SharePoint Server 2016 的新增和改善功能New and improved features in SharePoint Server 2016

了解 SharePoint Server 2016 中現有功能的新增功能和更新。Learn about the new features and updates to existing features in SharePoint Server 2016.

如需 SharePoint 2013 和 SharePoint Server 2016 版本間的 SharePoint 內部部署功能比較,請參閱不同內部部署解決方案中可用的 SharePoint 功能。如需適用於終端使用者的 SharePoint Server 2016 新功能,請參閱 SharePoint Server 2016 的新功能For a comparison of SharePoint on-premises features between SharePoint 2013 and SharePoint Server 2016 editions, see SharePoint feature availability across on-premises solutions. For new features in SharePoint Server 2016 for end users, see What's new in SharePoint Server 2016.

功能摘要Summary of features

下列表格提供此 SharePoint Server 2016 版本中您可以嘗試使用的新功能摘要。The following table provides a summary of the new features that you can try out in this SharePoint Server 2016 release.

功能Feature 描述Description 其他資訊More information
Access ServicesAccess Services
在 SharePoint Server 2016 中部署 Access Services 時,可使用的最新 Access 功能。New Access features are available when you deploy Access Services in SharePoint Server 2016 .
如需詳細資訊,請參閱 Access Services 外加 Access 用戶端與伺服器For more information, see Access Services plus Access client and server.
合規性功能Compliance features
SharePoint Server 2016 的最新合規性功能,包含文件刪除和就地保留原則。New compliance features for SharePoint Server 2016 include the document deletion and in-place hold policies.
如需詳細資訊,請參閱合規性功能For more information, see Compliance features.
自訂的網頁組件Customized web parts
用於內容查詢、摘要連結、內容網頁組件資料表的自訂 XSLT 檔案的編譯時間已改善。The compile time for customized XSLT files used for Content Query, Summary Links, and Table of Contents Web Parts is improved.
文件庫協助工具Document Library accessibility
SharePoint Server 2016 包含新的文件庫協助工具功能。SharePoint Server 2016 includes new document library accessibility features.
如需詳細資訊,請參閱文件庫協助工具功能For more information, see Document Library accessibility.
長期的連結Durable links
在 SharePoint 中重新命名或移動文件時,以資源為基礎的 URL 現在可以保留連結。Resource-based URLs now retain links when documents are renamed or moved in SharePoint.
加密的連線Encrypted Connections
依預設,SharePoint Server 2016 可支援 TLS 1.2 連線加密。SharePoint Server 2016 supports TLS 1.2 connection encryption by default.
如需詳細資訊,請參閱加密的連線For more information, see Encrypted connections.
建立快速網站集合Fast Site Collection Creation
「建立快速網站集合」功能是在 SharePoint 中建立網站集合和網站的快速方法。The Fast Site Collection Creation feature is a rapid method to create site collections and sites in SharePoint.
如需詳細資訊,請參閱建立快速網站集合For more information, see Fast Site Collection Creation.
檔案名稱 - 擴增支援的特殊字元Filenames - expanded support for special characters
SharePoint Server 2016 現在支援在檔名中使用先前版本中無法使用的部分特殊字元。SharePoint Server 2016 now supports using some special characters in file names that were blocked in previous versions.
如需詳細資訊,請參閱檔案名稱 - 擴增支援的特殊字元For more information, see File names - expanded support for special characters.
SharePoint 2016 中的混合式功能Hybrid in SharePoint 2016
SharePoint Server 2016 中的混合式功能可讓您整合內部部署伺服器陣列和 Office 365 生產力體驗,讓您可依照自己的步調採用雲端。Hybrid in SharePoint Server 2016 enables you to integrate your on-premises farm with Office 365 productivity experiences, allowing you to adopt the cloud at your own pace.
如需詳細資訊,請參閱 SharePoint Server 2016 中的混合式功能For more information, see Hybrid in SharePoint Server 2016.
識別和搜尋敏感內容Identify and search for sensitive content
SharePoint Server 2016 現在提供與 Office 365 相同的資料損失防護功能。SharePoint Server 2016 now provides the same data loss prevention capabilities as Office 365.
如需詳細資訊,請參閱在 SharePoint Server 2016 和 OneDrive 文件中搜尋敏感內容For more information, see Identify and search for sensitive content in both SharePoint Server 2016 and OneDrive documents.
圖片和影片預覽Image and video previews
您現在可以在 SharePoint Server 2016 文件庫中預覽圖片和影片。You can now preview images and videos in SharePoint Server 2016 document libraries.
如需詳細資訊,請參閱圖片和影片預覽For more information, see Image and video previews.
資訊版權管理Information Rights Management
SharePoint Server 2016 提供資訊版權管理 (IRM) 功能,透過在 SharePoint 文件庫中使用商務用 OneDrive 加密和保護資訊來確保資訊安全。SharePoint Server 2016 provides Information Rights Management (IRM) capabilities to secure information by encrypting and securing information on SharePoint libraries with OneDrive for Business.
如需詳細資訊,請參閱資訊版權管理For more information, see Information Rights Management.
大型檔案支援Large file support
SharePoint Server 2016 現在支援上傳和下載大於 2,047 MB 的檔案。SharePoint Server 2016 now supports uploading and downloading files larger than 2,047 MB.
如需詳細資訊,請參閱大型檔案支援For more information, see Large file support.
MinRole 是 SharePoint Server 2016 中的新功能,可讓 SharePoint 伺服器陣列管理員在伺服器陣列拓撲中定義每個伺服器角色。MinRole is a new feature in SharePoint Server 2016 that allows a SharePoint farm administrator to define each server's role in a farm topology.
如需詳細資訊,請參閱MinRole 伺服器陣列拓撲For more information, see MinRole farm topology.
行動體驗Mobile experience
SharePoint Server 2016 提供改良的行動瀏覽體驗。SharePoint Server 2016 offers an improved mobile navigation experience.
如需詳細資訊,請參閱行動體驗For more information, see Mobile experience.
SharePoint Server 2016 的 2016 年 11 PU 中的新功能 (Feature Pack 1)New features in November 2016 PU for SharePoint Server 2016 (Feature Pack 1)
2016 年 11 月公開更新 (PU) (Feature Pack 1) 適用於 SharePoint Server 2016 ,提供七項 SharePoint Server 2016 新功能。The November 2016 Public Update for SharePoint Server 2016 (Feature Pack 1) offers seven new features for SharePoint Server 2016.
如需詳細資訊,請參閱SharePoint Server 2016 的 2016 年 11 PU 中的新功能 (Feature Pack 1)For more information, see New features in November 2016 PU for SharePoint Server 2016 (Feature Pack 1).
使用商務用 OneDrive 的新控制項New controls for working with OneDrive for Business
SharePoint Server 2016 提供位於個人文件資料夾頂層的控制項,可使商務用 OneDrive 中的一般工作更容易存取。SharePoint Server 2016 provides controls at the top of your personal document folders that make common tasks in OneDrive for Business more accessible.
如需詳細資訊,請參閱使用商務用 OneDrive 的新控制項For more information, see New controls for working with OneDrive for Business.
** OneDrive 和小組網站中新的資源回收筒New Recycle Bin in OneDrive and Team sites**
SharePoint Server 2016 在 OneDrive 和小組網站的左側導覽區域裡新增了資源回收筒連結。SharePoint Server 2016 adds a link for the Recycle Bin in the left navigation area of the OneDrive and Team sites.
Open Document 格式Open Document Format (ODF)
SharePoint Server 2016 新增了對 Open Document 格式 (ODF) 檔案的支援,以便在文件庫範本中使用。SharePoint Server 2016 adds support for Open Document Format (ODF) files to use in document library templates.
如需詳細資訊,請參閱文件庫適用的 Open Document 格式 (ODF)For more information, see Open Document Format (ODF) available for document libraries.
Project ServerProject Server
可在 SharePoint Server 2016 中使用的新 Project Server 功能。New Project Server features are available in SharePoint Server 2016.
如需詳細資訊,請參閱 Project Server 2016For more information, see Project Server 2016 .
ReFS 檔案系統支援ReFS file system support
SharePoint Server 2016 現在支援以 ReFS 檔案系統格式化的磁碟機。SharePoint Server 2016 now supports drives that are formatted with the ReFS file system.
如需有關 ReFS 檔案系統的詳細資訊,請參閱復原檔案系統概觀復原檔案系統For more information about the ReFS file system, see Resilient File System Overview and Resilient file system.
SharePoint 商業智慧SharePoint business intelligence
SharePoint Server 2016 現在可支援 SQL Server 2016 CTP 3.1、Power Pivot 增益集和 Power View。SharePoint Server 2016 now supports SQL Server 2016 CTP 3.1 and the Power Pivot add-in and Power View.
如需有關 SharePoint 商業智慧的詳細資訊,請參閱 Power Pivot 增益集和 Power View 現在可與 SharePoint Server 2016 搭配使用For more information about SharePoint business intelligence, see Power Pivot add-in and Power View are now available to use with SharePoint Server 2016.
SharePoint 搜尋SharePoint Search
SharePoint 搜尋伺服器應用程式的部署上有顯著變更。SharePoint Search Server Application has significant changes to its deployment.
如需詳細資訊,請參閱 SharePoint Search Service 應用程式For more information, see SharePoint Search Service application.
共用功能增強Sharing improvements
SharePoint Server 2016 有許多新的共用改良功能。SharePoint Server 2016 has many new sharing improvements available.
如需詳細資訊,請參閱共用For more information, see Sharing.
網站資料夾檢視Site Folders view
SharePoint Server 2016 提供新的網站資料夾檢視,可讓您存取所追蹤網站中的文件庫。SharePoint Server 2016 provides a new Site Folders view that lets you access the document libraries in sites that you're following.
如需詳細資訊,請參閱網站資料夾檢視For more information, see Site folders view.
網站頁面釘選Sites page pinning
這項新功能可協助您查看和追蹤網站。This new feature helps you see and follow sites.
如需詳細資訊,請參閱網站頁面釘選For more information, see Sites page pinning.
SMTP 連線加密SMTP Connection Encryption
SharePoint Server 2016 可支援將電子郵件傳送至使用 STARTTLS 連線加密的 SMTP 伺服器。SharePoint Server 2016 supports sending email to SMTP servers that use STARTTLS connection encryption.
如需詳細資訊,請參閱 SMTP 連線加密For more information, see SMTP connection encryption.
SMTP 連接埠 (非預設)SMTP ports (non-default)
SharePoint Server 2016 新增對 SMTP 伺服器的支援,支援其使用預設連接埠 (25) 以外的 TCP 連接埠。SharePoint Server 2016 adds support for SMTP servers that use TCP ports other than the default port (25).
如需詳細資訊,請參閱使用預設連接埠 (25) 以外的 SMTP 連接埠For more information, see Use SMTP ports other than the default (25).
Web 應用程式開放式平台介面通訊協定 (WOPI)Web Application Open Platform Interface Protocol (WOPI)
您現在可以從瀏覽器頁面上的 WOPI iframe 中重新命名檔案、建立新檔案,以及共用檔案。You can now rename files, create new files, and share files from within the WOPI iframe on the browser page.

詳細功能描述Detailed description of features

本節提供 SharePoint Server 2016 中新功能與更新功能的詳細描述。This section provides detailed descriptions of the new and updated features in SharePoint Server 2016.

Access Services 外加 Access 用戶端與伺服器Access Services plus Access client and server

在 SharePoint Server 2016 中部署 Access Services 後,可使用下列的新 Access 功能:The following new Access features are available when you deploy Access Services in SharePoint Server 2016:

管理中心不再預設佈建在所有伺服器上Central Administration is no longer provisioned on all servers by default

依預設,當您使用 SharePoint 設定精靈時,SharePoint Server 2016 管理中心現在只會佈建在伺服器陣列中的第一部伺服器上。伺服器陣列中的其他伺服器上將不再預設佈建管理中心。SharePoint Server 2016 Central Administration is now provisioned on the first server in a farm by default when using the SharePoint Products Configuration Wizard. Central Administration is not provisioned on additional servers in a farm by default.

您可以使用以下方法,在伺服器陣列中的個別伺服器上佈建或取消佈建管理中心 (不限何種伺服器角色):You can provision or unprovision Central Administration on individual servers in a farm, no matter what the server role is by using the following methods:


管理中心的狀態不會對伺服器是否與 MinRole 相容有影響。MinRole 健康狀況規則不會嘗試佈建或取消佈建管理中心。The state of Central Administration does not affect whether a server is considered compliant with MinRole. The MinRole health rule will not attempt to provision or unprovision Central Administration.

合規性功能Compliance features

文件刪除原則允許您在一段特定時間後,在使用者的商務用 OneDrive 網站中刪除文件。就地保留原則允許系統管理員保留文件、電子郵件和其他檔案。The document deletion policy allows you to delete documents in users' OneDrive for Business sites after specific periods of time. The In-Place Hold policy allows administrators to preserve documents, email, and other files.

如需詳細資訊,請參閱資料刪除原則概觀For more information, see Overview of document deletion policies.

文件庫協助工具Document Library accessibility

以下功能現在可在 SharePoint Server 2016 文件庫中使用:The following features are now available for working in SharePoint Server 2016 document libraries:

  • 頁面的地標功能可簡化導覽,且所有主要瀏覽連結皆有改良的替代文字。Landmarks to a page make it easier to navigate, and there are alt text improvements for all major navigation links.

  • 下列文件工作皆可使用快速鍵:Keyboard shortcuts are provided for the following document tasks:

    • Alt + N - 新增*Alt + *N - N ew

    • Alt + E - 編輯*Alt + *E - E dit

    • Alt + U - 上傳*Alt + *U - U pload

    • Alt + M - 管理*Alt + *M - M anage

    • Alt + S - 共用*Alt + *S - S hare

    • Alt + Y - 同步處理*Alt + *Y - S y nchronization

  • 焦點改良,例如讓焦點保持在前面的元素及捕捉焦點。Focus improvements, such as keeping focus on prior elements and focus trapping.

  • 上傳進度的宣告。Announcements for upload progress.

  • 瀏覽資料夾和檔案清單時宣告檔案名稱和檔案類型。Announcements for file name and file types when browsing folder and file lists.

  • 改良圖說文字的讀取。Improved callout reading.

  • 修正檢視切換器的顏色使用問題。Fixed use of color issues for views switcher.

  • 說明文件的更新。Updates to the Help documentation.

加密的連線Encrypted connections

當您在 Internet Information Services (IIS) Manager 中設定 SSL 繫結以託管您的 Web 應用程式時,SharePoint 會使用 TLS 1.2 連線加密 (如果您的用戶端應用程式有支援)。與其他系統連線時,SharePoint 也支援 TLS 1.2 連線加密,例如對網站進行編目。When you set up an SSL binding in Internet Information Services (IIS) Manager to host your web application, SharePoint uses TLS 1.2 connection encryption if your client application supports it. SharePoint also supports TLS 1.2 connection encryption when connecting to other systems, for example when crawling websites.


已在 SSL 3.0 通訊協定中識別到資訊安全漏洞,這會允許攻擊者將資料解密。為提高安全性,某些 SharePoint 功能現在會預設停用 SSL 3.0 連線加密和某些具有已知弱點的加密演算法 (例如 RC4)。SharePoint 會針對某些功能 (不是所有功能) 預設停用 SSL 3.0 連線加密。若要確保所有功能皆已停用 SSL 3.0,您應編輯 Windows 登錄以在 Windows 中停用 SSL 3.0。如需詳細資訊,請參閱 Microsoft 資訊安全摘要報告 3009008 中的<在 Windows 中停用 SSL 3.0 (針對伺服器軟體)>和<在 Windows 中停用 SSL 3.0 (針對用戶端軟體)>因應措施。A security vulnerability was identified in the SSL 3.0 protocol that can allow an attacker to decrypt data. For enhanced security, some SharePoint features now disable SSL 3.0 connection encryption by default, as well as certain encryption algorithms (for example RC4) with known weaknesses. SharePoint disables SSL 3.0 connection encryption by default for some, but not all features. To ensure that SSL 3.0 is disabled for all features, you should disable it in Windows by editing the Windows Registry. For more information, see the "Disable SSL 3.0 in Windows For Server Software", and "For Client Software", workarounds in Microsoft Security Advisory 3009008.

建立快速網站集合Fast Site Collection Creation

此新功能會提供可與 SQL Server 在相同層級使用的範本,這樣可減少 SharePoint 和 SQL Server 之間必要的往返次數。使用 Microsoft PowerShell Cmdlet SPSiteMaster 快速建立網站和網站集合。This new feature provides templates that work at same level as SQL Server, which reduces the round trips required between the SharePoint and SQL servers. Use the SPSiteMaster Microsoft PowerShell cmdlets to create sites and site collections quickly.

檔案名稱 - 擴增支援的特殊字元File names - expanded support for special characters

SharePoint 過去會禁止下列情況:檔名包含 &~{} 字元、檔名包含 GUID、檔名以英文句點開頭,以及檔名超過 128 個字元。這些限制已從 SharePoint Server 2016 中移除,且現在已可使用。SharePoint has historically blocked file names that included the &, ~, {, and } characters, file names that contained a GUID, file names with leading dots, and file names longer than 128 characters. These restrictions are removed in SharePoint Server 2016 and are now available to use.


%# 等限制字元仍不可用於檔名中。Restricted characters such as % and # are still not allowed in file names.

SharePoint Server 2016 中的混合式功能Hybrid in SharePoint Server 2016

在 SharePoint Server 2016 中,新的混合式功能可用於啟用混合式解決方案。In SharePoint Server 2016, new hybrid features are available to enable hybrid solutions.

混合式網站Hybrid sites

混合式網站功能讓您的使用者在使用 SharePoint Server 和 SharePoint Online 網站時可享有整合的體驗:Hybrid sites features allows your users to have an integrated experience while using SharePoint Server and SharePoint Online sites:

  • 使用者可追蹤 SharePoint Server 和 SharePoint Online 網站,並將其合併在單一表單中一起查看。Users can follow SharePoint Server and SharePoint Online sites, and see them consolidated in a single list.

  • 使用者在 Office 365 中有單一設定檔,其中儲存了他們所有的設定檔資料。Users have a single profile in Office 365, where all of their profile information is stored.

如需詳細資訊,請參閱 SharePoint 混合式網站與搜尋For more information, see SharePoint hybrid sites and search.

混合式商務用 OneDriveHybrid OneDrive for Business

混合式網站功能用於與混合式商務用 OneDrive 合作 (於 SharePoint Server 2013 Service Pack 1 (SP1) 中首次推出):Hybrid sites features are used in concert with Hybrid OneDrive for Business (introduced in SharePoint Server 2013 with Service Pack 1 (SP1)):

  • 使用者可以與 Office 365 同步檔案,並與其他人共用。Users can sync files with Office 365 and share them with others.

  • 使用者可以從任何裝置透過 Office 365 直接存取他們的檔案。Users can access their files directly through Office 365 from any device.

    雲端混合式搜尋Cloud hybrid search

雲端混合式搜尋是新的混合式搜尋方案選擇。透過雲端混合式搜尋:Cloud hybrid search is a new hybrid search solution alternative. With cloud hybrid search:

  • 您可以將已編目的所有內容 (包括內部部署內容) 編輯為 Office 365 中的搜尋索引。您可以在 SharePoint Server 2016 中設定編目程式,為相同的內容來源進行編目,並在 Office SharePoint Server 2007、SharePoint Server 2010 和 SharePoint Server 2013 中使用相同的搜尋連接器。You index all of your crawled content, including on-premises content, to your search index in Office 365. You can set up the crawler in SharePoint Server 2016 to crawl the same content sources and use the same search connectors in Office SharePoint Server 2007, SharePoint Server 2010, and SharePoint Server 2013.

  • 當使用者在 Office 365中查詢您的搜尋索引時,會從內部部署和 Office 365 內容取得統一的搜尋結果。When users query your search index in Office 365, they get unified search results from both on-premises and Office 365 content.

如需有關雲端混合式搜尋的詳細資訊,請參閱Microsoft Office 連線中的公用 Microsoft 雲端混合式搜尋方案。For more information about cloud hybrid search, see the public Microsoft cloud hybrid search program on Microsoft Office connection.

如需詳細資訊,請參閱規劃混合式商務用 OneDriveFor more information, see Plan for hybrid OneDrive for Business.

如需了解現在可使用的混合式解決方案,請造訪 SharePoint 混合式解決方案中心For more information about the hybrid solutions available today, please visit the SharePoint Hybrid Solutions Center.

在 SharePoint Server 2016 和 OneDrive 文件中搜尋敏感內容Identify and search for sensitive content in both SharePoint Server 2016 and OneDrive documents

透過這項新功能,您可以:With this new capability, you can:

  • 在 SharePoint Server 2016、SharePoint Online、商務用 OneDrive 中搜尋敏感內容Search for sensitive content across SharePoint Server 2016, SharePoint Online, and OneDrive for Business.

  • 使用 51 種內建的機密資訊類型 (信用卡、護照號碼、身分證號碼等)。Leverage 51 built-in sensitive information types (credit cards, passport numbers, Social Security numbers, and more).

  • 從 eDiscovery 網站集合使用 DLP Queries,以找出 SharePoint eDiscovery 中心內與一般產業法規相關的敏感內容、識別違規文件,以及匯出報告。Use DLP Queries from the eDiscovery site collection to discover sensitive content relating to common industry regulations from the SharePoint eDiscovery Center, identify offending documents, and export a report.

  • 從合規性原則中心網站集合開啟 DLP Policies,若有包含敏感資訊的文件儲存於 SharePoint 時,終端使用者和系統管理員即會收到通知,且文件會受到保護,防止不恰當的共用行為。Turn on DLP Policies from the Compliance Policy Center site collection to notify end users and administrators when documents with sensitive information are stored in SharePoint and automatically protect the documents from improper sharing.

設定及使用此功能的資訊會記錄在 SharePoint Online 和 Office 365 中。如需詳細資訊,請參閱:Information on configuring and using this feature is documented in SharePoint Online and Office 365. For more information, see:

圖片和影片預覽Image and video previews

在 SharePoint Server 2016 中,當您在文件庫中發佈圖片或影片時,您可以透過將滑鼠游標停留在圖片或影片上方,或按一下圖片或影片來查看預覽。In SharePoint Server 2016 when you post images and videos to a document library, you can see a preview by hovering the mouse over the image or video, or by clicking on them.

資訊版權管理Information Rights Management

如需詳細資訊,請參閱保護及同步處理商務用 OneDrive 上的資訊版權管理將資訊版權管理套用至清單或文件庫For more information, see Secure and sync with Information Rights Management on OneDrive for Business and Apply Information Rights Management to a list or library.

大型檔案支援Large file support

舊版 SharePoint 不支援上傳或下載大於 2,047 MB 的檔案。現在,SharePoint Server 2016 允許您上傳或下載大型檔案。您可以為 SharePoint 伺服器陣列中的每個 Web 應用程式設定所需的檔案大小上限。Previous versions of SharePoint did not support uploading or downloading files larger than 2,047 MB. SharePoint Server 2016 now allows you to upload or download larger files. You can configure the desired maximum file-size limit on a per-web application basis in your SharePoint farm.

MinRole 伺服器陣列拓撲MinRole farm topology

當您建立新的伺服器陣列,或將伺服器加入現有的伺服器陣列時,會指定伺服器的角色。SharePoint 會根據伺服器角色自動設定每部伺服器上的服務,並根據該拓撲來最佳化伺服器陣列的效能。有八個預先定義的伺服器角色可用,如下表所示。The role of a server is specified when you create a new farm or join a server to an existing farm. SharePoint automatically configures the services on each server based on the server role, optimizing the performance of the farm based on that topology. There are eight predefined server roles that are available, as shown in the following table.

伺服器角色Server role 描述Description
為使用者要求提供服務的服務應用程式、服務和元件皆屬於前端 Web 伺服器。這些伺服器已針對低延遲進行最佳化。Service applications, services, and components that serve user requests belong on front-end web servers. These servers are optimized for low latency.
針對後端要求 (如背景工作或搜尋編目要求) 提供服務的服務應用程式、服務和元件皆屬於應用程式伺服器。這些伺服器已針對高傳送量進行最佳化。Service applications, services, and components that serve back-end requests, such as background jobs or search crawl requests, belong on Application servers. These servers are optimized for high throughput.
分散式快取Distributed Cache
進行分散式快取所需的服務應用程式、服務和元件屬於分散式快取伺服器。Service applications, services, and components that are required for a distributed cache belong on Distributed Cache servers.
進行搜尋所需的服務應用程式、服務和元件屬於搜尋伺服器。Service applications, services, and components that are required for search belong on Search servers.
未與 MinRole 整合的自訂服務應用程式、服務和元件皆屬於自訂伺服器。伺服器陣列管理員可以完全控制哪個服務例項可以在指派自訂角色的伺服器上執行。MinRole 不會控制哪些服務執行個體會在此角色上佈建。Custom service applications, services, and components that do not integrate with MinRole belong on Custom servers. The farm administrator has full control over which service instances can run on servers assigned to the Custom role. MinRole does not control which service instances are provisioned on this role.
單一伺服器的伺服器陣列Single-Server Farm
單一機器伺服器陣列所需的服務應用程式、服務和元件皆屬於單一伺服器的伺服器陣列。單一伺服器的伺服器陣列主要供開發、測試,和非常有限的生產使用。具備「單一伺服器的伺服器陣列」角色的 SharePoint 伺服器陣列無法在伺服器陣列中具有一個以上的 SharePoint 伺服器。 Service applications, services, and components required for a single-machine farm belong on a Single-Server Farm. A Single-Server Farm is meant for development, testing, and very limited production use. A SharePoint farm with the Single-Server Farm role cannot have more than one SharePoint server in the farm.
SharePoint Server 2016 中不再提供獨立安裝模式。單一伺服器陣列角色會取代舊版 SharePoint Server 所提供的獨立安裝模式。不同於獨立安裝,SharePoint 系統管理員必須個別安裝及準備 SharePoint 的 Microsoft SQL Server。SharePoint 系統管理員也必須以手動方式,或透過執行伺服器陣列設定精靈,來設定 SharePoint 伺服器陣列的服務和 Web 應用程式。The Standalone Install mode is no longer available in SharePoint Server 2016. The Single-Server Farm role replaces the Standalone Install mode available in previous SharePoint Server releases. Unlike Standalone Install, the SharePoint administrator must separately install and prepare Microsoft SQL Server for SharePoint. The SharePoint administrator must also configure the SharePoint farm services and web applications, either manually or by running the Farm Configuration Wizard.
具有分散式快取的前端伺服器Front-end with Distributed Cache
合併相同伺服器上的前端和分散式快取角色的共用角色。Shared role that combines the Front-end and Distributed Cache roles on the same server.
共用角色是在 SharePoint Server 2016 (Feature Pack 1) 的 11 月公開更新中引入的。This shared role was introduced in the November Public Update for SharePoint Server 2016 (Feature Pack 1).
具有搜尋功能的應用程式Application with Search
合併相同伺服器上的應用程式和搜尋角色的共用角色。Shared role that combines the Application and Search roles on the same server.
共用角色是在 SharePoint Server 2016 (Feature Pack 1) 的 11 月公開更新中引入的。This shared role was introduced in the November Public Update for SharePoint Server 2016 (Feature Pack 1).

如需 MinRole 功能的詳細資訊,請參閱 SharePoint Server 2016 的 MinRole 伺服器角色概觀規劃 SharePoint Server 2016 中的 MinRole 伺服器部署For more information about the MinRole feature, see Overview of MinRole Server Roles in SharePoint Server 2016 and Planning for a MinRole server deployment in SharePoint Server 2016.

行動體驗Mobile experience

當您使用行動裝置來存取 SharePoint Server 2016 小組網站的首頁時,可以點一下畫面上的圖格連結以瀏覽此網站。您也可以從行動檢視切換成 PC 檢視,這會以用戶端電腦的視角顯示網站頁面。此檢視也可使用觸控。When you use a mobile device to access the home page for a SharePoint Server 2016 team site, you can tap tiles or links on the screen to navigate the site. You can also switch from the mobile view to PC view, which displays site pages as they are seen on a client computer. This view is also touch enabled.

使用商務用 OneDrive 的新控制項New controls for working with OneDrive for Business

您可以按一下控制項以建立新的 Office 文件、上傳檔案、同步檔案以供離線使用,以及共用您的檔案。如需詳細資訊,請參閱 OneDrive 的落格上的<簡易控制項>。You can click a control to create new Office documents, upload files, synchronize your files for offline use, and share your files. For more information, see "Simple controls" on The OneDrive Blog.

文件庫適用的 Open Document 格式 (ODF)Open Document Format (ODF) available for document libraries

Open Document 格式 (ODF) 可讓您在文件庫中建立新的檔案,並儲存為 ODF 檔案,以便使用者使用選擇的程式來編輯新檔案。如需詳細資訊,請參閱將 Open Document 格式 (ODF) 設為文件庫的預設檔案範本The Open Document Format (ODF) enables you to create new files in a document library and save as ODF files so that users can edit the new file with a program they choose. For more information, see Set Open Document Format (ODF) as the default file template for a library.

Project Server 2016Project Server 2016

適用於 SharePoint Server 2016 的 Project Server 2016 有許多新功能,包括:Project Server 2016 for SharePoint Server 2016 has many new capabilities and features, including:

  • 資源預訂: 現在,專案管理員可以向資源管理員要求所需資源,以完成他們的專案。此外,資源管理員也可以使用新的熱度圖功能,查看資源耗用時間的位置。Resource Engagements: Now project managers can request needed resources from resource managers to complete their projects. Also, resource managers can use the new heat map functionality to see where resources are spending their time.

  • 多個時間表: 專案與公事包管理員現在可以建立更豐富的時間表,並在單一檢視中顯示多個時間表。Multiple Timelines: Project and Portfolio managers can now create richer timelines that display multiple timelines in a single view.

  • 更簡易的系統管理: Project Server 現在具有多租用戶儲存功能,並具有與 SharePoint 結合的資料儲存區。這樣可透過排除專用的 Project Server 資料庫,大幅減少 IT 的額外負荷,同時提升備份與還原能力。Simpler administration: Project Server now has multi-tenant storage capabilities and has combined data storage with SharePoint. This greatly reduces IT overhead by eliminating the dedicated Project Server database and improves backup and restore capabilities.

  • 雲端等級效能和規模: 已在 Project Online 新增的許多改良效能與延展性也已新增至 Project Server 2016。Cloud grade performance and scale: Many performance and scalability improvements that have been added to Project Online have also been added to Project Server 2016.

如需詳細資訊,請參閱 IT 專業人員適用的 Project Server 2016 新功能For more information, see What's new for IT pros in Project Server 2016 Preview.


Project Server 2016 會與 SharePoint Server 2016 一起安裝,但授權是分開的。如需有關 Project Server 授權的詳細資訊,請參閱授權 ProjectProject Server 2016 is installed with SharePoint Server 2016 Enterprise, though is licensed separately. For more information about Project Server licensing, see Licensing Project.

Power Pivot 增益集和 Power View 現在可與 SharePoint Server 2016 搭配使用Power Pivot add-in and Power View are now available to use with SharePoint Server 2016

SQL Server 2016 CTP 3.1 已可供使用。您現在可以下載 SQL Server 2016 CTP 3.1 以使用 SharePoint 增益集的 Power Pivot。您也可以透過在 SharePoint 整合模式中安裝 SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS),以及從 SQL Server 安裝模式安裝 SSRS 前端增益集來使用 Power View。SQL Server 2016 CTP 3.1 is now available. You can now download SQL Server 2016 CTP 3.1 to use the Power Pivot for SharePoint add-in. You can also use Power View by installing SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) in SharePoint-integrated mode and the SSRS front-end add-in from the SQL Server installation media.

Microsoft 下載中心下載 SQL Server 2016 CTP 3.1。Download SQL Server 2016 CTP 3.1 from Microsoft Download Center.

當您升級至 SQL Server 2016 CTP 3.1 後,即可使用下列 SharePoint Server 2016 商業智慧功能:The following SharePoint Server 2016 business intelligence features are available when you upgrade to SQL Server 2016 CTP 3.1:

  • Power Pivot 資源庫Power Pivot Gallery

  • 重新整理排定的資料Scheduled Data Refresh

  • 作為資料來源的活頁簿Workbooks as a Data Source

  • Power Pivot 管理儀表板Power Pivot Management Dashboard

  • Power View 報表Power View reports

  • Power View 訂閱Power View Subscriptions

  • 報表警示Report Alerting

如需詳細資訊,請下載最新 Deploying SQL Server 2016 PowerPivot and Power View in SharePoint 2016白皮書。如需在多部伺服器 SharePoint Server 2016 伺服器陣列中設定及部署商業智慧的詳細資訊,請下載 Deploying SQL Server 2016 PowerPivot and Power View in a Multi-Tier SharePoint 2016 FarmFor more information, download the new Deploying SQL Server 2016 PowerPivot and Power View in SharePoint 2016 white paper. For details about configuring and deploying business intelligence in a multiple server SharePoint Server 2016 farm, download Deploying SQL Server 2016 PowerPivot and Power View in a Multi-Tier SharePoint 2016 Farm.

要求管理員服務改良Request Manager service improvements

下列清單所示的伺服器角色上現在均有佈建 SharePoint 要求管理員,可支援節流和路由案例:SharePoint Request Manager now provisions on the server roles shown in the following list, to support both throttling and routing scenarios:

  • 應用程式Application

  • 分散式快取Distributed Cache

  • 前端Front-End

此外,若您在未定義路由規則時啟用服務,「要求管理員」服務將不再阻止網站進行轉譯。Additionally, the Request Manager service will no longer prevent sites from rendering when the service is enabled while you have no routing rules defined.


下列清單顯示可用於 SharePoint Server 2016 的共用改良功能。The following list shows the sharing improvements that are available for SharePoint Server 2016:

SharePoint Search Service 應用程式SharePoint Search Service application

SharePoint 搜尋支援每個 Search Service 應用程式高達 5 億個項目的索引編輯。如需詳細資訊,請參閱 SharePoint Server 的搜尋架構概觀。如需有關 SharePoint 雲端混合式搜尋的詳細資訊,請參閱了解適用於SharePoint 的雲端混合式搜尋SharePoint Search supports indexing of up to 500 million items per Search Server application. For more information, see Overview of search architecture in SharePoint Server. For information about SharePoint cloud hybrid search, see Learn about cloud hybrid search for SharePoint.

簡化管理中心網站的 SSL 設定Simplified SSL configuration for Central Administration site

我們已簡化使用 SSL 繫結的管理中心設定程序。可使用下列的命令參數:We've simplified the process for configuring Central Administration to use SSL bindings. The following command parameters are now available to use:

  • New-SPCentralAdministration -Port <number> -SecureSocketsLayer

  • Set-SPCentralAdministration -Port <number> -SecureSocketsLayer

  • Psconfig.exe -cmd adminvs -port <number> -ssl

您必須使用 IIS 系統管理工具,將伺服器憑證指派給管理中心 IIS 網站。在您執行這項操作前,無法存取管理中心 Web 應用程式。You must assign a server certificate to the Central Administration IIS web site by using the IIS administration tools. The Central Administration web application won't be accessible until you do this.

如果您指定連接埠 443,該連接埠會自動建立 SSL 繫結,而不是使用 HTTP 繫結,即使您未包含 SecureSocketsLayerSSL 參數。If you specify port 443, it will automatically create an SSL binding instead of an HTTP binding even if you don't include the SecureSocketsLayer or SSL parameters.

管理中心的公用 AAM URL 將自動更新,以使用正確的通訊協定配置、伺服器名稱和連接埠號碼。The Central Administration public AAM URL will be automatically updated to use the appropriate protocol scheme, server name, and port number.

網站集合升級Site collection upgrades

有三個選項可用來升級網站集合。如需詳細資訊,請參閱將網站集合升級至 SharePoint 2016There are three options available for upgrading site collections. For more information, see Upgrade a site collection to SharePoint Server 2016.

SMTP 連線加密SMTP connection encryption

下列清單顯示與 SMTP 伺服器交涉連線加密所需的 SharePoint 2016 需求:The following list shows the SharePoint 2016 requirements that are needed to negotiate connection encryption with an SMTP server:

  1. 必須啟用 SMTP 伺服器上的 STARTTLS。STARTTLS must be enabled on the SMTP server.

  2. SMTP 伺服器必須支援 TLS 1.0、TLS 1.1 或 TLS 1.2 通訊協定。The SMTP server must support the TLS 1.0, TLS 1.1, or TLS 1.2 protocol.


    不支援 SSL 2.0 和 SSL 3.0 通訊協定。SSL 2.0 and SSL 3.0 protocols are not supported.

  3. SMTP 伺服器必須已安裝伺服器憑證。The SMTP server must have a server certificate installed.

  4. 伺服器憑證必須為有效憑證。一般而言,這表示伺服器憑證名稱必須與提供給 SharePoint 的 SMTP 伺服器名稱相符。伺服器憑證也必須是由 SharePoint 伺服器信任的憑證授權單位發出。The server certificate must be valid. Typically, this means that the name of the server certificate must match the name of the SMTP server provided to SharePoint. The server certificate must also be issued by a certificate authority that is trusted by the SharePoint server.

  5. SharePoint 必須設定為使用 SMTP 連線加密。SharePoint must be configured to use SMTP connection encryption.

若要將 SharePoint 設定為永遠使用 SMTP 連線加密,請開啟 SharePoint 管理中心網站,然後瀏覽至 [系統設定]**** > [設定外寄郵件設定]*,然後將 [使用 TLS 連線加密]* 下拉式功能表設定為 [是]*。若要在 Microsoft PowerShell 中將 SharePoint 設定為永遠使用 SMTP 連線加密,請使用 Set-SPWebApplication Cmdlet (不包含 *DisableSMTPEncryption 參數)。例如:To configure SharePoint to always use SMTP connection encryption, open the SharePoint Central Administration website and browse to System Settings > Configure outgoing e-mail settings and set the Use TLS connection encryption drop-down menu to Yes. To configure SharePoint to always use SMTP connection encryption in Microsoft PowerShell, use the Set-SPWebApplication cmdlet without the DisableSMTPEncryption parameter. For example:

$WebApp = Get-SPWebApplication -IncludeCentralAdministration | ? { $_.IsAdministrationWebApplication -eq $true }
Set-SPWebApplication -Identity $WebApp -SMTPServer -OutgoingEmailAddress -ReplyToEmailAddress

若要將 SharePoint 設定為永不使用 SMTP 連線加密,在 SharePoint 管理中心中瀏覽至 [系統設定]**** > [設定外寄郵件設定]*,然後將 [使用 TLS 連線加密]* 下拉式功能表設定為 [否]*。若要在 PowerShell 中將 SharePoint 設定為永不使用 SMTP 連線加密,請使用 Set-SPWebApplication Cmdlet (包含 *DisableSMTPEncryption 參數)。例如:To configure SharePoint to never use SMTP connection encryption in SharePoint Central Administration, browse to System Settings > Configure outgoing email settings and set the Use TLS connection encryption drop-down menu to No. To configure SharePoint to never use SMTP connection encryption in PowerShell, use the Set-SPWebApplication cmdlet with the DisableSMTPEncryption parameter. For example:

$WebApp = Get-SPWebApplication -IncludeCentralAdministration | ? { $_.IsAdministrationWebApplication -eq $true }
Set-SPWebApplication -Identity $WebApp -SMTPServer -DisableSMTPEncryption -OutgoingEmailAddress -ReplyToEmailAddress


如果 SharePoint 設定為使用 SMTP 連線加密,則 SharePoint 只會在與 SMTP 伺服器交涉連線加密成功時傳送電子郵件訊息。如果連線加密交涉失敗,SharePoint 不會回復並傳送未加密的電子郵件訊息。如果 SharePoint 未設定為使用 SMTP 連線加密,則 SharePoint 一律會傳送未加密的電子郵件訊息,即使 SMTP 伺服器支援連線加密。> 使用 SMTP 連線加密不會啟用 SMTP 驗證。SMTP 要求一律是匿名傳文送。If SharePoint is configured to use SMTP connection encryption, it will only send email messages if it successfully negotiates connection encryption with the SMTP server. It will not fall back and send email messages unencrypted if connection encryption negotiation fails. If SharePoint is not configured to use SMTP connection encryption, it will always send email messages unencrypted, even if the SMTP server supports connection encryption. > Using SMTP connection encryption does not enable SMTP authentication. SMTP requests are always sent anonymously.

網站資料夾檢視Site folders view

如需詳細資訊,請參閱 OneDrive 部落格中的<網站資料夾>。For more information, see "Site folders" in The OneDrive Blog.

網站頁面釘選Sites page pinning

您現在可以釘選在網站頁面上看到的網站。已釘選的網站會顯示在您追蹤的網站清單頂端。You can now pin sites that you see on the sites page. A pinned site shows at the top of the list of sites that you're following.

套件導覽可主題化Suite Navigation is themable

您現在可以將主題套用至套件導覽。You can now apply themes to your Suite Navigation.

使用 SMTP 連接埠,而不使用預設連接埠 (25)Use SMTP ports other than the default (25)

若要將 SharePoint 設定為使用非預設的 SMTP 連接埠,請開啟 SharePoint 管理中心,瀏覽至 [系統設定]**** > [設定外寄郵件設定]*,然後將 [SMTP 伺服器連接埠]* 設定為 SMTP 伺服器的連接埠號碼。若要在 PowerShell 中將 SharePoint 設定為使用非預設的 SMTP 連接埠,請使用 Set-SPWebApplication Cmdlet (包含 SMTPServerPort 參數)。例如:To configure SharePoint to use a non-default SMTP port open SharePoint Central Administration, browse to System Settings > Configure outgoing email settings, and set the SMTP server port to the port number of your SMTP server. To configure SharePoint to use a non-default SMTP port in PowerShell, use the Set-SPWebApplication cmdlet with the SMTPServerPort parameter. For example:

$WebApp = Get-SPWebApplication -IncludeCentralAdministration | ? { $_.IsAdministrationWebApplication -eq $true }
Set-SPWebApplication -Identity $WebApp -SMTPServer -SMTPServerPort 587 -OutgoingEmailAddress -ReplyToEmailAddress 

什麼是 SharePoint?What is SharePoint?