Outlook 中的内联建议Inline suggestions in Outlook

Outlook 中的内嵌建议是什么?What are inline suggestions in Outlook?

Outlook 中的内嵌建议是在阅读或撰写电子邮件或会议邀请时显示在 Outlook 中的简短数据和 AI 驱动通知。Inline suggestions in Outlook are brief data and AI-driven notifications that appear in Outlook while you are either reading or composing an email or a meeting invitation.

内嵌建议可通过显示有关管理电子邮件和运行会议的有用建议、提示和最佳做法,来帮助提高你的工作效率和团队的工作效率。Inline suggestions can help boost your productivity and that of your team by displaying useful suggestions, tips, and best practices around managing email and running meetings. 它们有助于通知和指导您做出有效的电子邮件和会议决定。They help inform and guide you in making effective email and meeting decisions. 此外,它们还可以帮助您回收焦点时间并生成更好的协作习惯,以及其他实用优势。They can also help you reclaim focus hours and build better collaboration habits, in addition to other practical benefits. 内嵌建议的类型 列出了您在 Outlook 中可能会看到的一些内容。Types of inline suggestions lists some of what you might see in Outlook.


只有你可以查看你的数据,有关详细信息,请参阅隐私常见问题解答Only you can see your data, see Privacy FAQ for details.

为什么我看不到任何内嵌建议?Why don't I see any inline suggestions?

适用于 web 的最新版本 Outlook 和使用 Microsoft 365 的 Outlook for Windows 或 Office 365 许可证的嵌入式建议。Inline suggestions are available in the latest versions of Outlook for the web and Outlook for Windows with Microsoft 365 or Office 365 licenses. 在 Outlook for Windows 中,在阅读或撰写电子邮件或会议邀请时,将显示内嵌建议。In Outlook for Windows, inline suggestions will show up while reading or composing an email or a meeting invitation. 在 Outlook for web 中,仅在阅读电子邮件和会议时仅显示内嵌建议。In Outlook for the web, inline suggestions only show while reading email and meetings. 这些建议目前在 Outlook for Mac、Outlook for iOS 和 Outlook for Android 中不可用。These suggestions are not currently available in Outlook for Mac, Outlook for iOS, and Outlook for Android.

此外,请验证是否在 Outlook 中安装了 见解外接程序Also, verify that the Insights add-in is installed in Outlook. 如果未安装,可以按照 添加 Insights Outlook 外接程序中的步骤进行添加。If it is not installed, you can add it by following the steps in Add the Insights Outlook add-in.

内嵌建议的类型Types of inline suggestions

以下是您可能会在 Outlook 中看到的一些建议:The following are a few of the suggestions you might see in Outlook:

选择退出内联建议Opt out of inline suggestions

  1. 若要在 Outlook 中退出内嵌建议,请选择 Outlook 主页功能区上的 " 见解 " 图标。To opt out of inline suggestions in Outlook, select the Insights icon on the Outlook Home ribbon.

    Outlook 中的 Insights 图标

    如果您使用的是 web 上的 Outlook,则在阅读电子邮件或发送新邮件时, Insights 图标位于省略号菜单中。If you are using Outlook on the web, the Insights icon is in the ellipsis menu when reading an email message or when sending a new message.

    web 上的 Outlook 中的 insights 图标

  2. 选择 "见解" 加载项中的 " (齿轮) " 图标的 设置Select the Settings (gear) icon in the Insights add-in.

    Insights 设置

  3. 在 " 设置" 中,对于 " 工作效率内联建议",将设置更改为 " 关闭"。In Settings, for Productivity inline suggestions, change the setting to Off.


如果已选择退出,是否可以选择重新加入?If I am opted out, can I opt back in?

"是"如果你选择自己退出,你可以随时选择返回以重新获取内嵌建议的访问权限。Yes; if you opt yourself out, you can opt back in any time to regain access to inline suggestions.

提供反馈Providing feedback

您可以通过以下任一方式为内嵌建议提供反馈:You can provide feedback for the inline suggestion in either of the following ways:

  • 选择 "建议" 中的 " 反馈 "。Select Feedback in the suggestion. 这将在 "见解" 加载项中打开 "反馈" 页面。This opens the Feedback page in the Insights add-in.

  • 在 Insights 外接程序中打开内嵌建议,并在页面底部的部分中添加反馈:Open the inline suggestion in the Insights add-in and add your feedback in the section at the bottom of the page:


通过使用其中的任一选项,可以提供 "拇指 up" 或 "拇指 down" 指示并跟进口头反馈。By using either of these options, you can provide "thumbs up" or a "thumbs down" indication and follow up with verbal feedback. 如果你选择 "拇指向下",你将看到该建议较少。If you select thumbs down, you'll see less of that suggestion.

如果将来不愿收到任何内嵌建议,则还可以选择 " 关闭所有通知 "。You can also select Turn off all notifications if you would prefer not to receive any of the inline suggestions in the future.

您还可以通过选择 "见解外接程序" 窗格右上角的 笑脸 图标来提供对任何内容的常规反馈。You can also provide general feedback on anything by selecting the smiley face icon at the upper-right of the Insights Add-in pane.

延迟电子邮件传递Delay email delivery

在 Outlook 中撰写电子邮件时,您可能会看到稍后安排电子邮件传递的建议。When composing an email in Outlook, you might see a suggestion to schedule email delivery at a later time. MyAnalytics 可以计划与收件人各自时区中的收件人的工作时间保持一致的电子邮件传递。MyAnalytics can schedule email delivery that aligns with the working hours of the recipients in their respective time zones. 这有助于最大限度地减少用户工作时间以外的收件人的中断。This helps minimize disruptions to recipients outside their working hours. 这些建议目前仅适用于 Office 365 E5 用户These suggestions are currently only available to Office 365 E5 users.


延迟电子邮件传递To delay email delivery

  1. 当您看到建议的传递时间(如 Thu)11月 07 10:00 AM (,如图形) 中所示,选择 " 延迟发送 " 以确认邮件在该时间传递。When you see a suggested delivery time, such as Thu, Nov 07 10:00 AM (as shown in the graphic), select Delay send to confirm message delivery at that time.

  2. 将打开一个真知灼见以显示计划的时间。An insight opens to show the scheduled time. 可以选择:You can select:

    • 在电子邮件) 中发送 (,以便在计划的时间发送电子邮件。Send (within the email) to send the email at that scheduled time.

    • 编辑 真知灼见) 中 (的时间,以更改建议的传递时间,然后选择 "在电子邮件) 中 发送 (" 以在新时间发送电子邮件。Edit time (within the insight) to change the suggested delivery time, and then select Send (within the email) to send the email at the new time.

    • 取消 真知灼见中的 () 取消计划的传递时间,然后选择 "电子邮件") 内的 " 发送 (" 以立即发送电子邮件。Cancel (within the insight) to cancel the scheduled delivery time, and then select Send (within the email) to send the email now.


  3. 在发送电子邮件后,它会保留在 "Outlook 发送的邮件 " 文件夹中,直到日程安排的传递时间结束(如果自动为您传递)。After you send the email, it's kept in your Outlook Sent items folder until the scheduled delivery time, when it's automatically delivered for you.

    在发送邮件之前,可以打开邮件并选择:Before the message is sent, you can open the message and select:

    • 立即发送 以忽略计划的传递时间并立即发送电子邮件。Send now to ignore the scheduled delivery time and send the email now.

    • 取消延迟传递 以停止安排的传递时间,这会将电子邮件移动到 "Outlook 已删除邮件 " 文件夹中。Cancel delay delivery to stop the scheduled delivery time, which moves the email to your Outlook Deleted items folder.


建议的未完成任务Suggested outstanding tasks

阅读电子邮件或日历邀请时,您可能会看到一条建议,以查看电子邮件或日历邀请的发件人建议的未完成任务。When reading an email or a calendar invitation, you might see a suggestion to review suggested outstanding tasks for the sender of email or calendar invitation. 根据您的电子邮件通信,在最近14天的发件人提供了任务建议,并可帮助您保留已承诺完成的任务的选项卡,或者团队成员要求您完成这些任务。There are task suggestions based on your email communications with the sender in the last 14 days and can help you keep tab of tasks you promised to get done or that team members asked you to complete.


您可以选择 "查看我的任务 " 以查看和跟踪见解中可能未完成的任务。You can select See my tasks to see and follow up on the potentially outstanding task in Insights. 如下图所示,您可以打开相关任务 (RE: Kat-Anisa chat) 有关更多详细信息,或者选择 " 标记为已完成 " 或 " 不是任务 " 将其从任务列表中删除。As shown in this image, you can open the related task (RE: Kat - Anisa chat) for more details, or select Mark as done or Not a task to remove it from your task list.


获取更多时间重点Get more time to focus

在阅读日历邀请时,您可能会看到 有关重点工作时间的建议书 (如果您有大量的会议负载) 以便您可以获得更多的时间来执行深入工作并为最重要的工作回收日历。While reading a calendar invitation, you might see a suggestion to Book time for focused work (if you have a heavy meeting load) so that you get more time to do deep work and reclaim your calendar for work that matters most.


选择 " 查看建议的时间 " 以打开一个窗格,该窗格显示一周内所有可用的时间,每隔几个可用的插槽。Select See suggested times to open a pane that displays all the time available to focus in the coming week, with a couple of available slots every day. 只需要单击即可将焦点添加到日历并为无干扰的深入工作做好准备。With one click you can add focus time to your calendar and get ready for distraction-free deep work. 您还可以通过一次单击来为重点工作预订所有可用时间,从而使您能够在更长的时间段内为重点工作进行设置。You can also book all available time for focused work with one click, thus setting you up for focused work over a longer duration.


安排休假时间Plan your time away

在 Outlook 中撰写有关即将到来的工作的电子邮件或日历邀请时,您可能会看到类似于以下的建议。When composing an email or calendar invitation in Outlook about your upcoming time away from work, you might see a suggestion similar to the following.



只有当您拥有 E5 计划时,此建议才可用。This suggestion is only available if you have an E5 plan. 即将推出 "E1/E3 计划"。It's coming soon to E1/E3 plans. 此功能属于在 Office 中分析内容的连接体验预览。This feature falls under the preview of connected experiences that analyze your content in Office.

通过规划离开 时间 清单来减少计划时间远离工作时间的压力。Reduce the stress of planning for time away from work with the Plan your time away checklist. 当您看到关于它的内嵌建议时,请选择 " 计划 " 以打开检查表并执行以下操作:When you see an inline suggestion about it, select Plan to open the checklist and do the following:

  • 通过有关计划休假的自定义消息,在一个位置处理所有会议。Resolve all your meetings in one place with a custom message about your scheduled time off.
  • 撰写你的自动答复并通知团队你的计划的时间。Compose your automatic replies and notify your team about your planned time off.
  • 安排专注时间对任务收尾,并在你回来后补上工作。Schedule focus time to wrap up tasks before you go and to catch up on work when you get back.


有关如何使用检查表的更多详细信息,请参阅 计划休假时间For more details about how to use the checklist, see Plan your time away.

保护你的聚焦时间Protect your focus time

如果会议请求与现有的焦点时间块冲突,您可能会看到一条建议,通过将焦点时间移到其他时间或在其他时间开会来保护您的重点时间块。If a meeting request conflicts with an existing focus-time block, you might see a suggestion to protect your focus-time block by moving the focus time to another time or to meet at another time.


选择 " 查看其他可用时间 " 打开 "见解加载项" 窗格,并显示接下来的一周中的所有可用时间以重新安排会议。Select See other available times to open the Insights add-in pane and display all the available time in the coming week to reschedule the meeting. 通过选择时间块,可以向会议组织者建议新时间。By selecting a time block you can propose a new time to the meeting organizer.


选择 " 移动焦点块 " 以打开 Insights 外接程序,并显示下周的所有可用焦点时间块。Select Move your focus block to open the Insights add-in and display all the available focus-time blocks in the coming week. 通过选择时间块,可以将 "发生冲突" 的焦点块移动到新时间,从而确保有一段时间进行深入的工作。By selecting a time block you can move the focus block that is "in conflict" to a new time, ensuring you have some time for deep work.


缩短会议Shorten a meeting

在撰写持续时间为一小时的会议邀请时,您可能会看到建议缩短会议15分钟,以生成一些缓冲时间并节省与会者时间。When composing a meeting invitation with a duration of one hour, you might see a suggestion to shorten the meeting by 15 minutes to build some buffer time and save attendees time.


选择 " 缩短会议 " 可将会议时间缩短15分钟。Select Shorten meeting to decrease the meeting time by 15 minutes. 这还会打开 Insights 加载项,您可以在其中查看会议中所有参与者保存的时间量。This also opens the Insights add-in, where you can see the amount of time saved by all the participants in the meeting.


跟踪电子邮件的打开率Track email open rate

在阅读已发送的电子邮件时,您可能会看到突出显示电子邮件的收件人已打开电子邮件的百分比的见解。While reading an email that you've sent, you might see an insight that highlights what percentage of the email's recipients have opened the email.


选择 " 查看更多见解 " 以查看您的电子邮件已打开或转发的人数以及该电子邮件所用的平均时间,以及该电子邮件中所有附件的类似信息。Select See more insights to see how many people have opened or forwarded your email and the average time that they spent reading that email, plus similar information for any attachments on that email. 此信息可帮助您跟踪收件人(如果需要)和/或调整您的通信样式以完成作业。This information can help you follow up with recipients if needed and/or tailor your communication style to get the job done.


跟踪电子邮件Track email

将电子邮件撰写到五个以上的收件人时,您可能会看到 "Insights 可以跟踪电子邮件" 的建议。When composing an email to more than five recipients, you might see a suggestion that reads "Insights can track the email."

选择 " 跟踪此电子邮件 " 以查看电子邮件的打开率和有关此电子邮件的详细信息。Select Track this email to see the email open rate and more statistics about this email. 在你发送电子邮件后,此信息将在15分钟后可用。This information becomes available 15 minutes after you sent the email. 您可以通过打开已发送的电子邮件或打开 Insights 外接程序并选择 " 跟踪电子邮件的打开率" 来查看此信息。You can see this information by opening the sent email or by opening the Insights add-in and selecting Track email open rates.