Monogame FrameworkMonogame Framework

MonoGame 是一款用于开发 2D 和 3D 游戏的高效、灵活、跨平台的 API。MonoGame is an efficient, flexible, cross-platform API for developing 2D and 3D games. 它为许多跨平台游戏引擎提供了基础,但也可以直接在游戏中使用,无需包装在游戏引擎中。It provides the foundation for many cross-platform game engines, but can be used directly in games without being wrapped in a game engine.

使用 MonoGame 进行游戏开发简介Introduction to Game Development with MonoGame

MonoGame 是一个跨平台的硬件加速 API,提供图形、音频、游戏状态管理、输入以及用于导入资产的内容管道等功能。MonoGame is a cross-platform, hardware accelerated API providing graphics, audio, game state management, input, and a content pipeline for importing assets.

MonoGame 的 3D 图形3D Graphics with MonoGame

MonoGame 提供灵活、高效的 API,用于显示实时 3D 图形。MonoGame offers a flexible, efficient API for displaying real-time 3D graphics. 它包括用于渲染的较高级构造,同时可以访问较低级的图形资源。It includes higher-level constructs for rendering and also access to lower-level graphics resources.

MonoGame GamePad 参考MonoGame GamePad Reference

游戏板是用于访问 MonoGame 中的输入的设备的标准的跨平台的类。GamePad is a standard, cross-platform class for accessing input devices in MonoGame.

MonoGame 平台特定注意事项MonoGame Platform Specific Considerations

MonoGame 支持多种平台上。MonoGame is supported on a variety of platforms. 本部分介绍特定于每个平台的主题。This section covers topics specific to each platform.