Outlook 中的生产力见解Productivity insights in Outlook

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你是否曾错过重要的电子邮件或忘记了答应过同事的事情?Did you ever miss an important email or forget a commitment you made to your co-workers? 会议和电子邮件在你的日历中所占的比重越来越多?Do meetings and emails tend to take over your calendar? 你是否希望看到与你的经理、直接下属或其他主要协作者进行一对一会议的提醒?Do you ever wish to see reminders for 1:1 meetings with your manager, direct reports, or other top collaborators? 如果即将举行的会议没有达到法定人数,你是否希望收到通知?Would you like to be notified if an upcoming meeting doesn't have a quorum?

如果你对以上任何一个问题的回答是_肯定的_,则可利用 Outlook 外接程序来提供可操作的见解,以帮助你时刻掌握任务进展并完成更多工作。If your answer to any of these questions is yes, the Outlook add-in provides actionable insights to help you stay on top of your tasks and get more done.

你可能看到的见解Insights that you might see

打开 Insights Outlook 加载项,方法是选择 Outlook“开始”功能区中的“Insights”图标。Open the Insights Outlook add-in by selecting the Insights icon on the Outlook Home ribbon. 如果你使用的是 Outlook 网页版,请打开电子邮件,选择电子邮件右上角省略号 (...),然后选择“Insights”。If you are using Outlook on the web, open an email message, select the ellipsis (...) in the top-right corner of your email message, and then select Insights.

Insights 面板

固有的隐私保护Privacy by design

Outlook 加载项保留由 GDPR 提供的所有数据主体权利。The Outlook add-in preserves all the data-subject rights afforded by GDPR. 你在加载项中看到的见解仅对你可见。The insights you see in the add-in are only available to you. 没有管理员或经理可以看到这些见解。No admin or manager can see these insights. 它们通过你的电子邮件和会议信息,按需计算而来,绝不会存储在你的邮箱以外的位置。They are computed as needed, from the your email and meeting information, and are never stored outside your mailbox.

此外,只有在你第一次打开加载项后,加载项才会开始处理数据,将其转换为见解。Additionally, the add-in begins processing data for insights only after the first time you open it. 详细了解 Microsoft 如何保护你的隐私。Learn more about how Microsoft protects your privacy.