Insights Outlook 外接程序Insights Outlook add-in

适用范围: MyAnalytics 元素可为不同的 Microsoft Office 365 和 Microsoft 365 计划用户提供不同级别的功能。有关详细信息,请参阅 MyAnalytics 计划和环境。另请参阅如何查找我的计划?Applies to: MyAnalytics elements are available in varying levels to users of different Microsoft Office 365 and Microsoft 365 plans. See MyAnalytics plans and environments for details. Also see How do I find my plan?

你是否曾错过重要的电子邮件或忘记了答应过同事的事情?Did you ever miss an important email or forget a commitment you made to your co-workers? 会议和电子邮件在你的日历中所占的比重越来越多?Do meetings and emails tend to take over your calendar? 你是否希望看到与你的经理、直接下属或其他主要协作者进行一对一会议的提醒?Do you ever wish to see reminders for 1:1 meetings with your manager, direct reports, or other top collaborators? 如果即将举行的会议没有达到法定人数,你是否希望收到通知?Would you like to be notified if an upcoming meeting doesn't have a quorum?

如果对上述任何问题的回答是 _肯定_的,Outlook 加载项将提供可帮助您继续执行任务并实现更多工作的见解。If your answer to any of these questions is yes, the Outlook add-in provides insights that you can act upon to help you stay on top of your tasks and get more done. 此外接程序是你的 Outlook 体验的扩展,可帮助你获取焦点时间、维护你的工作关系、计划离开工作的时间,以及提高你的总体工作寿命余额。This add-in is an extension of your Outlook experience and works within Outlook to help you gain focus time, maintain your work relationships, plan time away from work, and improve your overall work-life balance.

固有的隐私保护Privacy by design

Outlook 加载项保留由 GDPR 提供的所有数据主体权利。The Outlook add-in preserves all the data-subject rights afforded by GDPR. 你在加载项中看到的见解仅对你可见。The insights you see in the add-in are only available to you. 没有管理员或经理可以看到这些见解。No admin or manager can see these insights. 它们通过你的电子邮件和会议信息,按需计算而来,绝不会存储在你的邮箱以外的位置。They are computed as needed, from the your email and meeting information, and are never stored outside your mailbox.

此外,只有在你第一次打开加载项后,加载项才会开始处理数据,将其转换为见解。Additionally, the add-in begins processing data for insights only after the first time you open it. 详细了解 Microsoft 如何保护你的隐私。Learn more about how Microsoft protects your privacy.

为什么我看不到 Outlook Insights 加载项?Why don't I see the Outlook Insights add-in?

在可以使用 Insights 外接程序之前,请确保已准备好以下先决条件:Before you can use the Insights add-in, be sure that the following prerequisites are in place:

  • 拥有 MyAnalytics 用户许可证,并允许至少24小时后才向你授予该许可证。Have a MyAnalytics user license and let at least 24 hours elapse since you were granted that license.

  • 拥有有效的邮箱。Have a valid mailbox. 这不能是共享邮箱,甚至不能是已转换为用户邮箱的共享邮箱。This cannot be a shared mailbox or even a shared mailbox that was converted into a user mailbox. 它必须是来自开始的用户邮箱。It must be a user mailbox from the start. 如果需要,我们建议您 预配新的用户邮箱We recommended that you provision a new user mailbox, if necessary.

  • 具有以下软件:Have the following software:

    • 您的计算机具有 Outlook desktop 2016 版本16.0.7924.1 或更高版本的 Windows,或针对 Mac 的版本15.39.1010 或更高版本。Your computer has Outlook desktop 2016 version 16.0.7924.1 or later for Windows, or version 15.39.1010 or later for Mac.
    • 您的计算机上安装了 Internet Explorer 第10版或第11版。Internet Explorer version 10 or 11 is installed on your computer.

打开 "打开 insights 外接程序" (即Windows Outlook 桌面Outlook 网页版或 Mac Outlook 桌面)下列出的其中一个程序中的 Insights 外接程序。Open the Insights add-in in one of the programs listed under Open the Insights add-in, namely Windows Outlook desktop, Outlook on the web, or Mac Outlook desktop.

  • 选择一封电子邮件。Select an email. 在 Outlook 中,您可以通过下列方式之一执行此操作:In Outlook, you can do this in one of the following ways:

    • 在新窗口中打开电子邮件。Open the email in a new window.
    • Outlook 阅读窗格 打开的情况下,在阅读窗格中查看电子邮件。With the Outlook Reading Pane open, view the email in the Reading Pane.


    这仅适用于尚未应用 信息权限管理 的电子邮件。This works only with emails to which information rights management have not been applied.

打开 Insights 加载项Open the Insights add-in

您可以在以下环境中使用 Outlook Insights 加载项:You can use the Outlook Insights add-in in the following environments:

Windows Outlook 桌面Windows Outlook desktop

  1. 打开 Microsoft Outlook 的 " 主页 " 功能区。Open the Home ribbon of Microsoft Outlook.

  2. 选择 " 见解 " 图标:Select the Insights icon:


Outlook 网页版Outlook on the web

  1. 打开 web 上的 OutlookOpen Outlook on the web.

  2. 打开一封电子邮件。Open an email message.

  3. 在电子邮件的右上角选择省略号 ( ... ) ,然后选择 " 见解:"Select the ellipsis (...) in the top-right corner of your email message, and then select Insights:

    OWA 中的见解


你可以将外接程序固定到快速访问窗格,以便更轻松地访问;有关详细信息,请参阅 固定 Insights 外接程序You can pin the Add-in to your quick access pane for easier access; see Pin the Insights add-in for details.

Mac Outlook 桌面Mac Outlook desktop

在新的 Mac 接口中,外接程序当前不可用,但你可以通过切换到旧接口来启用这些外接程序,如下所述:In the new Mac interface, add-ins are not currently available, but you can enable them by switching to the old interface, as described here:

为 Mac 启用 Insights Outlook 外接程序To enable the Insights Outlook add-in for the Mac

  1. 使用页面顶部的开关切换到旧 UI:Switch to the old UI by using the toggle at the top of the page:

    Mac Outlook switch UI

  2. 在 Outlook 主页 功能区中,通过使用与 Windows Outlook 桌面相同的步骤打开见解。In the Outlook Home ribbon, open Insights by using the same steps as for Windows Outlook desktop.


如果未向你显示 Insights 外接程序,请查看 为什么我看不到 Outlook Insights 外接程序时所述的先决条件?。If the Insights add-in is not showing up for you, check out the prerequisites that are described in Why don't I see the Outlook Insights add-in?.

你将了解到的内容What you might see

打开 Insights 加载项后,您将在右侧 (Insights) 窗格中看到许多卡片。After you open the Insights add-in, you'll see a number of cards in the right (Insights) pane.

Insights 窗格

此窗格将向您显示以下内容:This pane will show you a selection of the following:

  1. 准备参加会议:准备好会议,然后推动更有效的会议。Prepare for your meetings: Prepare for your meetings and then drive more effective meetings.
  2. 跟踪电子邮件和文档打开率:通过查看百分比的打开率、百分比附件单击率等来跟踪发送的电子邮件的 readership。Track email and document open rates: Track readership of emails that you've sent sent by viewing the percentage open rate, the percentage attachment click rate, and so on.
  3. 查看未完成的任务:通过查看您同意执行的任务的提醒,确保没有任何裂缝。View outstanding tasks: Make sure nothing falls through the cracks by seeing reminders of tasks that you've agreed to do.
  4. 跟进你的请求:接收提醒以跟进同事或你所做的请求所做的承诺。Follow up on your requests: Receive reminders to follow up on commitments made by your colleagues or on requests that you have made.
  5. 准备关注的时间:通过在会议接管之前保留焦点时间来保护您的日历。Book time to focus: Protect your calendar by reserving focus time before meetings take over.
  6. 追赶电子邮件:通过其他重要联系人的未读电子邮件摘要剪切出杂乱的邮件。Catch up on email: Cut through the clutter with a summary of unread email from your more important contacts.
  7. 追赶文档:查看需要捕捉的共享 OneDrive 和 SharePoint 文档的列表。Catch up on documents: See a list of shared OneDrive and SharePoint documents that you need to catch up on.
  8. 添加重要人员:管理重要联系人的列表。Add important people: Manage your list of important contacts. 当您有任务需要为这些人或未读电子邮件完成时,您将看到提醒。You'll see reminders when you have tasks to complete for these people or unread emails from them.
  9. 设置午餐时间:使用此卡片保护你的午餐时间,并个性化你的见解。Set lunch hours: Use this card to protect your lunch hours and personalize your insights.
  10. 计划你的时间:使用此卡片来计划离开工作的时间。Plan your time away: Use this card to plan your time away from work.
  11. 与团队密切配合:在1:1 会议、未完成的任务等的见解中保持工作组需求的最新状态。Catch up with your team: Stay on top of your team's needs with insights for 1:1 meetings, outstanding tasks, and so on.
  12. 会议建议:通过与重要同事保持联系来扩大和培养你的网络。Meeting suggestions: Grow and nurture your network by staying connected with important colleagues.
  13. 检查静音时间影响:通过查看在工作时间之外发送电子邮件的影响,帮助你的团队实现工作生命期平衡。Check quiet hours impact: Help your team achieve work-life balance by reviewing the impact of sending email outside of working hours.

固定 Insights 加载项Pin the Insights add-in

如果您使用的是 Web 上的 Outlook,则可以固定外接程序以方便访问。If you're using Outlook on the Web, you can pin the add-in for easier access.

将加载项固定到 "快速访问" 窗格To pin the add-in to the quick access pane

  1. 在 web 上的 Outlook 中,选择 " 设置 " (齿轮) 图标。In Outlook on the web, select the Settings (gear) icon.

    OWA 设置窗格

  2. 在 " 设置" 中,选择 " 查看所有 Outlook 设置"。In Settings, select View all Outlook Settings.

  3. 选择左侧窗格中的 "确认 邮件 ",然后在中心窗格中选择 " 自定义操作"。Confirm Mail is selected in the left pane, and in the center pane, select Customize actions.


  4. 在右侧窗格中的 " 邮件" 界面 区域中,选择 " 见解"。In the right pane, in the Message surface area, select Insights.

    邮件 surface/Insights

  5. 在右侧窗格的 工具栏 区域中,选择 " 见解"。In the right pane, in the Toolbar area, select Insights.


  6. 保存新设置。Save your new settings.


选择退出 Insights Outlook 外接程序Opt out of the Insights Outlook add-in

退出To opt out

  1. 打开仪表板Open your dashboard.

  2. 选择右上角的 " 设置 (齿轮) 图标。Select the Settings (gear) icon at top right.

    MyAnalytics 设置

  3. 在 MyAnalytics 下,选择“设置”。Under MyAnalytics, select Settings.

  4. 对于 " 见解 Outlook 外接程序",将控件设置为 " 关闭"。For Insights Outlook add-in, set the control to Off.


  5. 选择“保存”以保存所做的更改。Select Save to save your changes.


你保存的更改可能需要长达 24 小时才能生效。It might take up to 24 hours for your saved changes to take effect.

如果已选择退出,是否可以选择重新加入?If I am opted out, can I opt back in?

"是"如果你选择退出,或者管理员选择退出,你可以随时选择后退以重新获取对 Insights Outlook 外接程序的访问权限。Yes; if you opt yourself out or if an admin opts you out, you can opt back in any time to regain access to the Insights Outlook add-in.

若要选择加入To opt in

  1. 打开仪表板Open your dashboard.

  2. 选择右上角的 " 设置 (齿轮) 图标。Select the Settings (gear) icon at top right.

    MyAnalytics 设置

  3. 在 MyAnalytics 下,选择“设置”。Under MyAnalytics, select Settings.

  4. 对于 " 见解 Outlook 外接程序",将控件设置为 "开"。For Insights Outlook add-in, set the control to On.

    滑块也处于 off 位置

  5. 选择“保存”以保存所做的更改。Select Save to save your changes.


你保存的更改可能需要长达 24 小时才能生效。It might take up to 24 hours for your saved changes to take effect.