管理 Azure Stack Hub 儲存體帳戶Manage Azure Stack Hub storage accounts

了解如何管理 Azure Stack Hub 儲存體帳戶。Learn how to manage Azure Stack Hub storage accounts. 根據業務需求來尋找、復原及回收儲存體容量。Find, recover, and reclaim storage capacity based on business needs.

尋找儲存體帳戶Find a storage account

遵循下列步驟,即可在 Azure Stack Hub 中檢視區域中的儲存體帳戶清單:The list of storage accounts in the region can be viewed in Azure Stack Hub by following these steps:

  1. 登入管理員入口網站 https://adminportal.local.azurestack.externalSign in to the administrator portal https://adminportal.local.azurestack.external.

  2. 選取 [所有服務] > [儲存體] > [儲存體帳戶]。Select All services > Storage > Storage accounts.

    Azure Stack Hub 儲存體帳戶

預設會顯示前 10 個帳戶。By default, the first 10 accounts are displayed. 您可以按一下清單底部的 [載入更多] 連結,選擇擷取更多項目。You can choose to fetch more by clicking the Load more link at the bottom of the list.


如果您只想看到特定儲存體帳戶,可以只 篩選並擷取相關的帳戶If you're interested in a particular storage account - you can filter and fetch the relevant accounts only.

篩選帳戶:To filter for accounts:

  1. 選取窗格頂端的 [篩選]。Select Filter at the top of the pane.

  2. 在 [篩選] 窗格上,您可以指定 [帳戶名稱]、[訂用帳戶識別碼] 或 [狀態],以微調要顯示的儲存體帳戶清單。On the Filter pane, it allows you to specify account name, subscription ID, or status to fine-tune the list of storage accounts to be displayed. 請適當地指定。Use them as appropriate.

  3. 當您輸入時,清單會自動套用篩選條件。As you type, the list will automatically apply the filter.

    篩選 Azure Stack Hub 儲存體帳戶

  4. 若要重設篩選:選取 [篩選]、清除選取項目,然後更新。To reset the filter: select Filter, clear out the selections and update.

[搜尋] 文字方塊 (在儲存體帳戶清單窗格的頂端) 可讓您醒目提示帳戶清單中選取的文字。The search text box (on the top of the storage accounts list pane) lets you highlight the selected text in the list of accounts. 如果無法輕易地取得完整名稱或識別碼,您可以使用此種方式。You can use this when the full name or ID isn't easily available.

您可以在這裡使用任意文字,以協助找出您想看到的帳戶。You can use free text here to help find the account you're interested in.

尋找 Azure Stack Hub 儲存體帳戶

查看帳戶詳細資料Look at account details

一旦找到您想檢視的帳戶之後,您可以選取特定的帳戶,以檢視特定的詳細資料。Once you've located the accounts you're interested in viewing, you can select the particular account to view certain details. 新的窗格隨即開啟,其中包含帳戶詳細資料。A new pane opens with the account details. 這些詳細資料包含帳戶類型、建立時間、位置等等。These details include the kind of account, creation time, location, and so on.


復原已刪除的帳戶Recover a deleted account

有時候,您必須復原已刪除的帳戶。You may be in a situation where you need to recover a deleted account.

在 Azure Stack Hub 中,有一個很簡單的方式可以執行此作業:In Azure Stack Hub, there's a simple way to do that:

  1. 瀏覽至儲存體帳戶清單。Browse to the storage accounts list. 如需詳細資訊,請參閱本文頂端的尋找儲存體帳戶For more information, see Find a storage account at the top of this article.

  2. 在清單中找出該特定帳戶。Locate that particular account in the list. 您可能需要篩選。You may need to filter.

  3. 請檢查帳戶的 [狀態]。Check the state of the account. 它應該指出 [已刪除]。It should say Deleted.

  4. 選取可開啟 [帳戶詳細資料] 窗格的帳戶。Select the account, which opens the account details pane.

  5. 在這個窗格的頂端,找出 [復原] 按鈕,並加以選取。On top of this pane, locate the Recover button and select it.

  6. 選取 [是] 加以確認。Select Yes to confirm.


  7. 復原現在進行中。The recovery is now in process. 請等候其成功的指示。Wait for an indication that it was successful. 您也可以選取入口網站頂端的「鈴鐺」圖示,以檢視進度指示。You can also select the "bell" icon at the top of the portal to view progress indications.


    一旦成功同步處理已復原的帳戶之後,就可以再次使用該帳戶。Once the recovered account is successfully synchronized, it can be used again.

注意事項Some Gotchas

  • 已刪除的帳戶顯示 [不再保留] 狀態。Your deleted account shows state as out of retention.

    超出保留期表示已刪除的帳戶已超出保留期限,可能無法復原。Out of retention means that the deleted account has exceeded the retention period and may not be recoverable.

  • 已刪除的帳戶未顯示在帳戶清單中。Your deleted account doesn't show in the accounts list.

    如果已刪除的帳戶已經被記憶體回收,您的帳戶就不會顯示在帳戶清單中。You account may not show in the account list when the deleted account has already been garbage collected. 在此情況下,便無法復原該帳戶。In this case, it can't be recovered. 如需詳細資訊,請參閱本文中的回收容量For more information, see Reclaim capacity in this article.

設定保留期限Set the retention period

保留期限設定可讓雲端操作員指定時間間隔天數 (介於 0 到 9999 天),在此期間,任何已刪除的帳戶都可能復原。The retention period setting allows a cloud operator to specify a time period in days (between 0 and 9999 days) during which any deleted account can potentially be recovered. 預設保留期限設定為 0 天。The default retention period is set to 0 days. 將值設定為 "0" 表示立即不再保留任何已刪除的帳戶,並標示為供定期記憶體回收。Setting the value to "0" means that any deleted account is immediately out of retention and marked for periodic garbage collection.

變更保留期限:To change the retention period:

  1. 登入管理員入口網站 https://adminportal.local.azurestack.externalSign in to the administrator portal https://adminportal.local.azurestack.external.

  2. 在 [系統管理]底下選取 [所有服務] > [區域管理]。Select All services > Region management under Administration.

  3. 選取 [資源提供者] > [儲存體] > [設定]。Select Resources providers > Storage > Settings. 您的路徑是首頁 > [區域] - [資源提供者] > [儲存體]。Your path is Home > region - Resource providers > Storage.

  4. 選取 [設定],然後編輯保留期限值。Select Configuration then edit the retention period value.

    設定天數,然後加以儲存。Set the number of days and then save it.

    此值會立即生效,而且會設定您的整個區域。This value is immediately effective and is set for your entire region.


回收容量Reclaim capacity

保留期限會有副作用,亦即已刪除的帳戶會繼續耗用容量,直到超出保留期限為止。One of the side effects of having a retention period is that a deleted account continues to consume capacity until it comes out of the retention period. 身為雲端操作員,即使保留期限尚未到期,您可能還是需要一個回收已刪除帳戶空間的方式。As a cloud operator, you may need a way to reclaim the deleted account space even though the retention period hasn't yet expired.

您可以使用入口網站或 PowerShell 來回收容量。You can reclaim capacity using either the portal or PowerShell.

使用入口網站回收容量:To reclaim capacity using the portal:

  1. 瀏覽至 [儲存體帳戶] 窗格。Navigate to the storage accounts pane. 請參閱「尋找儲存體帳戶」。See Find a storage account.

  2. 選取窗格頂端的 [回收空間]。Select Reclaim space at the top of the pane.

  3. 讀取訊息,然後選取 [確定]。Read the message and then select OK.


  4. 請等候成功通知。Wait for success notification. 在入口網站上看見鈴鐺圖示。See the bell icon on the portal.


  5. 重新整理 [儲存體帳戶] 頁面。Refresh the Storage accounts page. 已刪除的帳戶已遭到清除,因此不會再顯示在清單中。The deleted accounts are no longer shown in the list because they've been purged.

您也可以使用 PowerShell 明確地覆寫保留期限,並立即回收容量。You can also use PowerShell to explicitly override the retention period and immediately reclaim capacity.

使用 PowerShell 回收容量:To reclaim capacity using PowerShell:

  1. 確認您已安裝並設定 Azure PowerShell。Confirm that you have Azure PowerShell installed and configured. 否則,請使用下列指示:If not, use the following instructions:
  2. 執行下列 Cmdlet:Run the following cmdlets:


如果您執行這些 Cmdlet,將會永久刪除帳戶及其內容。If you run these cmdlets, you permanently delete the account and its contents. 它無法復原。It's not recoverable. 使用時請務必小心。Use this with care.

    $farm_name = (Get-AzsStorageFarm)[0].name
    Start-AzsReclaimStorageCapacity -FarmName $farm_name

如需詳細資訊,請參閱 Azure Stack Hub PowerShell 文件For more information, see Azure Stack Hub PowerShell documentation.

後續步驟Next steps