社区连接的最佳实践Best practices for community connectivity

团队提供了一个可增强连接和提高工作效率的共享工作环境。Teams provides a shared work environment that strengthens connectivity and boosts productivity. 监控团队凝聚力后技术采用是工具有效性的指示。Monitoring team cohesion post technology adoption is an indication of tool effectiveness.

为什么重要Why it matters

公司重建为社区 ,以及 管理员如何才能使偶尔的网络事件更具包容 性,说明社区对组织的重要性,例如:The Rebuilding companies as communities and How managers can make casual networking events more inclusive explain how important a community is for an organization, such as:

  • "Communityship 需要一种更适度的领导,可能被称为" 进行中的 "和" 分布式管理 "。"Communityship requires a more modest form of leadership that might be called engaged and distributed management. 社区领导者亲自参与,以与其他人接洽,以便任何人和所有人都可以行使计划。A community leader is personally engaged in order to engage others, so that anyone and everyone can exercise initiative."
  • "社区中最持久的改进发生在公民发现自己的力量时 .。。当公民停止等待专业人员或选择执行某项操作的领导,并决定他们可以收回他们委派给其他人的内容。“Most sustainable improvements in community occur when citizens discover their own power to act...when citizens stop waiting for professionals or elected leadership to do something and decide they can reclaim what they have delegated to others."
  • "当承诺的人根据尊重在合作关系中工作时,组织发挥最佳效果。""Organizations function best when committed people work in cooperative relationships based on respect."
  • "小型组在创建强社区方面比出色的领导或个人培训更有效。"Small groups are more effective than great leadership or individual training in creating strong communities."
  • "解决方案的一部分是邀请人员从 underrepresented 背景到这些类型的事件。"Part of the solution is to invite people from underrepresented backgrounds to these kinds of events. 另一种解决方案是可以为多样性和包含实现持久更改的解决方案:整理欢迎员工参加所有背景的包含事件。 "The other solution is one that can create lasting change for diversity and inclusion: organize inclusive events that welcome employees from all backgrounds."
  • 提供在不触发社会 anxiety 的情况下构造交互的活动,并且 considerate 各种 personalities、语言、区域性、ethnicities 和物理功能。"Offer activities that structure interactions without triggering social anxiety and are considerate of diverse personalities, languages, cultures, ethnicities, and physical abilities."

最佳做法Best practices

  • 共享 Microsoft 团队培训视频 的集合,帮助员工最好地使用团队,包括如何体验频道的所有功能。Share the collection of Microsoft Teams training videos that help employees best use Teams, including how to experience all of the features of Channels.
  • 了解 LinkedIn 学习(如 " 每周团队提示" 视频)的提示和技巧,以帮助员工主控工作组并及时了解最新的团队功能和改进。Learn tips and tricks on LinkedIn Learning, such as the weekly Teams Tips video, to help employees master Teams and stay current on the latest Teams features and improvements.
  • 强烈员工浏览远距离网络。Urge employees to explore distant networks. 员工需要推送到公司外部的专业知识,甚至在行业之外。Employees need to be pushed to tap into expertise outside the company and even outside the industry.
  • 确定具有强大的人际技能的员工以及在不同的功能和地理位置之间建立关系和协作的增长思维方式。Identify employees with strong interpersonal skills and a growth mindset to build relationships and collaborate across different functions and geographies.

更改 catalyst:具有团队视频呼叫的主机非正式 gatheringsChange catalyst: Host informal gatherings with Teams video calls

向员工提供虚拟机会,以通过非工作活动和通过团队会议的表单连接进行绑定。Provide your employees with virtual opportunities to bond over non-work activities and form connections through Teams meetings. 创建带有有趣对话提示和活动(如在线游戏)的议程。Create agendas with fun conversation prompts and activities such as online games.

  • 在午餐时间内创建开放的自助会议,以供用户跳转。Create open cafeteria meetings during the lunch hour for people to jump in.
  • 创建虚拟 hallway 对话并利用破间聊天室来促进小组对话。Create virtual hallway conversation and utilize breakout rooms to foster small group conversation.
  • 鼓励领导者偶尔加入这些对话以进一步 incentivizing 人员加入。Encourage leaders to occasionally join these conversations further incentivizing people to join.

工作场所分析最佳实践Workplace Analytics best practices