SharePoint Server 疑難排解Troubleshooting SharePoint Server

摘要: 快速了解如何以部署 SharePoint Server 2016 和 SharePoint 2013 解決問題。Summary: Find quick access to information about how to resolve issues with deployments of SharePoint Server 2016 and SharePoint 2013.

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**建置組塊 ** 內容Content 描述Description
宣告在 SharePoint Server 驗證不驗證使用者Claims authentication does not validate user in SharePoint Server
本文說明您可以用來疑難排解宣告式使用者驗證嘗試失敗的工具和技巧。This article describes the tools and techniques that you can use to troubleshoot failed claims-based user authentication attempts.
常見於 SharePoint Server 的微調權限問題疑難排解Troubleshoot common fine-grained permissions issues for SharePoint Server
了解如何疑難排解 SharePoint Server 中包含微調權限的問題。Learn about how to troubleshoot issues that include fine-grained permission in SharePoint Server.
在 SharePoint Server 中無法存取的 SharePoint 網站SharePoint site inaccessible in SharePoint Server
使用工作流程,協助您找出並修正在 SharePoint Server 無法存取網站的常見錯誤原因。Use a workflow to help identify and fix some of the common causes of the site inaccessible error in SharePoint Server.

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