快速入门概述Quickstart overview

Power BI 快速入门概述仪表板使用工作区分析数据来提供关键组织指标的高级视图。The Quickstart overview dashboard for Power BI uses Workplace Analytics data to provide a high-level view of key organizational metrics. 这是一种快速了解组织如何协作并确定可能需要额外分析的潜在区域的绝对方法。It's a great way to get a quick perspective on how the organization is collaborating and to identify potential areas that might require additional analysis.

此仪表板提供以下见解。This dashboard provides the following insights.

  • 总体概述 – 显示此分析中包含的员工数以及关键协作指示器的趋势,包括最近一周的热门协作指标的平均值。Population overview – Shows the number of employees who are included in this analysis and trends for the key collaboration indicators, including average values for the most recent week’s top collaboration metrics.
  • 组织手机 - 按组显示协作配置文件以及员工的时间发布,这有助于确定改善员工容量的机会。Organizational pulse – Shows collaboration profiles by group and how employees spend their time, which can help you identify opportunities to improve employee capacity. 查找在电子邮件中要用费多小时的组或在低质量会议中会有太多时间的组。Look for groups that spend excessive hours in email or spend too much time in low quality meetings.
  • 组织中的拉价 – 显示影响员工职位的关键指标,例如,工作负载不均为人,工作负荷、时间分段和长时间。Stress in the organization – Shows key metrics that impact employee stress, such as uneven workloads, time fragmentation, and long hours. 此分析可以帮助你评估和重新平衡工作负载,并改善工作负数,以减少员工报位。This analysis can help you evaluate and re-balance workloads and improve working norms to reduce employee stress.
  • 载入和参与 - 显示有关员工网络多向性、载入和集成以及整个组织的计划和参与计划的关键指标,这可以帮助你分析载入的有效性、工作采值和性能。Onboarding and engagement – Shows key indicators about employee network diversity, onboarding and integration, and initiative and engagement across the organization, which helps you analyze onboarding effectiveness, job satisfaction, and performance. 此数据通常与其他结果数据(例如,员工调查)配对。This data is often paired with additional outcome data, such as employee surveys.
  • 领导层 资料 – 显示了与经理和领导层人员的会议有关的关键指标,这可以帮助你了解贵组织中经理的支持和帮助员工出色工作。Leadership profile – Shows key indicators about meetings with managers and leadership exposure, which helps you understand how well managers in your organization are supporting and empowering employees to do their best work.

Power BI 快速入门概述仪表板

要在 Power BI 中填充仪表板,必须在 Workplace Analytics 中设置并成功运行预 定义的快速 入门概述查询。To populate the dashboard in Power BI, you must set up and successfully run the predefined Quickstart overview query in Workplace Analytics.


运行查询并在 Power BI 中填充仪表板前,必须:Before you can run the query and populate the dashboard in Power BI, you must:

  • 在 Workplace Analytics 中分配了“分析员”角色。Be assigned the role of Analyst in Workplace Analytics.
  • 已安装最新版本的 Power BI 桌面。Have the latest version of Power BI Desktop installed. 如果已安装早期版本的 Power BI,请在安装新版本之前先将其卸载。If you have an earlier version of Power BI installed, uninstall it before installing the new version. 然后转到获取 Power BI Desktop 以下载并安装最新版本。Then go to Get Power BI Desktop to download and install the latest version.

设置仪表板Set up the dashboard

  1. Workplace Analytics 中,选择“分析 > 查询In Workplace Analytics, select Analyze > Queries.

  2. "开始使用预选筛选器和度量"下, 选择 "快速入门 概述"打开预定义查询,此查询包含用于填充仪表板的必需指标。Under Start from preselected filters and metrics, select Quickstart overview to open the predefined query, which contains the required metrics to populate the dashboard.

  3. 选择或确认 按时间段时间段、会议 排除进行分组的选项Select or confirm the options for Group by, Time period, and Meeting exclusions.

  4. "选择"指标中,保留仪表板正常运行所必需的预选指标。In Select metrics, keep the preselected metrics, which are required for the dashboard to work.

  5. "选择筛选器"中 ,选择仅****将度量的员工包含在查询结果中的"活动"?In Select filters, select Active only for Which measured employees do you want to include in your query results? 或者,可在仪表板的范围内进一步筛选员工。Optionally, you can further filter the employees in scope for the dashboard. 有关筛选器和指标选项的更多详细信息,请参阅创建人员查询For more details about filter and metric options, see Create a Person Query.

  6. "组织数据"中,可以选择 "选择全部 ",以包括所有可用属性。In Organizational data, you can choose Select all to include all available attributes. 至少选择仪表板正常工作所需的那些内容,例如HireDate 、LevelDesignation 、ManagerId 、OrganizationTimeZone。At a minimum, select those required for the dashboard to work, such as HireDate, LevelDesignation, ManagerId, Organization, and TimeZone.

  7. 选择 " ( 右上角) 运行查询,该操作可能需要几分钟到几个小时才能完成。Select Run (at top right) to run the query, which can take a few minutes up to a few hours to complete.

  8. 成功运行查询后,在 "查询 > 结果" 中,选择快速启动概述查询结果的下载图标,选择PBI 模板,然后选择"确定" 下载模板。After the query successfully runs, in Queries > Results, select the Download icon for the Quickstart overview query results, select PBI template, and then select OK to download the template.

  9. 打开下载的 快速入门概述 模板。Open the downloaded Quickstart overview template.

  10. 如果系统提示选择程序,请选择 Power BIIf prompted to select a program, select Power BI.

  11. Power BI 提示时,在 Workplace Analytics查询 > 结果中, 选择快速入门概述查询的链接图标,然后选择复制生成的 OData URL 链接,然后选择"加载"将查询结果导入到 Power BI 中。When prompted by Power BI, in Workplace Analytics Queries > Results, select the Link icon for the Quickstart overview query, and then select to copy the generated OData URL link, and then select Load to import the query results into Power BI. 加载这些大型文件可能需要几分钟至几小时才能完成。Loading these large files may take a few minutes to a few hours to complete.

  12. 如果您已经使用 Workplace Analytics 组织帐户登录到 Power BI,将仪表板可视化对象填充到你的数据中。If you're already signed in to Power BI with your Workplace Analytics organizational account, the dashboard visualizations will populate with your data. 你可完成并跳过下列步骤。You are done and can skip the following steps. 如果没有,继续执行下一步。If not, proceed to the next step.

  13. 如果你没有登录 Power BI,或者如果在更新数据时出错,再次登录组织帐户。If you're not signed in to Power BI, or if an error occurs when updating the data, sign in to your organizational account again. 在“OData 源”对话框中,选择“组织帐户”,然后选择“登录”。In the OData feed dialog box, select Organizational account, and then select Sign in. 有关详细信息 ,请参阅 疑难解答。See Troubleshooting for more details.

    Power BI 登录

  14. 选择并输入用于登录 Workplace Analytics 的组织帐户凭据,然后选择“保存”。Select and enter credentials for the organizational account that you use to sign in to Workplace Analytics, and then select Save.


    必须使用用于访问 Workplace Analytics 的相同帐户登录 Power BI。You must sign in to Power BI with the same account you use to access Workplace Analytics.

  15. 选择“连接”准备和加载数据,这可能需要几分钟才能完成。Select Connect to prepare and load the data, which can take a few minutes to complete. 加载数据后,你将看到 Power BI 中有关组织内的协作模式的可视化图表。After the data loads, you'll see visualization charts in Power BI about collaboration patterns within your organization.

Power BI 提示、疑难解答和常见问题解答Power BI tips, troubleshooting, and FAQs

有关如何共享仪表板和其他 Power BI 提示、解决任何问题或者查看最常见问题的详细信息,请参阅 工作区分析中的 Power BI 模板For details about how to share the dashboard and other Power BI tips, troubleshoot any issues, or review the most frequently asked questions, see Power BI templates in Workplace Analytics.

查看、下载和导出查询结果View, download, and export query results