watchOS 5 简介Introduction to watchOS 5

本文档提供一些 watchOS 5 Api 的高级说明。This document provides a high-level description of some watchOS 5 APIs.

若要开始生成 watchOS 5 应用和 Xamarin,请参阅入门指南To get started building watchOS 5 apps with Xamarin, refer to the getting started guide

健身改进Workout improvements

WatchOS 5 中的健身 Api 提供了用于健身数据收集的新功能,将 workouts 保存到 HealthKit,在应用崩溃后自动继续健身,并使用一系列相关的数量数据。The workout APIs in watchOS 5 provide new features for workout data collection, saving workouts to HealthKit, automatically continuing a workout after an app crashes, and working with a series of related quantity data.

Siri 快捷方式Siri shortcuts

在 watchOS 5 中,Siri 监视面显示了在方便的情况下将应用内容和功能呈现给用户的快捷方式。In watchOS 5, the Siri watch face shows shortcuts that surface app content and functionality to users at convenient times. Siri 随着时间的推移,在最有可能使用时显示相关的快捷方式。Siri learns over time to show relevant shortcuts when they are most likely to be used.

背景音频模式Background audio mode

watchOS 5 使第三方应用可以通过 AV 基础框架在后台播放音频。watchOS 5 makes it possible for third-party apps to play audio in the background through the AV Foundation framework.

移动失序程度 APIMovement Disorder API

失序程度 API 是 watchOS 5 中 CoreMotion 框架的一部分,它允许 watchOS 应用程序监视、记录和查询 tremor 和 dyskinesia 与 Parkinson 疾病相关的问题。The Movement Disorder API, part of the CoreMotion framework in watchOS 5, allows watchOS applications to monitor, record, and query tremor and dyskinesia symptoms related to Parkinson's disease.

自然语言框架Natural Language framework

自然语言框架使应用程序可以执行各种类型的语言分析。The Natural Language framework enables applications to perform various types of language analysis. 例如,它可用于标识词性的各个部分,并确定文本块所代表的语言。For example, it can be used to identify parts of speech and determine the language represented by a block of text.