SharePoint Server 2013 的容量管理及調整大小Capacity management and sizing for SharePoint Server 2013

摘要: 了解的概念和管理 SharePoint Server 2013 環境的容量規劃考量。Summary: Learn about the concepts and planning considerations for managing the capacity of a SharePoint Server 2013 environment.

本節中的文章可協助您做出下列有關適當容量的 SharePoint Server 2013 環境的決策:The articles in this section help you to make the following decisions regarding the appropriate capacity for your SharePoint Server 2013 environment:

  • 了解有效容量管理的概念。Understand the concepts behind effective capacity management.

  • 定義您環境的效能與容量目標。Define performance and capacity targets for your environment.

  • 選取適當的資料架構。Select the appropriate data architecture.

  • 選擇支援使用者數目以及您想要部署的功能的硬體。Choose hardware to support the number of users and the features you intend to deploy.

  • 測試、驗證及調整您的環境以達到效能與容量目標。Test, validate, and adjust your environment to achieve your performance and capacity targets.

  • 監視及調整您的環境以符合需求。Monitor and adjust your environment to match demand.

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