Azure Sphere 通知Azure Sphere notifications

Microsoft 會在 Azure 健康情況服務問題 頁面上通知客戶有關於 Azure Sphere 服務中斷和計劃性停止運作的訊息,而該頁面可透過 Azure 入口網站來存取。Microsoft notifies customers about Azure Sphere service interruptions and planned outages on the Azure Health Service Issues page, which is available through the Azure Portal. 您可以使用 Azure 監視器來設定警示及訂閱 Azure 健康狀態問題。You can set up alerts and subscribe to Azure Health Status Issues by using Azure Monitor. 了解警示Learn about alerts.

新的 Azure Sphere 產品功能、軟體更新、舊有預覽 OS 版本終止支援的通知,以及其他有用的資訊,都會發佈在 Azure 更新網站上。Notification of new Azure Sphere product features, software updates, termination of support for older preview OS versions, and other useful information is posted on the Azure Updates website.


強烈建議您訂閱 Azure 更新 RSS 摘要,以便即時獲得重要的 Azure Sphere 相關資訊。We strongly encourage you to subscribe to the Azure Updates RSS feed, so that you receive timely and essential information about Azure Sphere.

若要透過 RSS 摘要訂閱 Azure 更新:To subscribe to Azure Updates through the RSS feed:

  1. 移至 Azure 更新網站。Go to the Azure Updates website.
  2. 在 [產品] 搜尋方塊中輸入 Azure Sphere,然後從搜尋結果中選取 Azure Sphere。In the Products search box, enter Azure Sphere, and then select Azure Sphere from the search results.
  3. 以滑鼠右鍵按一下 [RSS 摘要] 按鈕,然後選取 [複製] 連結。Right-click the RSS feed button and select Copy link.
  4. 您可以在任何 RSS 閱讀程式中使用此連結來訂閱 RSS 摘要。Use this link in any RSS reader to subscribe to the RSS feed.

如果您使用 Microsoft Outlook RSS 閱讀程式,Azure Sphere 通知將可傳遞到您的電子郵件收件匣。If you use the Microsoft Outlook RSS reader, Azure Sphere notifications can be delivered to your email inbox. 若要透過 Outlook 訂閱 RSS 摘要,請參閱這些指示To subscribe to the RSS feed through Outlook, see these instructions.

後續步驟Next Steps

Azure Sphere 設定現已完成。Azure Sphere setup is now complete. 接下來,請建置並部署簡單的應用程式,或探索 IoT 的使用方式:Next, build and deploy a simple application or explore the use of IoT: