MyAnalytics 服务说明MyAnalytics service description

MyAnalytics 总结了您在工作中花费的时间,并提出了更聪明的工作方式。MyAnalytics summarizes how you spend your time at work and then suggests ways to work smarter. MyAnalytics 通过可在 Microsoft Outlook 中或通过 web 浏览器访问的 元素 提供这些见解。MyAnalytics provides these insights through elements that you can access in Microsoft Outlook or through your web browser.

MyAnalytics 的一些元素将自动提供给各种 Office 365 计划的用户。Some of the elements of MyAnalytics are provided automatically to users of various Office 365 plans. 有关详细信息,请参阅 MyAnalytics 分布For more information, see MyAnalytics distributions.

MyAnalytics 以保护员工隐私的方式处理信息。MyAnalytics processes information in a manner that protects employee privacy. 有关详细信息,请参阅 Data 隐私声明For more information, see Data privacy.


MyAnalytics 包含以下元素:MyAnalytics consists of the following elements:

  • MyAnalytics 仪表板:可帮助您反映你的工作模式,如你有权关注的时间、会议和电子邮件活动以及你的网络。MyAnalytics dashboard: Helps you reflect on your work patterns such as time that you have available to focus, your meeting and email practices, and your network.
  • Insights Outlook 外接程序:为你提供 Outlook 中可操作的见解,可帮助你保持任务的最大努力并实现更多工作。Insights Outlook add-in: Provides you with actionable insights in Outlook that help you stay on top of your tasks and get more done.
  • 摘要:为您的 Outlook 收件箱中的每周摘要提供了有关您的工作模式的重要突出重点。Digest: Gives you key highlights about your work patterns in a weekly digest in your Outlook inbox.
  • 内嵌建议:在阅读或撰写电子邮件或会议邀请时,会在 Outlook 中显示数据和 AI 驱动的通知。Inline suggestions: These brief, data- and AI-driven notifications appear in Outlook while you are either reading or composing an email or a meeting invitation.

MyAnalytics 分布MyAnalytics distributions

在不同的 Microsoft Office 365 和 Microsoft 365 计划的用户的不同级别中,可以使用 MyAnalytics 的元素。The elements of MyAnalytics are available in varying levels to users of different Microsoft Office 365 and Microsoft 365 plans. 若要查看哪些计划包括 MyAnalytics 的 MyAnalytics 和见解,请参阅 MyAnalytics 计划和环境To see which plans include MyAnalytics and Insights by MyAnalytics, see MyAnalytics plans and environments.

数据隐私Data privacy

遵循以下准则,MyAnalytics 保护员工隐私并支持遵守本地法规:By adhering to the following guidelines, MyAnalytics protect employee privacy and support compliance with local regulations:

  • MyAnalytics 并不旨在启用员工评估、跟踪、自动决策、分析或监视。MyAnalytics is not designed to enable employee evaluation, tracking, automated decision-making, profiling, or monitoring.
  • MyAnalytics 不会向员工提供对其他同事的新个人身份信息的访问权限。MyAnalytics does not give employees access to new personally identifiable information on other coworkers.
  • 处理 MyAnalytics 数据并将其存储在员工的 Exchange Online 邮箱中。MyAnalytics data is processed and stored in the employee’s Exchange Online mailbox.
  • MyAnalytics 支持一般数据保护条例 (GDPR) 合规性。MyAnalytics supports General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) compliance.
  • 可对 MyAnalytics 进行配置,以便个人必须专门选择加入。MyAnalytics can be configured so that individuals must purposefully opt in.
  • MyAnalytics 提醒用户其数据是安全的私有数据。MyAnalytics reminds people that their data is private and secure.

有关详细信息,请参阅 MyAnalytics 隐私声明指南For more information, see MyAnalytics privacy guide.