SQL 資源提供者 1.1.93. x 版本資訊SQL resource provider 1.1.93.x release notes

這些版本資訊說明 SQL 資源提供者版本1.1.93 中的增強功能和已知問題。These release notes describe the improvements and known issues in SQL resource provider version 1.1.93.x.

建置參考Build reference

下載 SQL 資源提供者二進位檔,然後執行自我解壓縮程式,以將內容解壓縮到至暫存目錄。Download the SQL resource provider binary and then run the self-extractor to extract the contents to a temporary directory. 資源提供者會有最低限度的相對應 Azure Stack Hub 組建。The resource provider has a minimum corresponding Azure Stack Hub build. 要安裝此版本的 SQL 資源提供者所需的最低 Azure Stack Hub 發行版本如下所列:The minimum Azure Stack Hub release version required to install this version of the SQL resource provider is listed below:

支援的 Azure Stack Hub 版本Supported Azure Stack Hub version SQL 資源提供者版本SQL resource provider version
版本2008、2005Version 2008, 2005 SQL RP 版本1.1.93。1SQL RP version


在部署最新版的 MySQL 資源提供者之前,請先將支援的最低 Azure Stack Hub 更新套用至您的 Azure Stack Hub 整合系統。Apply the minimum supported Azure Stack Hub update to your Azure Stack Hub integrated system before deploying the latest version of the MySQL resource provider.

新功能和修正New features and fixes

此版本的 Azure Stack Hub SQL 資源提供者包含下列改良功能與修正:This version of the Azure Stack Hub SQL resource provider includes the following improvements and fixes:

  • 將基底 VM 更新為特製化 Windows 伺服器。Update the base VM to a specialized Windows Server. 此 Windows Server 版本專門用來 Azure Stack Hub Add-On RP 基礎結構,而且租使用者 marketplace 看不到此版本。This Windows Server version is specialize for Azure Stack Hub Add-On RP Infrastructure and it is not visible to the tenant marketplace. 在部署或升級至此版本的 SQL 資源提供者之前,請務必下載 Microsoft AzureStack Add-On RP Windows Server 映射。Make sure to download the Microsoft AzureStack Add-On RP Windows Server image before deploying or upgrading to this version of the SQL resource provider.
  • 支援移除孤立的資料庫中繼資料和主控伺服器中繼資料。Support removing orphaned database metadata and hosting server metadata. 當主機伺服器無法再連線時,租使用者將可選擇從入口網站移除孤立的資料庫中繼資料。When a hosting server cannot be connected anymore, the tenant will have an option to remove the orphaned database metadata from the portal. 當沒有任何孤立的資料庫元資料連結到主控伺服器時,操作員將能夠從系統管理員入口網站移除孤立的主控伺服器中繼資料。When there is no orphaned database metadata linked to the hosting server, the operator will be able to remove the orphaned hosting server metadata from the admin portal.
  • 執行秘密輪替時,請 KeyVaultPfxPassword 選擇性的引數。Make KeyVaultPfxPassword an optional argument when performing secrets rotation. 請參閱 這份檔 以取得詳細資料。Check this document for details.
  • 其他 bug 修正。Other bug fixes.

建議您在 Azure Stack Hub 升級至2005版之後,套用 SQL 資源提供者1.1.93.1。It's recommended that you apply SQL resource provider after Azure Stack Hub is upgraded to the 2005 release.

已知問題Known issue

如果使用了錯誤的 >-azurermcoNtext,部署1.1.93.0 版本可能會失敗。Deployment of version may fail if the wrong AzureRmContext is used. 建議您直接升級至1.1.93.1 版本。It is recommended to upgrade to version directly. 如果您已成功升級至1.1.93.0,您可以放心地略過1.1.93.1 版本。If you have already successfully upgraded to, you can safely skip the version.

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