影响见解Influence insights

影响真知灼见仪表板使用 Power BI 模板,该模板由工作区分析中的数据进行填充,以获取与贵公司中的人员连接良好的影响者的见解。The Influence insights dashboard uses a Power BI template that’s populated by data from Workplace Analytics to gain insights into influencers, who are well connected people in your company. 通过此仪表板,您可以直观地查看和浏览针对领导者提出的以下业务问题的答案:This dashboard lets you visualize and explore answers to the following business questions that leaders ask:

  • 贵公司的影响因素在什么位置?Where are the influencers in your company? -显示哪些组织有集中式影响者的状态,并且受到影响范围的状态。- Shows which organizations have concentrated influencer presence and have limited influencer presence.
  • 决策过程中涉及的人员?Who is involved in decision-making processes? -显示是否以自上而下或以更分散的方式进行业务决策,以及层次结构中的各个级别的员工是否可以做出决策。- Shows if business decisions are made in a top-down or in a more decentralized manner and if employees at various levels in the hierarchy are empowered to make decisions.
  • 影响者如何适应远程工作情形?How are influencers adapting to the remote work situation? -显示影响者的协作模式如何在响应此中断时进行更改,以及此中断对影响者所扮演的关键角色造成的影响。- Shows how influencers’ collaboration patterns are changing in response to this disruption and what impact this disruption is having on the key roles that influencers play.

在 Power BI 中使用影响真知灼见仪表板之前,必须使用数据填充它。Before you can use the Influence insights dashboard in Power BI, it must be populated with data. 若要执行此操作,请在工作区分析中设置和运行预定义影响见解和标准查询查询。To do this, set up and run the predefined Influence insights and Standard query queries in Workplace Analytics. 这些查询的结果将每周刷新一次您下载的 Power BI 仪表板。The results of these queries will refresh your downloaded Power BI dashboard on a weekly basis.

在成功运行这些查询之后,您将看到影响 insights Power BI 模板作为影响见解查询的可用下载选项。After you successfully run these queries, you'll see the Influence insights Power BI template as an available download option for the Influence insights query. 你将需要此模板来创建 Power BI 中的影响见解仪表板。You’ll need this template to create the Influence insights dashboard in Power BI. 下载 Power BI 模板之后,可以将查询数据从 Workplace Analytics 连接到 Power BI 中的仪表板。After you download the Power BI template, you can then connect the query data from Workplace Analytics to the dashboard in Power BI.

在影响见解仪表板填充了数据之后,您可以使用它来可视化、浏览和报告组织的工作环境模式和趋势。After the Influence insights dashboard is populated with data, you can use it to visualize, explore, and report about your organization's workplace patterns and trends.


这将使用仅是仪表板代表的示例数据,并且可能不是特定于组织的唯一数据的 live 仪表板中所看到的内容。This uses sample data that is only representative of the dashboard and might not be exactly what you see in a live dashboard specific to your organization's unique data.


运行查询并在 Power BI 中填充仪表板前,必须:Before you can run the queries and populate the dashboard in Power BI, you must:

  • 在工作区分析中为 分析人员 分配了分析者角色。Be assigned the role of analyst in Workplace Analytics.
  • 已安装最新版本的 Power BI 桌面。Have the latest version of Power BI Desktop installed. 如果安装了旧版本的 Power BI,请在安装新版本之前先将其卸载。If you have an older version of Power BI installed, uninstall it before installing the new version. 然后转到获取 Power BI Desktop 以下载并安装最新版本。Then go to Get Power BI Desktop to download and install the latest version.

设置仪表板Set up the dashboard

此仪表板需要两个查询的结果。This dashboard requires results from two queries. 因此,在下面的过程中,首先运行一个查询 (影响 insights) ,然后重复一些步骤以运行第二个查询( 标准人员 查询)。For this reason, in the following procedure, you first run one query (Influence insights), and then you repeat some steps to run the second query, the Standard person query.

  1. Workplace Analytics 中,选择“分析 > 查询In Workplace Analytics, select Analyze > Queries.

  2. 在 "从预选筛选器和指标开始" 下,选择 "影响见解   (或选择标准人员查询(按步骤 7) 以打开预定义查询,其中包含填充仪表板所需的指标)。Under Start from preselected filters and metrics, select Influence insights (or select Standard person query, per step 7) to open the predefined query, which contains the required metrics to populate the dashboard.


  3. 选择或确认下列查询设置:Select or confirm the following query settings:

    • 名称:自定义或保留默认名称Name: Customize or keep the default name
    • 分组依据Group by:
      • 配置 影响见解 查询时,请选择 " 聚合"。When you configure the Influence insights query, select Aggregated.
      • 配置 标准人员 查询时,请选择 " "。When you configure the Standard person query, select Month.
    • 时间段:最近6个月Time period: Last 6 months
    • 会议排除Meeting exclusions:
      • 配置 影响见解 查询时,此选项不可用。When you configure the Influence insights query, this choice is not available.
      • 配置 标准人员 查询时,请选择会议排除规则。When you configure the Standard person query, select a meeting exclusion rule.


    • 仪表板可以向您显示中断如何更改影响者的工作模式。The dashboard can show you how a disruption can change your influencers’ work patterns. 为了获得最佳结果,请在“时间段”中选择“最近 6 个月”,以包括中断前后的时间。For best results, select Last 6 months for the Time period to include time before and after the disruption.
    • 在此过程中,由于此查询的指标是预选的,因此没有选择指标的步骤。In this procedure, there is no step to select metrics because the metrics for this query are preselected. 如果尝试删除预定义的指标,将会看到一条警告,显示删除操作可能会禁用 Power BI 仪表板的某些部分并减少查询结果。If you try to delete a predefined metric, you'll see a warning that the deletion might disable portions of the Power BI dashboard and reduce query results. 相反,这可能会限制可视化协作模式的功能。In turn, this can limit your ability to visualize collaboration patterns. 根据删除的指标,可能会禁用单个 Power BI 图表,多个图表或所有图表。Depending on the metric you delete, you might disable a single Power BI chart, several charts, or all the charts. 选择“取消”以保留指标。Select Cancel to retain the metric.


  4. 在 " 选择筛选器" 中,对于 "要包含哪些已衡量员工?"In Select filters, for "Which measured employees do you want to include?" 您可以筛选仪表板的范围内的员工。you can filter the employees in scope for the dashboard. 有关筛选器和指标选项的更多详细信息,请参阅 创建网络:人员查询For more details about filter and metric options, see Create a Network: Person Query.

  5. 组织数据中,保留仪表板所需的预选组织数据属性。In Organizational data, keep the preselected organizational data attributes that the dashboard requires. 然后,您可以选择要包含在仪表板中的其他列。You can then select additional columns to include in the dashboard.


    如果您删除任何预选的组织数据属性,则可能会禁用一个或多个 Power BI 图表,并且某些见解可能不会显示。If you remove any of these preselected organizational data attributes, you might disable one or more Power BI charts and some insights might not appear.

  6. 选择 " 运行 " 以运行查询。Select Run to run the query. 这可能需要几分钟的时间才能完成。This might take several minutes to complete.

  7. 重复 步骤 2-6;这次,请指定 标准人员查询Repeat steps 2-6; this time, specify the Standard person query. 对 "影响见解" 查询进行相同的选择,但在 步骤 3中注明例外。Make the same selections that you made for the Influence insights query but with the exceptions noted in step 3.

  8. 查询 > 结果中,在两个查询都成功运行后,选择影响见解查询结果的下载图标,选择 " PBI 模板",然后选择 "确定" 以下载该模板。In Queries > Results, after both queries successfully run, select the Download icon for the Influence insights query results, select PBI template, and then select OK to download the template.


  9. 打开下载的 影响见解 POWER BI 模板Open the downloaded Influence insights Power BI template.

  10. 如果系统提示选择程序,请选择 Power BIIf prompted to select a program, select Power BI.

  11. Power BI 提示时,请将两个查询的 OData 链接复制粘贴到各自的字段中。When prompted by Power BI, copy and paste the OData links for both queries into their respective fields.

    • 在 Workplace Analytics“查询” > “结果”页面中,为每个查询选择链接图标,然后选择以复制生成的 OData URL 链接。In the Workplace Analytics Queries > Results page, select the Link icon for each query, and select to copy the generated OData URL link.

    • 在 Power BI 中,将每个复制的链接粘贴到各自的字段中。In Power BI, paste each copied link into its respective field. 这些字段被标记为 " 影响 insights 查询 url " 和 " 标准人员查询 url"。These fields are labeled Influence insights query URL and Standard person query URL.

      查询影响见解的 Url

    • 根据你的公司用于查看工作区分析数据的策略,设置此报告的可视化效果中的数据聚合的 最小组大小Set the Minimum group size for data aggregation within this report's visualizations in accordance with your company's policy for viewing Workplace Analytics data.

    • 管理器指示器字段的列名称捕获数据集中的哪一列表示人员是否为经理。The Column name of Manager Indicator field captures which column in your dataset represents whether a person is a manager or not. 通常情况下,列是 SupervisorIndicator 的,但如果它有其他名称,请在此处输入该名称。Usually, the column is SupervisorIndicator but if it has some other name, enter that name here.

    • "管理器指示器" 列中代表经理字段的值指示表示人员是否为经理的列中的值。The Values in the Manager Indicator column representing a manager field indicates the values in the column that represent whether a person is a manager. 通常是 "Mngr" 或 "Mgr"。Usually it is "Mngr" or "Mgr". 可以在此处提供多个值(包括空格),前提是它们由分号或逗号分隔。You can provide multiple values here, including spaces, as long as they are delimited by semi-colons or commas. 示例: Mgr、MngrExample: Mgr, Mngr

    • 管理器指示器列中代表经理 + 字段的值指示表示某人是否为经理经理的列中的值。The Values in the Manager Indicator column representing a manager+ field indicates the values in the column that represent whether a person is a manager’s manager or not. 通常是 "Mngr +" 或 "Mgr +"。Usually it is "Mngr+" or "Mgr+". 可以在此处提供多个值(包括空格),前提是它们由分号或逗号分隔。You can provide multiple values here, including spaces, as long as they are delimited by semi-colons or commas. 示例: Mgr +、Mngr +Example: Mgr+, Mngr+

    • 管理器指示器列中代表单个参与者字段的值指示表示某人是否为 IC 的列中的值。The Values in the Manager Indicator column representing an individual contributor field indicates the values in the column that represent whether a person is an IC or not. 通常为 "IC"。Usually it is "IC". 可以在此处提供多个值(包括空格),前提是它们由分号或逗号分隔。You can provide multiple values here, including spaces, as long as they are delimited by semi-colons or commas. 示例: IC、个体参与者Example: IC, Individual contributor


    如果未提供此页面上的可选值或未正确提供,则一些见解可能会显示一条消息,如 "此洞察力需要在加载 Power BI 模板时配置管理程序指示器列。"If the optional values on this page are not provided or incorrectly provided, some insights might show up with a message such as, "This insight requires the Manager Indicator column to be configured while loading the Power BI template." 但是,PBI 的其余部分将加载且正常运行。However, the rest of the PBI loads and is functional.

    • 最后,选择 " 加载 " 将查询结果导入 Power BI。Finally, select Load to import the query results into Power BI. 加载这些大型文件可能需要一些时间才能完成。Loading these large files might take some time to complete.
  12. 如果您已经使用 Workplace Analytics 组织帐户登录到 Power BI,将仪表板可视化对象填充到你的数据中。If you're already signed in to Power BI with your Workplace Analytics organizational account, the dashboard visualizations will populate with your data. 你可完成并跳过下列步骤。You are done and can skip the following steps. 如果没有,继续执行下一步。If not, proceed to the next step.

  13. 如果你没有登录 Power BI,或者如果在更新数据时出错,再次登录组织帐户。If you're not signed in to Power BI, or if an error occurs when updating the data, sign in to your organizational account again. 在“OData 源”对话框中,选择“组织帐户”,然后选择“登录”。In the OData feed dialog box, select Organizational account, and then select Sign in.

    Power BI 登录

  14. 选择并输入用于登录 Workplace Analytics 的组织帐户凭据,然后选择“保存”。Select and enter credentials for the organizational account that you use to sign in to Workplace Analytics, and then select Save.


    必须使用用于访问 Workplace Analytics 的相同帐户登录 Power BI。You must sign in to Power BI with the same account you use to access Workplace Analytics.

  15. 选择“连接”准备和加载数据,这可能需要几分钟才能完成。Select Connect to prepare and load the data, which can take a few minutes to complete.

关于仪表板报表About the dashboard reports

在影响 insights 仪表板设置并填写了工作区分析数据之后,可以使用 Power BI 可视化效果图表来分析组织的影响见解。After the Influence insights dashboard is set up and populated with Workplace Analytics data, you can use the Power BI visualization charts to analyze your organization's influence insights.

以下仪表板报表突出显示有关影响者及其影响的独特见解。The following dashboard reports highlight unique insights about influencers and their impact. 他们可以在利用影响者的印象强大的网络功能的领导者触发讨论点,以在公司中更有效地促进更改或传播信息。They can trigger discussion points for leaders on leveraging influencers' impressive networking capability to drive change or disseminate information more effectively across the company.

仪表板末尾的术语报告提供了驱动仪表板的基础指标的相关信息。The Glossary report at the end of the dashboard provides information about the underlying metric that drives the dashboard. 在各报告的文本框中提供有解释。An interpretation is provided in the text box of each report. 下面列出了这些影响者报告,并对每种情况考虑一些区别:Here are the influencers reports, with nuances to consider for each:

  • 您可以一目了然地查看 数据的框架,并概述各种报告。Your influencers at a glance - Frames the data and gives an overview of the various reports. 选择每个业务问题旁边的 "i" 图标以查看相关报告。Select the "i" icon next to each business question to view the related report.
  • 贵公司的影响因素在什么位置?Where are the influencers in your company? -显示在组织级别存在影响者的位置。- Shows where influencers are present at the organization level. 您可以选择将重点放在影响者的前5、10、15或20%。You can select to focus on the top 5, 10, 15 or 20% of influencers. (做出此选择后,它将应用于所有仪表板报表。 ) 您可以进一步筛选和切片其他可用属性。(After you make this selection, it applies to all of the dashboard reports.) You can further filter and slice across other available attributes.
  • 决策过程中涉及的人员 -向您介绍各个级别的员工如何进行决策。Who is involved in decision making processes - Shows you how employees at various levels are empowered to make decisions. 您可以在组织级别或任何其他可用属性中查看此信息。You can view this at the organization level or by any other available attribute.
  • 影响者如何适应远程工作情形?How are influencers adapting to remote work situations? -与其他报告不同的是,此报告显示比较基准和当前时间段之间的变化。- Unlike the other reports, this one shows changes between the baseline and current time periods. 它显示了由受影响者通道表示的协作工时趋势,并能够演示工作和生命平衡之间的进度落后。It shows the trend in collaboration hours by channel for influencers and can demonstrate the slippage between work and life balance.

Power BI 提示、故障排除和常见问题解答Power BI tips, troubleshooting, and FAQs

若要详细了解如何共享仪表板和其他 Power BI 提示、解决任何问题或查看最常见的问题,请参阅 POWER BI templates In Workplace AnalyticsFor details about how to share the dashboard and other Power BI tips, troubleshoot any issues, or review the most frequently asked questions, see Power BI templates in Workplace Analytics.

查看、下载和导出查询结果View, download, and export query results