SharePoint Server 中的網站和內容權限規劃Permissions planning for sites and content in SharePoint Server

摘要:了解如何規劃 SharePoint Server 2016 的網站權限與網站內容。Summary: Learn about how to plan permissions for sites and site content for SharePoint Server 2016.

企業的某些網站可能包含不應讓所有使用者使用的內容。例如,專利技術資訊僅可供需要知道的人員存取。員工福利的內部網路入口網站僅可供全職員工使用,而網際網路網站的首頁則可讓匿名用戶端存取。Some sites in an enterprise probably contain content that should not be available to all users. For example, proprietary technical information should be accessible only on a need-to-know basis. An intranet portal for employee benefits should be available only to full-time employees, whereas the home page of an Internet Web site is accessible by anonymous clients.

權限可控制網站及網站內容的存取。管理權限時,可使用控制成員資格的 SharePoint 群組。微調權限也有助於保護項目與文件層級內容。Permissions control access to sites and site content. You can manage permissions by using SharePoint groups, which control membership. Fine-grained permissions also help to secure content at the item and document level.

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下列文件是關於如何規劃網站和內容的安全性:<有關 SharePoint 權限的協助>。The following articles about how to plan security for sites and content are available here, Get help with permissions in SharePoint.