Update Workflow in SharePoint ServerUpdate Workflow in SharePoint Server

摘要:引導保持最新 SharePoint Server 中的工作流程所需的步驟。Summary: Walks through the steps required to keep workflow up to date in SharePoint Server.

在安裝軟體更新之後執行 CmdletRun cmdlets after software updates are installed

請務必在協調搭配的易安裝的任何累計更新 (CU) SharePoint Server 及工作流程管理員。在執行更新後,必須執行數個 Microsoft PowerShell cmdlet 以維護 SharePoint 伺服器陣列與工作流程管理員的伺服器陣列之間的連線。It is important that any Cumulative Updates (CU) for SharePoint Server and Workflow Manager are installed in a coordinated fashion. After an update has been performed, several Microsoft PowerShell cmdlets must be run in order to maintain the connection between the SharePoint Server farm and the Workflow Manager farm.

執行下列 PowerShell cmdlet 以系統管理員身分從 SharePoint 管理命令介面之後更新安裝 SharePoint Server、 工作流程管理員及工作流程管理員用戶端。Run the following PowerShell cmdlets as an administrator from the SharePoint Administration Shell after the updates have been installed for SharePoint Server, Workflow Manager, and Workflow Manager Client.


SharePoint Server、 工作流程管理員及工作流程管理員用戶端上必須安裝最新的更新層級,才能執行更新指令程式。The latest update level must be installed on SharePoint Server, Workflow Manager, and Workflow Manager Client before you run the update cmdlets.

$credential = [System.Net.CredentialCache]::DefaultNetworkCredentials
$site = Get-SPSite(<siteUri>)
$proxy = Get-SPWorkflowServiceApplicationProxy
$svcAddress = $proxy.GetWorkflowServiceAddress($site)
Copy-SPActivitiesToWorkflowService -WorkflowServiceAddress $svcAddress -Credential $credential -Force $true


[!附註] 因為工作流程支援具有多個網站訂閱的環境,所以 $site 網站集合位址會決定工作流程設定的適當設定位置。Because workflow supports environments with multiple Site Subscriptions, the $site Site Collection address determines the proper configuration location for workflow settings.

工作流程更新的疑難排解步驟Troubleshooting steps for workflow updates

  • 請確定所有元件都都在最新的修補程式等級。這包括 SharePoint Server、 工作流程管理員及工作流程管理員用戶端。Make sure all components are on the latest patch level. This includes SharePoint Server, Workflow Manager, and Workflow Manager Client.

  • 請使用下列命令確認 $proxy 連線設定:Verify the $proxy connection settings using the following commands:

    $proxy = Get-SPWorkflowServiceApplicationProxy
    $site = Get-SPSite(<siteUri>)
  • 請檢查 [SharePoint Designer] 使用者介面中是否顯示任何錯誤,或 [SharePoint Workflow Status] 使用者介面中是否顯示任何錯誤。Inspect any errors displayed in the SharePoint Designer user interface or any errors shown in the SharePoint Workflow Status user interface.