ASP.NET Core 與 Azure 的 DevOpsDevOps with ASP.NET Core and Azure

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Cam SoperScott AddieBy Cam Soper and Scott Addie

本指南提供可下載的 PDF 電子書This guide is available as a downloadable PDF e-book.


歡迎使用適用於.NET 的 Azure 開發生命週期指南!Welcome to the Azure Development Lifecycle guide for .NET! 本指南介紹如何使用.NET 工具及程序,為 Azure 建置開發生命週期的基本概念。This guide introduces the basic concepts of building a development lifecycle around Azure using .NET tools and processes. 完成本指南之後,您就能充分運用完善 DevOps 工具鏈的各項優點。After finishing this guide, you'll reap the benefits of a mature DevOps toolchain.

本指南的適用對象Who this guide is for

您應是有經驗的 ASP.NET Core 開發人員 (200-300 級)。You should be an experienced ASP.NET Core developer (200-300 level). 因為本指南涵蓋 Azure 介紹,所以您無須具備這方面的知識。You don't need to know anything about Azure, as we'll cover that in this introduction. 本指南也適用於工作內容偏重於操作,而不在開發的 DevOps 工程師。This guide may also be useful for DevOps engineers who are more focused on operations than development.

本指南的對象是 Windows 開發人員,This guide targets Windows developers. 但 .NET Core 也 100% 支援 Linux 與 macOS。However, Linux and macOS are fully supported by .NET Core. 若要將本指南應用到 Linux/macOS,請留意圖說文字所示的 Linux/macOS 差異。To adapt this guide for Linux/macOS, watch for callouts for Linux/macOS differences.

本指南未說明的內容What this guide doesn't cover

本指南適用於.NET 開發人員,著重於端對端的持續部署體驗,This guide is focused on an end-to-end continuous deployment experience for .NET developers. 而不會詳盡解說 Azure 的一切,也不會在 Azure 服務適用的 .NET API 上著墨太多。It's not an exhaustive guide to all things Azure, and it doesn't focus extensively on .NET APIs for Azure services. 其會將重點圍繞在持續整合、部署、監視及偵錯上。The emphasis is all around continuous integration, deployment, monitoring, and debugging. 在快速入門的最後,則會提供後續步驟的建議。Near the end of the guide, recommendations for next steps are offered. 建議內含對 ASP.NET Core 開發人員來說很實用的 Azure 平台服務。Included in the suggestions are Azure platform services that are useful to ASP.NET Core developers.

本指南內容What's in this guide

工具及下載Tools and downloads

了解如何取得本指南中使用的工具。Learn where to acquire the tools used in this guide.

部署到 App ServiceDeploy to App Service

了解各種如何將 ASP.NET Core 應用程式部署到 Azure App Service 的方法。Learn the various methods for deploying an ASP.NET Core app to Azure App Service.

持續整合與部署Continuous integration and deployment

使用 GitHub、Azure DevOps Services 與 Azure,為您的 ASP.NET Core 應用程式建置端對端的持續整合與部署解決方案。Build an end-to-end continuous integration and deployment solution for your ASP.NET Core app with GitHub, Azure DevOps Services, and Azure.

監視及偵錯Monitor and debug

使用 Azure 工來監視、疑難排解問題,以及微調您的應用程式。Use Azure's tools to monitor, troubleshoot, and tune your application.

後續步驟Next steps

ASP.NET Core 開發人員學習 Azure 的其他學習途徑。Other learning paths for the ASP.NET Core developer learning Azure.

其他入門閱讀資料Additional introductory reading

如果這是您第一次接觸雲端運算,這些文章會說明基本概念。If this is your first exposure to cloud computing, these articles explain the basics.