在 SharePoint Server 中規劃 Visio Services 部署Plan Visio Services deployment in SharePoint Server

摘要:透過使用試驗程式、監控部署及備份資料的方式來部署 Visio Services 的最佳做法,包括效能規劃。Summary: Best practices for deploying Visio Services include performance planning, using a pilot program, monitoring your deployment, and backing up your data.

Visio Services 已整合為 SharePoint Server 的一部分,所以十分容易部署。若能在導入 Visio Services 之前事先規劃好部署方式,不僅有助於發揮最佳的系統效能,達到最優之使用者滿意度,亦有助於更適切地管理 SharePoint Server 伺服器陣列及相關系統中的系統資源。As an integrated part of SharePoint Server, Visio Services is very easy to deploy. Planning your Visio Services deployment before rollout can help give you the best system performance and user satisfaction, and it can help you better manage system resources in your SharePoint Server farm and related systems.

Visio Services 效能Visio Services performance

Visio Services 是以 Visio Graphics Service 實作,後者在伺服器陣列中以前端伺服器角色執行。與所有這類服務相同的是,此服務也會耗用執行該服務之每部伺服器上的資源,例如處理容量及記憶體。Visio Services is implemented by using the Visio Graphics Service, which runs on the Front-end server role in the farm. Like all such services, this service consumes resources such as processing capacity and memory on each server where the service is running.

執行 Visio Graphics Service 之應用程式伺服器的系統效能可能會受到各種因素影響,例如:System performance of application servers that are running the Visio Graphics Service may be affected by various factors such as the following:

  • 所轉譯的圖表大小The size of the diagrams being rendered

  • 連線至資料來源的圖表數目The number of diagrams connected to a data source

  • 圖表所連線之資料來源的效能The performance of the data sources to which diagrams are connected

  • 連線至資料之圖表的資料重新整理頻率The frequency of data refresh for data-connected diagrams

  • 存取圖表之使用者的使用尖峰負載Peak loads of users who are accessing diagrams

  • 圖表所存取之外部資料來源的尖峰負載Peak loads on external data sources accessed by diagrams

  • 圖表複雜度Complexity of diagrams

  • Visio Services 快取設定Visio Services cache settings

管理員可以調整圖表大小限制及重新整理參數。而調整這些參數,就可以協助您調整伺服器效能。若變更這些參數無法提供所需的效能,則可能必須增加處理容量或記憶體。The diagram size limit and refresh parameters can be adjusted by the administrator. Being able to adjust these parameters can help you adjust the performance of the server. If changing these parameters does not provide the desired performance, you may have to add processing capacity or memory.

規劃 Visio Services 的系統資源時,最重要的考量就是尖峰負載。例如,若使用者在星期一清晨會頻繁地使用 Visio Services 功能,則請規劃該尖峰負載的伺服器容量。尖峰負載時間會因組織內使用 Visio Services 的方式,而有極大差異。重要的是要儘可能準確估計尖峰負載,以免過度使用系統資源。When planning system resources for Visio Services, the most important factor is peak load. For example, if users will make heaviest use of the Visio Services functionality early Monday morning, plan your server capacity for that peak load. Peak load times can vary widely depending on how Visio Services is used within your organization. It is important to estimate peak loads as best as possible to avoid overtaxing system resources.

除了考量 SharePoint Server 效能之外,還應該檢查 Visio Services 對其他系統的效能影響。例如,若連線至資料的圖表會查詢 Oracle 資料庫中的資料,則 Visio Services 尖峰負載對該 Oracle 資料庫的影響為何?大量使用者同時查詢任何資料來源,可能會對該資料來源的資源造成負擔。In addition to SharePoint Server performance considerations, you should also examine the performance impact of Visio Services on your other systems. For example, if you have a data-connected diagram that is querying data from an Oracle database, what is the effect of your Visio Services peak load on that Oracle database? Large numbers of users querying any data source at the same time could put a strain on the resources of that data source.

下列最佳作法可用以最佳化 Visio Services 的效能:The following best practices can be used to optimize the performance of Visio Services:

  • 請監視伺服器陣列中應用程式伺服器的效能,如果需要處理尖峰負載,請增加 CPU 及記憶體或其他前端角色伺服器。Monitor the performance of the application servers in the farm and add CPU and memory or additional Front-end role servers if they are needed to handle peak loads.

  • 限制圖表大小上限。Limit the maximum diagram size.

  • 增加圖表的快取保留時間下限。如此會增加使用者看到特定圖表之快取資料的間隔。Increase the minimum cache age for diagrams. This increases the interval in which a user sees cached data for a particular diagram.

Visio Graphics Service 應用程式Visio Graphics Service Application

SharePoint Server 會透過 Visio Graphics Service 應用程式實作 Visio Services。此服務會位於您設定各種 Visio Services 設定 (例如信任的資料提供者及繪圖與快取設定) 的 Visio Graphics Service 應用程式中。SharePoint Server implements Visio Services through the Visio Graphics Service Application. It is within the Visio Graphics Service Application that you configure the various Visio Services settings, such as trusted data providers and drawing cache settings.

大部分的部署只需要單一 Visio Graphics Service 應用程式。不過,SharePoint Server 可讓您視需要建立多個不同類型的服務應用程式 (例如,當您必須使用需要不同全域設定的不同資料來源或 Visio Services 內的不同自動服務帳戶時)。For many deployments, a single Visio Graphics Service Application is sufficient. However, SharePoint Server lets you create multiple service applications of each type if you want (for example, if you need to use different data sources that require different global settings or a different unattended service account within Visio Services).

使用 Visio Services 試驗部署Use a Visio Services pilot deployment

為了協助判定 Visio Services 的容量需求,請考慮將 Visio Services 導入至代表一般使用者的有限試驗群組。讓極少數人員存取 Visio Services 功能,可讓您監視相關系統 (例如外部資料來源) 上的伺服器資源使用量及影響,而不會過度使用系統資源。To help determine capacity requirements for Visio Services, consider rolling Visio Services out to a limited pilot group that is representative of typical users. Giving a fairly small number of people access to Visio Services functionality lets you monitor server resource usage and effect on related systems, such as external data sources, without overtaxing system resources.

當您編譯試驗群組的效能資料之後,就能在將 Visio Services 部署至整個組織時,推斷出其系統需求。試驗資料也有助於判定尖峰負載需求,以及可能發生尖峰負載的時間。Once you have compiled performance data for the pilot group, you can extrapolate system requirements for Visio Services when you deploy it across your whole organization. The pilot data will also help you determine peak load requirements and times when peak loads are likely to occur.

藉由監視其他受影響的系統 (例如連線至資料的圖表所使用之資料來源),也可以判定 Visio Services 可能會對組織的其他系統所造成之影響。By monitoring other affected systems—such as data sources used by data-connected diagrams—you can also determine the likely effect of Visio Services on other systems in your organization.

監控 Visio Services 耗用的系統資源Monitor system resources consumed by Visio Services

強烈建議您監視 Visio Services (以及 SharePoint Server 伺服器陣列中的其他服務) 所耗用的系統資源。因為隨著其他使用者陸續上線,且現有使用者使用 Visio Services 及其他 SharePoint Server 技術的程度愈來愈高,資源使用量一般會隨著時間而增加。We highly recommend that you monitor system resources consumed by Visio Services—alongside the other services in your SharePoint Server farm. It is typical for resource usage to increase over time as additional users are brought online and existing users make more use of Visio Services and other SharePoint Server technologies.

SharePoint Server 服務架構能讓您很容易將伺服器新增至伺服器陣列。隨著使用者要求增加,您可以繼續在伺服器陣列中新增伺服器,以提供更大的容量和備援能力。The SharePoint Server services architecture enables easy addition of servers to the farm. As user demands increase, you can continue to add servers to the farm to provide additional capacity and redundancy.

監視資源使用量,不但可以預測何時可能需要額外容量,還可使組織在定期預算程序加入所需硬體。另一方面,也有助於避免系統停機,或非預期的伺服器大量負載所導致的回應緩慢。By monitoring resource usage, you can predict when additional capacity is likely to be needed and include the needed hardware in your organization's regular budgetary procedures. This also helps avoid system downtime or slow response caused by unexpectedly high server loads.

備份及復原 Visio Services 使用的資料Backup and recovery of data used by Visio Services

伺服器陣列管理員可以在執行標準伺服器陣列備份時,備份 SharePoint Server 文件庫中所儲存的 Visio Services 設定及 Visio 文件。但請注意,若使用的 Visio 文件是連線至伺服器陣列外部的資料來源,則在進行標準伺服器陣列備份時,就不會備份 Visio 文件所連線的資料。在此情況下,負責管理該資料所在系統的管理員應該執行不同的備份程序。Visio Services settings and Visio documents stored in SharePoint Server libraries can be backed up by the farm administrator when doing a standard farm backup. However, be aware that when working with Visio documents that are connected to data sources that are outside the farm, the data to which the Visio documents are connected is not backed up as part of a standard farm backup. In this case, the administrator of the system where the data resides should perform a separate backup procedure.

Visio 圖表作者的需求Requirements for authors of Visio diagrams

Visio Services 可讓您在網頁組件中顯示 Visio 圖表,不需要在用戶端電腦上安裝 Visio。不過,Visio Services 不允許建立或編輯 Visio 圖表。您的 Visio Services 部署計劃應該將組織中圖表作者的需求納入計劃。每個需使用 Visio Services 的圖表作者皆必須有 Visio Professional、Visio Premium 或 Visio Pro for Office 365。Visio Services lets you display Visio diagrams in a Web Part without the need to have Visio installed on the client computer. However, Visio Services does not allow for creating or editing Visio diagrams. As part of your deployment plan for Visio Services, you should also plan for the needs of diagram authors within your organization. Each diagram author who has to use Visio Services must have a copy of Visio Professional, Visio Premium, or Visio Pro for Office 365.