计划:概念Plans: Concepts

本节介绍的概念可帮助您创建和监视团队合作改进计划。This section describes concepts whose understanding can help you create and monitor Teamwork improvement plans. 这些创建和监视任务在创建 plan,plan :演练的分步演练中进行了介绍。These creation and monitoring tasks are described in the step-by-step walkthrough for creating a plan, Plans: Walkthrough.

.Csv 文件的使用Use of a .csv file

为改进计划标识组的一种方法是,上载 .csv 文件中组成员的列表。One way to identify a group for an improvement plan is to upload a list of the group’s members in a .csv file. 通过在文本编辑器或 Microsoft Excel 中创建此类文件,或通过从 HR 工具或服务导出它来获取此类文件。You obtain such a file by creating it in a text editor or in Microsoft Excel or by exporting it from an HR tool or service. 此 .csv 文件必须包含组织中人员的电子邮件地址。This .csv file must contain the email addresses of people in your organization. 获取并上载文件后,系统将使用电子邮件地址来完成要创建的计划中的参与者列表。After you obtain and upload the file, the system uses the email addresses to finalize the list of participants in the plan that you will create.

完成参与者列表意味着确定任何已建议的参与者是否有资格参与计划,因为他们已在计划中注册,其电子邮件地址无效,或者他们不使用 MyAnalytics。Finalizing the participant list means determining whether any proposed participants are ineligible for the plan because they are already enrolled in a plan, their email address is invalid, or they are not using MyAnalytics.

无效的电子邮件地址Invalid email addresses

"无效" 电子邮件地址表示电子邮件地址格式不正确,用户不是度量的员工, (他们没有工作区分析许可证) ,或者该用户当前正在使用的分区中没有此人。An "invalid" email address means that the email address was formatted incorrectly, the person is not a measured employee (they have no Workplace Analytics license), or the person is not in the partition that the user is currently working in.

Csv 文件隐私注意事项Csv file privacy considerations

与组织数据分离Separation from org data

在创建并上载 .csv 文件以标识计划中的参与者之后,该 .csv 文件中的信息不会添加到工作区分析存储的组织数据中。After you create and upload a .csv file to identify participants in a plan, the information in that .csv file is not added to the organizational data that Workplace Analytics stores. .Csv 文件数据仅在工作区分析的 "计划" 区域中可用,并且仅用于创建计划。The .csv-file data is available only in the plans area of Workplace Analytics, and only for creating plans.

最小组大小Minimum group size

您可以将最小组大小更改为您认为对组织更相关的级别,但不能将组大小设置为低于5的值。You can change the minimum group size to a level that you consider more relevant for your organization, but you cannot set the group size to a value lower than five.


在提交手动上载的组之后,如果无效的电子邮件地址过多,并且组降至最低组大小,则无法使用该组创建计划。After you submit a group that was manually uploaded, if too many email addresses are invalid and the group drops below minimum group size, you cannot create a plan with that group. 您可以通过上载不同的 .csv 文件重试。You can try again by uploading a different .csv file. 有关详细信息,请参阅 上传一个 .csv 文件通过分析查找组For more information, see Upload a .csv file and Find the group through analysis.


在验证过程中,工作区分析将针对每个潜在参与者检查以下各项。During validation, Workplace Analytics checks the following about each potential participant. (您必须验证您的组,而不考虑如何使用筛选器或通过上载 .csv 文件来标识其成员。 ) (You must validate your group regardless of how you identified its members – by using filters or by uploading a .csv file.)

  • 他们的电子邮件地址是否有效?Is their email address valid? 此检查可帮助验证该人员对公司是否仍然有效。This check helps verify that the person still works for the company. (请参阅 无效的电子邮件地址。 ) (See Invalid email addresses.)
  • 他们是否具有 MyAnalytics 许可证和工作区分析许可证?Do they have a MyAnalytics license and a Workplace Analytics license? 若要参与某个计划,它们必须同时具有这两者。To participate in a plan, they must have both.
  • 是否已在计划中注册?Are they already enrolled in a plan? 一个人一次只能在一个计划中。A person can be in only one plan at a time.
  • 他们是否选择 MyAnalytics?Have they opted out of MyAnalytics? 如果此人已选择退出,则他们将无法参与计划。If the person has opted out, they cannot participate in plans.

验证后,工作区分析将报告结果,包括合格参与者的数量。After validation, Workplace Analytics reports the results, including the number of qualified participants. 结果还会显示所有警告,显示已失败任何测试的参与者的数目。The results also show any warnings, which display the numbers of participants who’ve failed any tests.


这里显示了所有四个可能的错误。All four of the possible errors are shown here. 如果您的合格参与者的数量 (25,在此示例中) 高于最小组大小,则可以在计划中向前移动。If your number of qualified participants (25, in this case) is above the minimum group size, you can move forward with the plan. 请参阅 启动计划See Start the plan.

如果合格的参与者数量低于最小组大小,则不能按那样继续执行此组。If the number of qualified participants falls below the minimum group size, you cannot proceed with this group as it is. 若要向前移动,需要在工作区分析之外进行更改。To move forward, you need to make changes outside of Workplace Analytics. 例如,您可以要求管理员将许可证分配给缺少这些许可证的用户,然后重新上传文件。For example, you could ask an admin to assign licenses to those who are missing them, and then to upload the file again. 或者,您可以上传不同的组。Or you could upload a different group.

对于已选择退出或已在计划中的用户,此时无法在计划中注册它们。As for those who have opted out or are already in a plan, you cannot enroll them in a plan at this time.

无论是通过筛选器标识组还是通过上载文件,都必须验证潜在参与者组。You must validate the group of potential participants whether you identified that group through filters or by uploading a file. 如果上载了文件且验证失败,则可以决定上传新文件以重试。If you uploaded a file and validation fails, you might decide to upload a new file to try again. 在后续上传之后,必须再次选择 " 验证 "。After any subsequent upload, you must select Validate again. 在成功上载的文件进行验证后,请转到 "开始" 计划After a file that you’ve uploaded successfully validates, go to Start the plan.

设置最大或最小目标值Set a value for Max or Min target

在 "上载组" 面板的 "组详细信息" 部分,您可以根据目标设置的最大值或最小值。In the Group details section of the Upload group panel, you set a Max or Min value based on what the target is. 例如,您可以设置 "聚焦小时" 的 最小目标 和 "会议时间的 最大目标 值"。For example, you would set a Min target for Focus hours and a Max target for Meeting hours. 此目标代表组的初始基准值的变化百分比。This target represents a percentage change from your group's initial benchmark value.

设置参与者应增加或减少为其计划选择的指标的百分比。Set a percentage by which the participants should increase or decrease the metric you chose for their plan. 例如,如果您的计划旨在缩短会议时间,则可以将目标设置为将会议时间从每周15小时的初始基准价值缩短为50%。For example, if your plan aims to reduce meeting hours, you can set a target to reduce meeting time by 50% from the initial benchmark value of 15 hours per week.

"计划 > 管理" 页The Plans > Manage page

组和计划显示在 " > 管理 工作区分析" 页面上的 "计划" 中。Groups and plans are shown on the Plans > Manage page of Workplace Analytics. 您可以在此页上跟踪表中的组和计划。You can track groups and plans in the table on this page. 若要查找计划,请先使用下拉列表选择以下状态中的计划来筛选表格内容: 草稿活动已完成To find a plan, first filter the table contents by using the dropdown to select plans in the following states: Drafts, Active, or Completed.


草稿 是您已开始定义和保存的计划。Drafts are plans that you have begun to define, and saved. 在您选择 " 开始计划" 之前,草稿计划将一直处于 "草稿" 状态。A draft plan remains in the draft state until you select Start plan. 在您选择 " 启动计划" 之前,它不会生效,即使您已设置其开始日期和日期通过。It does not go live until you select Start plan, even if you’ve set its start date and that date passes. 您可以使用草稿计划执行两项操作之一:删除或启动它们。You can take either of two actions with draft plans: delete them or start them. 在此页上,如果单击草稿计划的 " 立即启动 ",将打开 " 设置新计划 " 面板。On this page, if you click Start now for a draft plan, the Set up new plan panel opens.

活动 计划目前正在进行中。Active plans are currently ongoing. 选择 " 活动" 后,显示将显示 "已计划" 或 "活动" 的计划。After you select Active, the display shows plans that are either scheduled or active. 如果计划处于活动状态,则其行中的选项为 " 跟踪 ",其开始日期为过去的。If the plan is active, the option in its row is Track and its start date is in the past. 您可以使用活动计划执行以下两个选项之一:跟踪或停止这些选项。You can take either of two options with Active plans: track them or stop them.

已设置 计划 的计划, (您选择了 " 启动计划) ,但其开始日期位于将来。A Scheduled plan has been set up (you’ve selected Start plan) but its start date lies in the future. 计划的计划将作为活动计划列出;不同之处是您拥有的选项:Scheduled plans are listed as active plans; the different is in the options you have:

  • 编辑: 计划的计划的一个选项为 " 编辑"。Edit: One option for a scheduled plan is Edit. 选择 " 编辑 " 可更改计划的详细信息,如其开始日期。Selecting Edit lets you change the plan’s details, such as its start date.

  • 发送到草稿: 在计划计划的行中,平方意味着 停止Send to draft: In the row of a scheduled plan, the square means Stop. 选择 " 停止 " 将阻止计划启动,并将其发送回草稿状态。Selecting Stop stops the plan from starting and sends it back to the draft state.

对于已开始的计划,请单击 " 跟踪 " 以显示 "跟踪" 仪表板。For plans that have started, click Track to display the tracking dashboard.

完成 的计划是指已完成的计划,这可能是因为它的12周已过,也可能是由于某人提前结束了计划而完成的。A Completed plan is one that has finished, either because its twelve weeks have passed or because someone ended the plan early.

返回到 跟踪计划Return to Track plans..

可用员工和所选员工Available and selected employees

在 "计划 > 团队合作" 页上,将在图表下显示员工组:On the Plans > Teamwork page, groups of employees are shown below the chart:


  • 衡量的员工: 组织中可供分析的员工总数。Measured employees: The total number of employees in the organization who are available for analysis.
  • 在筛选器组中: 在应用筛选器后仍可进行分析的已测量员工数。In filter group: The number of measured employees who remain available for analysis after you applied filters.
  • 选定的组: 您在图表中选择的一个或多个组中的雇员数。Selected group: The number of employees in the group or groups that you selected in the chart.

返回以 选择一个组Return to Select a group.

组选择的持久性Persistence of group selections

选择组后,您可以更改此页面上的其他设置。After you select groups, you can change other settings on this page. 并非您可以更改的所有设置都会保留您所做的组选择:Not all of the settings that you can change retain the group selections that you've made:

保留组选择的时间Group selections are retained when

  • 您更改了图表视图问题。You change the chart-view question. 您可以更改显示的数据,方法是在 "选择用于更改图表视图的问题" 下选择不同的问题。You can change the data that is shown by selecting different questions under Select a question to change the view of your chart. 在执行此操作时,您选择的组或组将保持不变,即使关于组显示的数据显示在不同的视角中也是如此。As you do this, the group or groups that you've selected remains the same, even though the data shown about the group is shown from different perspectives.

组选择何时丢失Group selections are lost when

  • 更改图表视图。You change the chart view. 如果更改了 图表 中的选定内容 (例如 Group by) 然后选择 " 应用",则将丢失您的组选择。If you change the selections in the Chart (such as Group by) and then select Apply, your group selections are lost.
  • 您更改焦点区域。You change the area of focus. 如果更改了焦点区域,则所选的组将丢失。If you change the area of focus, your group selections are lost.
  • 在面板中应用 新的页面设置You apply new page settings in the panel.

若要在更改了图表或焦点区域之后再次选择组,请选择图表中的 " "。To select groups again after you have changed the chart or area of focus, select groups in the chart.

返回以 选择一个组Return to Select a group.

进度报告Progress report

" 跟踪 " 页面上的标题显示计划类型、参与者数量和计划状态。The banner on the Track page shows the plan type, the number of participants, and the plan status. 图表显示计划的星期几,以及计划在开始后的每周的进度。A chart shows what week the plan is in and the plan's progress, week by week, since it started. 此进度以适用于计划目标的术语表示。This progress is expressed in relevant terms for the plan's targets.

突出显示的数字显示计划启动后每个用户每周的平均值,与 plan 准则相比。The highlighted numbers show the average value per person per week since the plan started, as compared with the plan benchmark. 反过来,基准是指在计划开始前的12周内,每个用户每周的平均值。The benchmark, in turn, refers to the average value per person per week for the twelve weeks that immediately preceded the start of the plan.

返回到 跟踪计划Return to Track plans.

手动上载 .csv 文件Manually upload a .csv file

在创建并上载 .csv 文件以创建组之后,已成功上载的所有电子邮件地址现在都构成了该组。After you create and upload a .csv file to create a group, all email addresses that were successfully uploaded now constitute the group. 成功完成上载后,可以处理组。After the upload successfully completes, the group can be processed. 在处理过程中,工作区分析会将电子邮件地址与 PersonIDs 进行匹配,从而使其能够针对您选择的指标检查这些人员的数据。During processing, Workplace Analytics matches email address to PersonIDs, which lets it examine data for these people for the metrics that you chose. 现在,工作区分析可以计算组的指标和基准。Now, Workplace Analytics can calculate metrics and a benchmark for the group. 此外,它还根据文件中的行数对组中的人员数进行估计。It also gives an estimate of the number of people in the group, based on the number of rows in the file. 如果某些人缺少有效的工作区分析许可证,则此估计值将发生变化。This estimate will change if some of the people turn out to lack valid Workplace Analytics licenses.

隐私注释Privacy note

在创建并上载文件以创建组之后,工作区分析会将文件中的电子邮件地址与 PersonIDs 进行匹配。After you create and upload a file to create a group, Workplace Analytics matches the email addresses in the file to PersonIDs. 从现在开始,工作区分析使用 PersonIDs,并且不再显示其任何输出中的电子邮件地址,例如,在灵活查询的结果中。From this point on, Workplace Analytics uses the PersonIDs and no longer shows email addresses in any of its outputs, for example, in the results of flexible queries. 这些电子邮件地址永远不会再次对分析师或计划经理可见。The email addresses are never again made visible to analysts or program managers. 与管理员一样,他们可以保留对 HR 数据的访问,其中包括电子邮件地址,但无法将电子邮件地址与 PersonIDs 进行匹配。As for admins, they maintain access to the HR data, which includes email addresses, but they cannot match email addresses to PersonIDs. 上载电子邮件地址的人永远不会看到关联的 PersonIDs。The person who uploads email addresses never sees the associated PersonIDs.

其他概念Additional Concepts

已过期属性Dated attributes

工作区分析使用已过期属性的概念。Workplace Analytics uses the concept of dated attributes. 每次管理员上载组织数据的文件时,文件都具有有效的日期。Every time an admin uploads a file of organizational data, the file has an effective date. 可从上传日期开始使用文件中的属性。The attributes in the file can be used from the upload date forward. 如果人员更改组织、升级组织或进行其他作业更改,则这些更改将反映在下一个上载的文件中。If people change organizations, are promoted, or make other job changes, those changes are reflected in the next uploaded file. 因此,我们建议您至少上载一次新数据,以保持数据(属性)为最新。For this reason, we recommend that you upload fresh data at least once a month to keep the data, the attributes, up to date. "日期" 属性仅适用于 HR 数据。The term dated attributes applies only to HR data. 当您标识组时,将按其过期的 HR 属性筛选潜在的组成员。When you identify a group, you filter the potential group members by their dated HR attributes. (也可以通过选择日期范围进行筛选。 ) 少如果有任何属性 (例如,PersonID) 没有日期。(You also filter by selecting a date range.) Few if any attributes (for example, PersonID) are not dated.