MyAnalytics 隐私、安全性和合规性MyAnalytics privacy, security, and compliance

Microsoft 的远景重点是为你的员工做努力。Microsoft's vision focuses on empowering your employees. Microsoft MyAnalytics 通过帮助知识工作者更好地了解他们如何使用最重要和有限的资源来支持这种设想:时间。Microsoft MyAnalytics supports this vision by helping knowledge workers better understand how they use their most important and limited resource: time. 通过使用用户在 Office 365 中的工作方式生成的数据,MyAnalytics 可帮助他们了解它们的时间,然后向他们提供有关如何更智能地工作的提示。By using data that people generate as they work in Office 365, MyAnalytics helps them understand how they spend their time, and then gives them tips on how to work smarter.

向员工解释这些好处并在显示用于存储和处理个人信息的应用程序上进行购买,这可能是很困难的。It can be challenging to explain these benefits to employees and gain their buy-in on an application that appears to store and process personal information. 隐私、安全性和合规性白皮书介绍了 Microsoft 如何在考虑此问题的基础上构建 MyAnalytics。The Privacy, security, and compliance white paper explains how Microsoft built MyAnalytics with this concern in mind. 此内容将帮助业务领导者和 Office 365 管理员正在考虑购买、trialing 或为其员工部署 MyAnalytics。This content will help business leaders and Office 365 administrators who are considering purchasing, trialing, or deploying MyAnalytics for their employees.