MyAnalytics 的学习模块Learning modules for MyAnalytics

MyAnalytics 提供了几个可帮助您设置和使用其数据的学习模块。MyAnalytics has a few learning modules to help you set up and use its data. 这些材料按协作主题进行组织,以帮助您构建新的工作习惯并了解如何更有效地使用 MyAnalytics。These materials are organized by collaboration topic to help you build new work habits and learn how to use MyAnalytics more effectively.

学习模块包括:The learning modules include:

  • 正常行为建议Healthy behavior suggestions
  • 习惯行动手册Habit playbooks
  • 有关如何解释 MyAnalytics 数据并使用其功能的提示Tips on how to interpret MyAnalytics data and use its features
  • 指向文章的链接,以了解有关特定主题的详细信息Links to articles to learn more about specific topics
  • 有趣的行为-科学课Fun behavioral-science lessons

以下各项可帮助您了解有关如何跟踪和分析您的聚焦时段、会议和电子邮件数据的详细信息。The following can help you learn more about how to track and analyze your focus hours, meetings, and email data. 您还可以在这些模块中查找有关如何维护网络中的重要关系的课程。You can also find lessons in these modules on how to maintain important relationships in your network.