SharePoint Server 2013 的 Access Services 概觀Overview of Access Services in SharePoint Server 2013

摘要:了解如何在 SharePoint Server 2013 中使用 Access Services web 上共用解決方案。Summary: Learn how to use Access Services in SharePoint Server 2013 to share solutions on the web.

SharePoint Server 2013 的 access Services 是可讓您共用的網路上的 Access 2013 解決方案的兩種類型的服務應用程式。Access Services in SharePoint Server 2013 are service applications that enable you to share two types of Access 2013 solutions on the web.

Access 應用程式是 SharePoint Server 2013 的新增功能Access apps are new in SharePoint Server 2013

SharePoint 的 access 應用程式的新資料庫的 Access 2013 中建立則使用和與其他人共用作為應用程式的 SharePoint 網頁瀏覽器中的類型。若要建立 Access 應用程式,選取您想要追蹤 (連絡人、 工作、 專案等等) 的資料類型。存取資料庫結構以及各種檢視建立,可讓您新增並編輯資料。瀏覽和基本命令是內建,因此您可以啟動立即使用應用程式。一旦執行 Access 應用程式,它會是來自訂和增強的 Access 應用程式一段時間簡單任務。Access apps for SharePoint are a new type of database that you build in Access 2013, then use and share with others as an app for SharePoint in a web browser. To build an Access app, you select the type of data that you want to track (contacts, tasks, projects, and so on). Access creates the database structure as well as various views that let you add and edit data. Navigation and basic commands are built-in, so you can start to use the app right away. Once the Access app is running, it's a straightforward task to customize and enhance the Access app over time.

支援 Access Web 資料庫以用於回溯相容性Access web databases are supported for backward compatibility

根據預設,您無法使用 Access 2013 來建立 web 資料庫。不過,您仍然可以檢視及編輯先前建立使用 Access 2010 與 SharePoint Server 2010 web 資料庫與您可以在 SharePoint Server 2016 來重新發佈。By default, you cannot create a web database by using Access 2013. However, you can still view and edit a web database that was previously created by using Access 2010 and SharePoint Server 2010, and you can republish it to SharePoint Server 2016.

沒有方法可自動將 Web 資料庫轉換為 Access 應用程式。若要手動將 Web 資料庫轉換為 Access 應用程式以利用新功能,請執行下列動作:There is no way to automatically convert a web database to an Access app. If you want to manually convert a web database to an Access app to take advantage of new functionality and features, you can do the following:

  • 將資料從 Web 資料庫匯入新的 Access 應用程式。Import the data from the web database into a new Access app.

  • 重新建立使用者介面和商務邏輯。Re-create the user interface and business logic.

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