Visio Graphics Service 的最大快取大小設定可能會對效能造成不良影響 (SharePoint Server)The Visio Graphics Service has a maximum cache size setting that may adversely impact performance ((SharePoint Server)

摘要: 了解如何解決 SharePoint Server 2016 和 SharePoint Server 2013 的 SharePoint Health Analyzer 規則「Visio Graphics Service 含有可能會對效能產生不良影響的最大快取大小設定」。Summary: Learn how to resolve the SharePoint Health Analyzer rule "The Visio Graphics Service has a Maximum Cache Size setting that will adversely impact performance" for SharePoint Server 2016 and SharePoint Server 2013.

規則名稱: Visio Graphics Service 含有可能會對效能產生不良影響的最大快取大小設定Rule Name: The Visio Graphics Service has a Maximum Cache Size setting that will adversely impact performance

Summary:摘要: Visio Graphics Service 具有對效能有不良影響的最大快取大小設定。如果 [最大快取大小]**** 設定小於 1024 MB,可能會降低 Visio Graphics Service 的預期效能。Summary: The VisioGraphicsService_CurrentVer has a maximum Cache size setting that will adversely affect performance. If the Maximum Cache Size setting is smaller than 1024 MB, it might decrease the expected performance of the VisioGraphicsService_CurrentVer.

原因:[最大快取大小]**** 設定設為小於 1024 MB。Cause: The Maximum Cache Size setting was set smaller than 1024 MB.

解決方案:增加 [最大快取大小] 設定的值Resolution: Increase the value of the Maximum Cache Size setting

  1. 確認執行此程序的使用者帳戶是否為 Visio Graphics Service 服務應用程式的管理員。Verify that the user account that is performing this procedure is an administrator of the Visio Graphics Service service application.

  2. 在管理中心首頁上,按一下 [應用程式管理]**** 區段中的 [管理服務應用程式]*In Central Administration, on the Home page, in the *Application Management section, click Manage service applications.

  3. 在 [服務應用程式] 頁面上,按一下 Visio Graphics Service 應用程式。On the Service Applications page, click the Visio Graphics service application.

  4. 在 [管理 Visio Graphics Service] 頁面上,按一下 [通用設定]*On the Manage the Visio Graphics Service page, click *Global Settings.

  5. 確定設定包含下表所列的值。如果未包含這些值,請在對應文字方塊中輸入值,然後按一下 [確定]****。Ensure that the settings have the values that are listed in the following table. If they do not, type the value in the corresponding text box.

設定Setting Value
Web 繪圖大小上限Maximum Web Drawing Size
<= 25 (MB)<= 25 (Megabytes)
快取保留時間下限Minimum Cache Age
>= 5 (分鐘)>= 5 (Minutes)
快取保留時間上限Maximum Cache Age
<= 60 (分鐘)<= 60 (Minutes)
重新計算時間上限Maximum Recalc Duration
<= 60 (秒)<= 60 (Seconds)
最大快取大小Maximum Cache Size
>= 5120 (MB)>= 5120 (Megabytes)