macOS 平台功能macOS platform features

本部分中的文档介绍如何在 Xamarin macOS 应用程序中使用特定于平台的关键功能。Documents in this section cover working with key, platform-specific features of macOS in a Xamarin.Mac application.

macOS Mojave 简介Introduction to macOS Mojave

本文档提供了 macOS Mojave 中可在生成 Xamarin 应用程序时使用的新功能和更新功能的高级概述。This document provides a high-level overview of new and updated features in macOS Mojave that are available for use when building Xamarin.Mac applications.

macOS High Sierra 简介Introduction to macOS High Sierra

本文档介绍了 macOS 高塞拉利昂中的新增功能和增强功能。This document describes new and enhanced features in macOS High Sierra.

macOS Sierra 简介Introduction to macOS Sierra

macOS Sierra 是适用于 Mac 的 Apple 桌面操作系统的最新具体化更新。macOS Sierra is the latest incarnation of Apple's desktop operating system for Mac. 本文档介绍 Mac OS X El Capitan 的更改,以及如何在 Xamarin 应用程序中实现这些更改。This document covers the changes from Mac OS X El Capitan and how to implement them in a Xamarin.Mac app.

用于 Mac 的绑定目标-C 库Binding Objective-C libraries for Mac

了解如何绑定在 Xamarin 项目中使用的目标 C Mac 库。Learn how to bind Objective-C Mac libraries for use in Xamarin.Mac projects. 请参阅故障排除页解决任何问题。Refer to the Troubleshooting page to resolve any issues.

OpenTK 简介Introduction to OpenTK

OpenTK (开放工具包)是一种高级的低级别C#库,可让你更轻松地使用 OpenGL、OpenCL 和 OpenAL。OpenTK (The Open Toolkit) is an advanced, low-level C# library that makes working with OpenGL, OpenCL and OpenAL easier. OpenTK 可用于需要3D 图形、音频或计算功能的游戏、科学应用程序或其他项目。OpenTK can be used for games, scientific applications or other projects that require 3D graphics, audio or computational functionality. 本文简要介绍了如何在 Xamarin 应用程序中使用 OpenTK。This article gives a brief introduction to using OpenTK in a Xamarin.Mac app.

情节提要简介Introduction to storyboards

利用情节提要,你可以为 Xamarin 应用程序开发一个用户界面,该用户界面不仅包括窗口定义和控件,而且还包含不同窗口(通过 segue)和视图状态之间的链接。Storyboards allow you to develop a User Interface for your Xamarin.Mac app that not only includes the window definitions and controls, but also contains the links between different windows (via segues) and view states. 本文介绍如何在 Xamarin for Mac 应用中使用情节提要。This article gives an introduction to using Storyboards in a Xamarin.Mac app.

Xamarin extension 支持Xamarin.Mac extension support

在 Xamarin 中,为多个 macOS 扩展点添加了 Mac 2.10 预览版支持:In Xamarin.Mac 2.10 preview support was added for multiple macOS extension points:

  • 程序Finder
  • 共享Share
  • 今天Today

目标框架Target frameworks

本文介绍了 Xamarin 中可用的目标框架(基类库)的类型,以及为 Xamarin 应用程序选择特定目标的含义。This article covers the types of Target Frameworks (Base Class Libraries) that are available in Xamarin.Mac and the implications of selecting a specific target for your Xamarin.Mac application.