模組化資料中心總覽Modular Datacenter overview

Azure 模組化資料中心 (MDC) 以 Azure Stack Hub 為基礎。Azure Modular Datacenter (MDC) is based on Azure Stack Hub. MDC 是可移植、快速部署的資料中心,適用于在暫存和固定的命令文章中支援大規模的對抗作業。MDC is a portable, rapidly deployable datacenter appropriate for supporting large-scale combat operations in temporary and fixed command posts.

Azure Stack Hub 是可水準和垂直調整的解決方案,可為基礎結構即服務 (IaaS) 和平臺即服務,提供多租使用者的原生混合式雲端功能, (PaaS) 服務到邊緣的環境。Azure Stack Hub is a horizontally and vertically scalable solution that provides multitenant, native hybrid cloud capabilities for infrastructure as a service (IaaS) and platform as a service (PaaS) services to environments at the edge. Azure Stack Hub 支援適用于暫時性和固定命令張貼和 expeditionary 強制的各種模組化案例。Azure Stack Hub supports a variety of modular scenarios for temporary and fixed command posts and expeditionary forces.

Azure Stack Hub 是一種整合式硬體和軟體設備,可根據各節點規模調整單位的規模,以商業方式提供在各種容量中。Azure Stack Hub is an integrated hardware and software appliance that's commercially available in a variety of capacities based on scaling through node scale-units. Azure Stack Hub 可透過擴充功能使用,包括一般用途圖形處理單位 (GPU) 啟用的設定和可擴充的外部存放裝置。Azure Stack Hub is available with extensions, which include general-purpose graphics processing unit (GPU)-enabled configurations and expandable external storage.


Azure Stack 提供四個與模組化邊緣案例一致的核心原則和延伸 Azure 功能。Azure Stack delivers on four core principles that are consistent with and extend Azure's capabilities for modular edge scenarios.

使用常見的 DevOps 模型(包括 API 與 Azure 的對稱)來開發及提供應用程式Develop and deliver apps with a common DevOps model including API symmetry with Azure

Azure 與 Azure Stack 之間的一致性表示解決方案會開發一次,部署以支援各種使用案例,並使用一組常用的工具來保護和持續使用。The consistency between Azure and Azure Stack means solutions are developed once, deployed to support a variety of use cases, and secured and sustained by using a common set of tools. 工具範例包括金鑰管理 Azure Key Vault,以及資源監視和管理的 Azure 監視器。Examples of tools include Azure Key Vault for key management and Azure Monitor for resource monitoring and management. Azure Stack 可與內部部署資料、應用程式和工具互通,以進行 DevOps 和安全的作業,例如金鑰管理。Azure Stack is interoperable with on-premises data, apps, and tools for DevOps and secure operations, for example, key management.

提供內部部署的 Azure 服務Deliver Azure services on-premises

Azure Stack 會在 disadvantaged 中執行, (爭用、擁塞或拒絕) 通訊環境和健全的通訊環境。Azure Stack runs in disadvantaged (contested, congested, or denied) communications environments and robust communications environments. Azure Stack 不會相依于 Azure 的連線,以執行任務應用程式並啟用本機作業。Azure Stack isn't dependent on connectivity to Azure to execute mission apps and enable local operations.

使用整合式硬體和軟體傳遞體驗Use integrated hardware and software delivery experience

模組化邊緣需要一系列的功能,可提供基準計算和儲存體服務,也會提供機器學習服務、AI 和分析的先進功能。The modular edge requires a range of capabilities that provide baseline compute and storage services and also advanced capability for machine learning, AI, and analytics. 從模組化邊緣連接到您的安全雲端,以及在 austere 環境中與其分開操作的能力,對於提供決策所需的資料的存取相當重要。The ability to connect to your secure cloud from the modular edge when able or, conversely, to operate independently from it in austere environments is critical to provide access to data needed for decisions.

使用混合式雲端安全性作業讓您的資料中心保持安全且可供使用Keep your datacenter secure and available with hybrid cloud security operations

Azure Stack 的雲端原生設計會移除傳統虛擬化環境的操作複雜性。The cloud native design of Azure Stack removes the operational complexities of traditional virtualization environments. 系統管理員可以選擇何時透過安裝程式和以原生方式在系統中建立的 Azure Stack 管理網狀架構,來修補和協調整個作業。Administrators can choose when to patch and orchestrate the entire operation through the installation process and the Azure Stack management fabric built natively into the system.

您可以透過角色型存取控制來提供使用者適當的存取權,以透過角色型存取控制 (RBAC) 透過系統管理入口網站、特殊版權管理端點或命令列介面( (CLI) )來執行動作,藉此啟用 Microsoft 的遠端協助管理或 Azure Stack 裝置欄位中由 Microsoft 管理的供應專案。Remote assisted administration by Microsoft or a Microsoft-managed offering in the field for Azure Stack devices can be enabled by providing users with the appropriate access through role-based access control (RBAC) to perform actions through the administrative portal, privileged management endpoint, or command-line interface (CLI). 這項功能可讓 Microsoft 執行所有修補和其他系統管理和監視活動。This capability enables all patching and other administrative and monitoring activities to be performed by Microsoft. Azure Stack 可透過安全的系統管理入口網站或 CLI 命令進行現場的可升級和更新,這些命令會套用安全性更新和 IaaS 和 PaaS 功能更新,以在適當的情況下,從本機或遠端網路維持與 Azure 的商業同位。Azure Stack is field upgradable and updatable through secure administration portal or CLI commands that both apply security updates and IaaS and PaaS feature updates to maintain commercial parity with Azure, where appropriate, from local or remote networks.

使用 MDC 的優點Benefits of using MDC

MDC 在 disadvantaged 通訊環境中支援與 Azure 一致的環境:MDC supports a consistent environment with Azure in disadvantaged communications environments:

  • 靜態、模組化、可快速部署的資料中心與 Azure 雲端服務,可在模組化作業中心內支援大型分析應用程式。Static, modular, rapidly deployable datacenters with Azure cloud services to power large analytics apps in modular operations centers.
  • Azure 的模組化邊緣供應專案可透過單一方法(例如虛擬機器、儲存體和虛擬網路),來維持雲端與邊緣之間的一致性。Azure's modular edge offerings maintain consistency between the cloud and the edge through a singular approach for supporting IaaS primitives such as virtual machines, storage, and virtual networking.
  • Azure Active Directory 及 RBAC 支援。Azure Active Directory and RBAC support.
  • 一般系統管理介面。Common administrative interfaces.
  • 適用于 Microsoft、協力廠商和開放原始碼 DevOps 工具的 API 對稱及支援。API symmetry and support for Microsoft, third party, and open-source DevOps tools.
  • 透過 Azure Log Analytics 和 Azure 資訊安全中心管理和監視。Management and monitoring through Azure Log Analytics and Azure Security Center.
  • 藉由啟用混合式雲端,將雲端運算的靈活性帶入您的內部部署環境和邊緣。Bring the agility of cloud computing to your on-premises environment and the edge by enabling a hybrid cloud.
    您可以:You can:
    • 重複使用程式碼並在 Azure 與內部部署環境中一致地執行雲端原生應用程式。Reuse code and run cloud-native apps consistently across Azure and your on-premises environments.
    • 使用對 Azure 服務的選擇性連線來執行傳統的虛擬化工作負載。Run traditional virtualized workloads with optional connections to Azure services.
    • 將資料傳輸至雲端,或將保留在主權資料中心以維持合規性。Transfer data to the cloud, or keep it in your sovereign datacenter to maintain compliance.
    • 在智慧邊緣執行硬體加速機器學習、容器化或虛擬化的工作負載。Run hardware-accelerated machine learning, containerized, or virtualized workloads all at the intelligent edge.

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