MDC 需求總覽MDC requirements overview

本指南說明安裝和設定模組化資料中心 (MDC) 所需的需求。This guide describes the requirements needed to install and configure a Modular Data Center (MDC).

本指南的目標包括:The objectives of this guide include:

  • 提供預先部署的檢查清單,以確認已符合所有必要條件,然後再安裝元件。Provide a pre-deployment checklist to verify that all prerequisites have been met before installation of the components.
  • 介紹 MDC 的主要元件。Introduce the key components of a MDC.
  • 驗證客戶部署。Validate the customer deployment.

您必須具備虛擬化、伺服器、作業系統、網路和存放裝置解決方案的技術經驗,才能完全瞭解本指南的內容。Technical experience with virtualization, servers, operating systems, networking, and storage solutions is required to fully understand the content of this guide.

本指南著重于部署 Microsoft Azure Stack Hub 的核心元件,以及 MDC 解決方案的詳細資訊。This guide focuses on deployment of core components of Microsoft Azure Stack Hub, and the specifics of the MDC solution. 本指南不會說明 Azure Stack Hub 的操作程式,也不會涵蓋 Azure Stack Hub 中所有可用的功能。The guide does not explain the operating procedures of Azure Stack Hub and does not cover all the features available in Azure Stack Hub.


MDC 是一種整合式的供應專案,適用于在標準 40-墊腳金屬貨容器中封裝的 Azure Stack Hub。The MDC is an integrated offering for Azure Stack Hub packaged in a standard 40-foot metal shipping container. 容器包含氣候控制單位、光源和警示系統。The container includes a climate control unit, lighting and alerting system. 核心 Azure Stack Hub 元件會安裝為三個獨立的 Pod: Pod 1、機架1和機架2、Pod 2、機架1和機架2,以及 Pod 3、機架1和機架2。The core Azure Stack Hub components are installed as three independent pods: Pod 1, Rack 1 and Rack 2, Pod 2, Rack 1 and Rack 2, and Pod 3, Rack 1 and Rack 2.

每個 pod 都包含兩個42U 機架。Each pod consists of two 42U racks. Pod 包含機架上的 (ToR) 交換器、邊緣交換器,以及 (BMC) 交換器的基礎板管理控制器。A pod includes the top-of-rack (ToR) switches, edge switches, and a baseboard management controller (BMC) switch. 此外,每個 pod 都包含硬體生命週期主機 (HLH) 和序列埠集中。Additionally, each pod includes a hardware lifecycle host (HLH) and a serial port concentrator. 核心計算和儲存體容量是由 Azure Stack Hub 縮放單位 (SU) 所組成,其中包含8個堅固的邊緣設備 (反應) R840 伺服器。Core compute and storage capacity is provided by Azure Stack Hub scale units (SU) consisting of eight Rugged Edge Appliance (REA) R840 servers. 額外的儲存容量是由 48 Isilon 儲存體節點所提供。Additional storage capacity is provided by 48 Isilon storage nodes. 所有 pod 的實體設定都相同。Physical configuration of all pods is identical.


下表列出本指南中使用的一些詞彙。The following table lists some of the terms used in this guide.

詞彙Term 定義Definition
硬體生命週期主機 (HLH) Hardware Lifecycle Host (HLH) HLH 是用於初始部署啟動程式,以及進行中的硬體管理、支援和備份 Azure Stack Hub 基礎結構的實體伺服器。HLH is the physical server that is used for initial deployment bootstrap as well as ongoing hardware management, support, and backup of Azure Stack Hub infrastructure. HLH 執行具有桌面體驗和 Hyper-v 角色的 Windows Server 2019。HLH runs Windows Server 2019 with Desktop Experience and Hyper-V role. 伺服器是用來裝載硬體管理工具、交換器管理工具、Azure Stack Hub 的夥伴工具組,以及部署虛擬機器。The server is used to host hardware management tools, switch management tools, Azure Stack Hub Partner Toolkit, and the deployment virtual machine.
部署虛擬機器 (DVM) Deployment virtual machine (DVM) DVM 是在部署 Azure Stack Hub 軟體期間,于 HLH 上建立的虛擬機器。DVM is a virtual machine that is created on the HLH for the duration of Azure Stack Hub software deployment. DVM 會執行 Azure Stack Hub 軟體協調流程引擎,稱為企業雲端引擎 (ECE) ,以在網路上的所有 Azure Stack Hub 縮放單位伺服器上安裝和設定 Azure Stack Hub fabric 基礎結構軟體。The DVM runs Azure Stack Hub software orchestration engine called the Enterprise Cloud Engine (ECE) to install and configure Azure Stack Hub fabric infrastructure software on all Azure Stack Hub scale unit servers over the network.
Azure Stack Hub 合作夥伴工具組Azure Stack Hub Partner Toolkit 用來捕捉客戶特定輸入參數並起始 Azure Stack Hub 安裝和設定的軟體工具集合。A collection of software tools used to capture customer-specific input parameters and initiate installation and configuration of Azure Stack Hub. 它包含部署工作表,它是一種圖形化消費者介面 (GUI) 工具,用來捕捉和儲存可設定的 Azure Stack Hub 安裝參數。It includes the deployment worksheet, which is a Graphical User Interface (GUI) tool used for capturing and storing configurable parameters for Azure Stack Hub installation. 它也包含網路設定產生器工具,此工具會使用部署工作表輸入,為解決方案中的所有實體網路裝置產生網路設定檔。It also includes the network configuration generator tool that uses deployment worksheet inputs to produce network configuration files for all physical network devices in the solution.
OEM 擴充功能套件OEM Extension Package 在初始部署和更新期間,以特殊格式 Azure Stack Hub 使用的一或一種特定格式的固件、設備磁碟機和硬體管理工具套件。A package of firmware, device drivers, and hardware management tools in a specialized format used by Azure Stack Hub during initial deployment and update.
序列埠集中Serial port concentrator 安裝在每個 pod 中的實體裝置,可針對部署和管理目的,提供網路交換器序列埠的網路存取。A physical device installed in each pod that provides network access to serial ports of network switches for deployment and management purposes.
縮放單位Scale unit Azure Stack Hub 的核心元件,可提供計算和儲存體資源給 Azure Stack Hub fabric 基礎結構和工作負載。A core component of Azure Stack Hub that provides compute and storage resources to Azure Stack Hub fabric infrastructure and workloads. 每個 pod 都包含八個 MDC R840 伺服器,也稱為節點。Each pod includes eight MDC R840 servers also called nodes.
Isilon 儲存體Isilon storage 適用于 MDC 解決方案的 Azure Stack Hub 元件。An Azure Stack Hub component that is specific to the MDC solution. Isilon 為 Azure Stack Hub 的工作負載提供額外的 blob 和檔案儲存體。Isilon provides additional blob and file storage for Azure Stack Hub workloads. 每個 pod 都包含 48 Isilon 儲存體節點。Each pod includes 48 Isilon storage nodes.
PodPod 在 MDC 的內容中,pod 是一個獨立的邏輯單元,由兩個互連的實體機架所組成。In the context of MDC, a pod is an independent logical unit consisting of two interconnected physical racks. 完整的解決方案包含在單一容器中安裝的三個 pod。A complete solution includes three pods installed in a single container.

部署工作流程Deployment workflow

概括而言,MDC 部署套裝程式含下列幾個階段:At a high level, the MDC deployment process consists of the following phases:

規劃階段Planning phase

  1. 規劃資料中心的電源。Planning for datacenter power.
  2. 規劃 Azure Stack Hub 的邏輯網路設定。Planning for logical network configuration of Azure Stack Hub.
  3. 規劃 資料中心網路整合Planning for datacenter network integration.
  4. 規劃身分 識別和安全性整合Planning for identity and security integration.
  5. 規劃 PKI 憑證Planning for PKI certificates.

準備階段Preparation phase

  1. 正在收集清查。Collecting inventory.
  2. 在解決方案上連接電源和電源。Connecting power and powering on the solution.
  3. 正在驗證 HVAC 系統健康情況。Validating HVAC system health.
  4. 驗證火災監視和警示系統健康情況。Validating fire monitoring and alerting system health.
  5. 正在驗證實體硬體健全狀況。Validating physical hardware health.

執行階段–分別針對三個 podExecution phase – separately for each of the three pods

  1. 正在設定硬體生命週期主機。Configuring the hardware lifecycle host.
  2. 正在設定網路交換器。Configuring network switches.
  3. 資料中心網路整合。Datacenter network integration.
  4. 設定實體硬體設定。Configuring physical hardware settings.
  5. 正在設定 Isilon 儲存體。Configuring Isilon storage.
  6. 部署 Azure Stack Hub fabric 基礎結構。Deploying Azure Stack Hub fabric infrastructure.
  7. 資料中心身分識別整合。Datacenter identity integration.
  8. 安裝擴充功能的附加元件。Installing add-ons for extended functionality.

驗證階段–分別針對三個 podValidation phase – separately for each of the three pods

  1. 部署後的健康情況驗證。Post-deployment health validation.
  2. 向 Microsoft 註冊 Azure Stack Hub。Registering Azure Stack Hub with Microsoft.
  3. Azure Stack Hub 客戶的手。Azure Stack Hub customer hand-off.