Workplace Analytics insightsWorkplace Analytics insights

作为业务负责人、分析师或项目经理,您可以使用这些页面查看分析范围信息和基于研究的行为见解,以了解组织如何完成工作。As a business leader, an analyst, or a program manager, you can use these pages to see analysis scope information and research-based behavioral insights into how your organization gets work done.


分析范围Analysis scope

页面右上部显示了此分析中包含的成员。The top right of the page shows who is included in this analysis. 此数据基于在工作区分析中上载到和处理的最近的组织 HR 和协作数据,其中包括当前日期范围和度量的员工、经理、团队和组织级别的数量。This data is based on the most recent organizational HR and collaboration data uploaded to and processed in Workplace Analytics, which includes the current date range and the number of measured employees, managers, teams, and organizational levels. 有关更多详细信息,请参阅 组织关系 dataOffice 365 dataFor more details, see Organizational data and Office 365 data.

员工体验Employee experience

研究表明,员工满意地帮助提高工作效率和减少营业额。Research shows that happy employees help boost productivity and reduce turnover. 这些见解和建议可帮助您维护良好的员工体验,例如,评估在电子邮件或即时消息上的时间后贵组织的工作时间。These insights and suggestions can help you maintain positive employee experiences, such as evaluating how much time your organization is working after hours on email or instant messages.

例如,员工是否经常在其经理处获取一次性一次性?For example, are employees routinely getting one-on-one time with their managers? 研究表明,获取一致的经理培训的员工5倍地保持接洽,这会提高工作效率和员工 retainment。Research shows that employees who get consistent manager coaching are five times more likely to stay engaged, which leads to increased productivity and greater employee retainment.


组织灵活性Organizational agility

Nimble 公司可以高效地适应市场变化,并获得真正的竞争优势。Nimble companies can efficiently adapt to market changes and gain a true competitive advantage.

例如,你的员工是否有时间重点关注他们的工作?For example, do your employees have time to focus on their work? 研究表明,有时间来关注深入工作的员工可以掌握困难的任务,并生成更高的工作质量。Research shows that employees who have time to focus on deep work can master difficult tasks and produce higher quality work.


客户重点Customer focus

具有以客户为中心的思维方式的公司可以促进积极的客户体验并提高业务增长。Companies with a customer-focused mindset can foster positive customer experience and improve business growth.

研究表明,优先考虑客户关系和满意度的公司将比竞争对手增长更快的收入2.5 倍。Research shows that companies that prioritize customer relationships and satisfaction grow revenue 2.5 times faster than their competitors.


支持证据和最佳做法Supporting evidence and Best practices

每个洞察力都包括 支持的证据 和最佳做法,这些证据和 最佳做法 可链接到相关信息,例如 Microsoft Workplace Insights 作者:Each insight includes Supporting evidence and Best practices that link you to related information, such as Microsoft Workplace Insights authored by:

  • 基于研究的行业专家Industry experts based on research
  • 已有效使用工作区分析提高业务成果的组织Organizations who have effectively used Workplace Analytics to improve their business outcomes

浏览统计信息Explore the stats

根据洞察力和您的角色, 浏览统计 信息链接到:Depending on the insight and your role, Explore the stats links you to:

  • 相关 浏览 工作区分析中的页面以进行更深入的分析。Related Explore pages within Workplace Analytics for more in-depth analysis.
  • " 分析 " 页面,您可以在其中看到相关指标,以优化计划中注册的人口。The Analyze page where you'll see related metrics to refine the population to enroll in a plan.

例如,作为分析师,如果选择 "浏览组织灵活性的指标" 作为 > 访问各种信息的经理,您将在 "浏览内部网络" 页中看到组织的网络多元化数据 > InternalFor example, as an analyst, if you select Explore the metrics in Organizational agility > Are managers accessing diverse information, you'll see your organization's Network diversity data in the Explore > Internal networks page. 有关更多详细信息,请参阅 内部网络For more details, see Internal networks.

作为分析师或项目经理,您还将看到一个选项,可查看每个业务洞察力的 建议计划As an analyst or program manager, you'll also see an option to View recommended plan for each business insight. 您可以使用此选项立即对特定洞察力中列出的组执行操作。You can use this option to take immediate action for the groups listed in that specific insight. 有关创建计划的更多详细信息,请参阅 创建计划For more details about creating plans, see Create a plan.

关于指标About the metrics

下面介绍了如何计算指标以支持每个业务洞察力问题的行为见解。The following describes how the metrics are calculated to support the behavioral insights for each of the business insight questions.

业务洞察力问题Business insight question 指标说明Metric description
员工是否有足够的时间来管理他们的经理?Are employees getting enough time with their managers? 一次性时间是仅包含员工及其经理的会议小时数。One-on-one time is the number of meeting hours with only an employee and their manager. 若要考虑各种会议频率,将按每个月和每一周的平均值计算每个员工的总时间。To account for various meeting frequencies, the total time is calculated for each employee per month and averaged over a week.
员工是否在下班后工作?Are employees working after hours? 小时后工时是员工在会议中花费的小时数以及在工作时间之外的电子邮件上的小时数。After-hours work is the number of hours employees spend in meetings and on email outside of working hours. 这将使用员工的 Outlook 日历设置中设置的工作时间。This uses the working hours set in the employee's Outlook calendar settings.
员工是否因电子邮件而淹没?Are employees overwhelmed by email? 每周在每周的电子邮件中花费超过10小时的员工。Employees that spend over 10 hours in email each week. Email 工作负荷是员工在发送和接收电子邮件中花费的小时数。Email workload is the number of hours employees spend sending and receiving email.
员工是否在长期和大型会议上负担?Are employees burdened by long and large meetings? 在长或大型会议中花费超过50% 以上会议时间的员工数除以衡量的员工总数。The number of employees that spend over 50 percent of their total meeting time in long or large meetings, divided by the total number of measured employees. 长时间会议计划的时间超过一小时。Long meetings are those scheduled for more than an hour. 大型会议是那些涉及八人以上的会议的会议。Large meetings are those that involve more than eight people.
员工是否有时间关注?Do employees have time to focus? 每个小时数少于20小时的员工的重点工作的可用时间,除以衡量的员工总数。The number of employees who have less than 20 hours each of available time for focused work, divided by the total number of measured employees. 焦点时间是员工在两个或更多连续的小时无会议的情况。Focus time is when employees have two or more consecutive hours with no meetings.
在公司中是否有经理连接?Are managers connected across the company? Manager 跨团队连接是指经理在最近28天内有 有意义的交互 的部门数。Manager cross-team connections are the number of departments outside their own that the manager had meaningful interactions with in the last 28 days.
员工是否在整个公司中进行协作?Do employees collaborate across the company? 跨组织协作是员工在会议和电子邮件中花费的小时数,至少一个人在自己的部门之外。Cross-organization collaboration is the number of hours employees spend in meetings and email with at least one person outside of their own department. 此洞察力突出显示在其组中花费了超过50% 的总体协作的组织。This insight highlights the organizations that spend more than 50 percent of their overall collaboration within their group.
在公司中是否存在影响?Are influencers present across the company? 影响者是基于其协作模式与公司的人员进行最佳连接的员工。Influencers are employees who have the best connections to people across the company based on their collaboration patterns. 此洞察力根据公司和组织规模突出显示了没有充分表示这些组织的组织。This insight highlights the organizations that don't have sufficient representation of them, based on company and organization size.
员工是否快速共享信息?Are employees sharing information quickly? 一对一通信是在两个员工之间发送的电子邮件和即时消息 (IMs) 的组合。One-on-one communication is the combination of email and instant messages (IMs) sent between two employees. 此洞察力突出显示在团队 IM 中花费的一次性通信不足10% 的员工。This insight highlights the employees that spend less than 10 percent of their one-on-one communication over Teams IM. 这是按发送的一次 ims 的 IMs 的百分比进行计算,除以一次 IMs 和发送的电子邮件的总数。This is calculated as the percentage of one-on-one IMs sent, divided by the total number of one-on-one IMs and emails sent.
员工是否正在构建客户网络?Are employees building customer networks? 外部网络 是在一个月内员工至少有两个 有意义的交互 的公司外部人员数量。External network is the number of people external to the company with whom the employee had at least two meaningful interactions in a month. 此洞察力突出显示了在一个月内与外部人员进行了五个以上连接的员工。This insight highlights employees who have had more than five connections with external people in a month.
客户在贵公司中的协作情况如何?How is the customer collaboration in your company? 外部协作时间 是员工在会议和电子邮件中花费的小时数,至少有一个人在公司之外。External collaboration hours is the number of hours employees spend in meetings and emails with at least one person outside the company. 此洞察力突出显示了与公司外部人员进行了大量的总体协作的组。This insight highlights the groups that spend large proportion of their overall collaboration with people outside the company.

常见问题解答Frequently asked questions

第1季度,这些洞察力如何容纳不同的分区?Q1 How do these Insights accommodate different partitions?

这些见解仅适用于包含在所选分区中的参与者。These insights are only about the participants who are included in the selected partition.

第2季度哪些角色可访问这些见解?Q2 Which roles have access to these insights?

分析师、受限制的分析师和项目经理角色可访问这些页面。The analyst, limited analyst, and program manager roles can access these pages. 人员经理只能查看有关其特定团队的见解和数据,有关详细信息,请参阅 Workplace Analytics Home for 人员管理员People managers can only see insights about and data for their specific teams, see Workplace Analytics Home for people managers for more details.