Azure Stack Hub Marketplace 概觀Azure Stack Hub Marketplace overview

Azure Stack Hub Marketplace 是針對 Azure Stack Hub 自訂的一組服務、應用程式和資源集合。Azure Stack Hub Marketplace is a collection of services, apps, and resources customized for Azure Stack Hub. 資源包括網路、虛擬機器 (VM)、儲存體等等。Resources include networks, virtual machines (VMs), storage, and more. 使用 Azure Stack Hub Marketplace 來建立新的資源和部署新的應用程式,或瀏覽和選擇您想要使用的項目。Use Azure Stack Hub Marketplace to create new resources and deploy new apps or browse and choose the items you want to use. 若要使用 marketplace 專案,使用者必須訂閱提供該專案存取權的供應專案。To use a marketplace item, users must subscribe to an offer that grants them access to that item.

身為 Azure Stack Hub 操作員,可以決定要新增 (發佈) 到 Azure Stack Hub Marketplace 的項目。As an Azure Stack Hub operator, you decide which items to add (publish) to Azure Stack Hub Marketplace. 您可以發佈資料庫、應用程式服務等項目。You can publish items such as databases, app services, and more. 發佈以後,所有的使用者都可以看到這些項目。Publishing makes items visible to all your users. 您可以發佈自己建立的自訂項目,也可以從成長中的 Azure Marketplace 項目清單內發佈項目。You can publish custom items that you create, or you can publish items from a growing list of Azure Marketplace items. 當您將項目發佈到 Azure Stack Hub Marketplace 時,使用者在五分鐘內就可看到它。When you publish an item to Azure Stack Hub Marketplace, users can see it within five minutes.


在 Azure Stack Hub Marketplace 上提供資源庫項目成品 (包括映像和 JSON 檔案) 後,便可不經驗證就存取這些成品。All gallery item artifacts, including images and JSON files, are accessible without authentication after making them available in the Azure Stack Hub Marketplace. 如需更多在發行自訂市集項目時的考量,請參閱建立和發行 Marketplace 項目For more considerations when publishing custom marketplace items, see Create and publish a Marketplace item.

若要開啟 Marketplace,請在管理員入口網站中選取 [+ 建立資源] 。To open the Marketplace, in the administrator portal select + Create a resource.

在 Azure Stack Hub 管理員入口網站中建立資源

Marketplace 項目Marketplace items

Azure Stack Hub Marketplace 項目是您的使用者可下載並使用的服務、應用程式與資源。An Azure Stack Hub Marketplace item is a service, app, or resource that your users can download and use. 所有的使用者都可以看到所有的 Azure Stack Hub Marketplace 項目,包括方案和供應項目等系統管理項目。All Azure Stack Hub Marketplace items are visible to all your users, including administrative items such as plans and offers. 不需要訂用帳戶即可檢視這些系統管理項目,但是對使用者而言,這些項目不具功能性。These administrative items don't require a subscription to view, but are non-functional to users.

每個 Marketplace 項目都有:Every Marketplace item has:

  • 供資源佈建使用的 Azure 資源管理員範本。An Azure Resource Manager template for resource provisioning.
  • 中繼資料,像是字串、圖示與其他行銷關聯資料。Metadata, such as strings, icons, and other marketing collateral.
  • 顯示入口網站中項目的格式化資訊。Formatting information to display the item in the portal.

發佈至 Azure Stack Hub Marketplace 的每個項目都會使用 Azure 資源庫套件 (.azpkg) 格式。Every item published to the Azure Stack Hub Marketplace uses the Azure Gallery Package (.azpkg) format. 請分別將部署或執行階段資源 (代碼、含軟體的 .zip 檔或 VM 映像) 新增到 Azure Stack Hub 中,而不是當作 Marketplace 項目的一部分。Add deployment or runtime resources (code, .zip files with software, or VM images) to Azure Stack Hub separately, not as part of the Marketplace item.

在版本 1803 和更新版本中,當您從 Azure 下載映像或上傳自訂映像時,Azure Stack Hub 會將映像轉換成疏鬆檔案。With version 1803 and later, Azure Stack Hub converts images to sparse files when they download from Azure or when you upload custom images. 此程序會在新增影像時增加時間,但可節省空間並加速這些映像的部署。This process adds time when adding an image, but saves space and speeds up the deployment of those images. 轉換只適用於新的映像。Conversion only applies to new images. 現有的映像不會變更。Existing images aren't changed.

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