windows 10 活动历史记录?How can I manage the Windows 10 activity history for the organization?

您可以在组织的租户级别设置以下两个组策略设置:You can set the following two Group Policy settings at the tenant level for the organization:

  • System\OS Policies\Allow 用户活动的上载System\OS Policies\Allow upload of User Activities
  • System\OS Policies\Allow 用户活动发布System\OS Policies\Allow publishing of User Activities

有关详细信息,请参阅 Windows 10 的新策略For details, see New policies for Windows 10.