如何在 Azure Stack Hub 管理 IoT 中樞How to manage IoT Hub on Azure Stack Hub

IoT 中樞管理體驗可讓您將整體狀態、警示和容量視覺化並加以管理。The IoT Hub management experience allows you to visualize and manage overall status, alerts, and capacity.


Azure Stack Hub 上的 IoT 中樞目前為預覽狀態,在預覽期間免費提供。IoT Hub on Azure Stack Hub is currently in preview, and is provided free during the preview period.

IoT 中樞管理儀表板IoT Hub management dashboard

若要存取 IoT 中樞管理儀表板:To access the IoT Hub management dashboard:

  1. 登入 Azure Stack Hub 系統管理員入口網站,選取左側的 儀表板 視圖,然後選取 IoT 中樞 資源提供者:Sign in to the Azure Stack Hub administrator portal, select the Dashboard view on the left, then select the IoT Hub resource provider:

    操作員儀表板operator dashboard

  2. IoT 中樞儀表板提供摘要視圖,顯示目前的警示、在戳記上建立的配額,以及您訂用帳戶中的 IoT 中樞叢集總數:The IoT Hub dashboard provides a summary view, showing current alerts, quotas created on the stamp, and the total number of IoT Hub clusters in your subscription:

    iot 中樞儀表板-總覽iot hub dashboard - overview


IoT 中樞資源提供者支援下列警示:The IoT Hub resource provider supports the following alerts:

類別Category 警示Alert 類型Type 說明Description
效能Performance IoT 中樞 CPU 使用量需要注意。IoT Hub CPU usage needs attention. 警告Warning 過去6小時內 IoT 中樞資源提供者的平均 CPU 使用率百分比超過75%。The average of % CPU usage of IoT Hub resource provider in the last 6 hours is over 75%.
效能Performance IoT 中樞記憶體使用量需要注意。IoT Hub memory usage needs attention. 警告Warning 過去6小時內 IoT 中樞資源提供者的剩餘記憶體使用量低於 1024 MB。The remaining memory usage of IoT Hub resource provider in the last 6 hours is less than 1024 MB.
效能Performance IoT 中樞資源提供者的磁碟空間不足。Low disk space for IoT Hub resource provider. 警告Warning 剩餘的磁碟空間小於10%。The remaining disk space is less than 10%.
資源Resource 建立或更新 IoT 中樞資源失敗。Creating or updating IoT Hub resource failed. 警告Warning 在15分鐘內,IoT 中樞資源提供者建立或更新 IoT 中樞失敗計數不小於1。IoT Hub Resource Provider Create or Update IoT Hub Failure Count is no less than 1 in 15 minutes.
服務Service IoT 中樞資源提供者記錄錯誤需要注意。IoT Hub resource provider log errors needs attention. 警告Warning 在15分鐘內,每個角色實例的 IoT 中樞資源提供者記錄失敗計數超過3個。IoT Hub resource provider log failure count per role instance is more than 3 in 15 minutes.
服務Service IoTHub-SU-InternalErrorIoTHub-SU-InternalError 警告Warning 過去30分鐘內的 IoTHub SU 內部失敗和超時計數不小於5。IoTHub SU Internal Failure and Timeout Count is no less than 5 in the last 30 minutes.
服務Service 發生 IoT 中樞資料平面備份失敗。IoT Hub data plane backup failure occurred. 警告Warning IoT 中樞資料平面在過去15分鐘內發生備份失敗。IoT Hub data plane had backup failures during the past 15 minutes. 裝置資料不會受到保護。Device data will not be protected.
服務Service 已發生 IoT 中樞資料平面連續備份失敗。IoT Hub data plane consecutive backup failure has occurred. 警告Warning 在過去15分鐘內,IoT 中樞資料平面有連續的備份失敗。IoT Hub data plane had consecutive backup failures during the past 15 minutes. 裝置資料不會受到保護。Device data will not be protected.
服務Service IoT 中樞資料平面沒有成功的備份失敗。IoT Hub data plane no success backup failure occurred. 警告Warning IoT 中樞在過去3小時內沒有成功的備份。IoT Hub has no successful backup in last 3 hours. 您的裝置資料可能未受到保護。Your device data may not be protected.
服務Service IoT 中樞資料平面還原失敗。IoT Hub data plane restore failed. 警告Warning IoT 中樞裝置資訊還原失敗。IoT Hub device information restore failed. IotHubPerformanceMetrics 超過過去15分鐘的閾值。IotHubPerformanceMetrics exceeds threshold for the past 15 minutes.
服務Service 發生 IoT 中樞閘道失敗。IoT Hub gateway failure occurred. 警告Warning 發生 IoT 中樞閘道失敗。IoT Hub gateway failure occurred. 裝置遙測功能可能會受到影響。Device telemetry functionality may be impacted.
服務Service IoT 中樞容器發生失敗。IoT Hub Container failure occurred. 警告Warning 已發生 IoT 中樞容器失敗。IoT Hub container failure has occurred. 裝置驗證可能會失敗。Device authentication may fail.
服務Service IoT 中樞裝置管理容器發生失敗。IoT Hub device management container failure occurred. 警告Warning 已發生 IoT 中樞裝置管理容器失敗。IoT Hub device management container failure has occurred. 裝置對應項,直接方法功能可能會降級。Device twin, direct method functionalities may be degraded.

若要監視警示和配額:To monitor alerts and quotas:

  1. 選取 警示 以查看警示歷程記錄:Select Alerts to view the alert history:

    iot 中樞儀表板-警示iot hub dashboard - alerts

  2. 選取 配額 以查看作用中配額的清單:Select Quotas to see the list of quotas in effect:


    在預覽期間,會停用 建立 功能,並提供無限制的預設配額。During preview, the Create feature is disabled and an unlimited default quota is provided. 將會針對 GA 啟用 建立Create will be enabled for GA.

    iot 中樞儀表板-配額iot hub dashboard - quotas

容量管理Capacity management

操作員可以用與任何雲端操作員一樣的方式來管理和操作 Azure Stack Hub 實例。As an operator, you manage and operate your Azure Stack Hub instance in the same manner as any cloud operator. 您確定軟體已正確安裝、設定正確且安全,而且可 (HA) 、時且有效率的高可用性運作。You make sure software is installed properly, configured correctly and securely, and operated for high availability (HA), coherently and efficiently. 您必須在 Azure Stack Hub 實例和 IoT 中樞資源提供者中套用容量管理原則。You'll need to apply capacity management principles in operating both the Azure Stack Hub instance and the IoT Hub resource provider.

Azure Stack Hub 容量管理Azure Stack Hub capacity management

若要判斷 IoT 中樞所需的容量,您必須估計工作負載,主要是裝置數量和訊息輸送量。To determine the required capacity for IoT Hub, you'll need to estimate the workload, mainly the number of devices and the message throughput. 為了協助進行規劃,我們在四個節點的 Azure Stack Hub 環境進行了下列測試,以供參考:To assist with planning, we have conducted the following tests on a 4-node Azure Stack Hub environment for reference:

狀況Scenario VMVMs 虛擬核心Vcores 裝置/中樞Devices/ hub 中樞版本Hub edition 中樞Hubs 單位/中樞Units/ hub 裝置總計Total devices 總中樞單位Total hub units 每日數百萬則訊息Millions of messages/ day
預設值Default 55 2020 300,000300,000 S2S2 44 200200 1,200,0001,200,000 800800 4,8004,800
12部 Vm12 VMs 1212 4848 500,000500,000 S2S2 44 200200 20000002,000,000 800800 4,8004,800
18個 Vm18 VMs 1818 7272 400,000400,000 S3S3 44 1010 16000001,600,000 4040 12,00012,000

如需詳細資訊,請參閱 Azure Stack Hub Capacity PlannerRefer to Azure Stack Hub Capacity Planner for more details.

IoT 中樞容量管理IoT Hub capacity management

由於 Azure Stack Hub 部署在資源有限的內部部署資料中心內,因此在 Azure Stack Hub 上執行的所有服務都會共用並競爭相同的資源集區。Because Azure Stack Hub is deployed in an on-premises data center with limited resources, all services running on Azure Stack Hub share and compete for the same resource pool. 操作員需要根據商務需求來規劃及管理容量。Operators need to plan and manage the capacity based on the business needs. IoT 中樞資源提供者可讓操作員能夠管理服務的容量需求。The IoT Hub resource provider gives operators the ability to manage the capacity requirements for the service.

IoT 中樞具有單一 VM 類型。IoT Hub has a single VM type. 在 IoT 中樞部署過程中,系統會在 Azure Stack Hub 上布建一組 Vm。As part of IoT Hub deployment, the system provisions a set of these VMs on Azure Stack Hub. Vm 可以支援特定數量的裝置和訊息輸送量。The VMs can support a certain number of devices and message throughput. 預設設定應該符合大部分的需求。The default setting should meet most requirements. 但是,如果您需要更多裝置或更高的訊息輸送量,可以使用系統管理員入口網站、CLI 或 PowerShell 來增加容量。However, if you need more devices or higher message throughput, you can increase the capacity using the administrator portal, CLI, or PowerShell.

若要監視及變更容量設定:To monitor and change capacity settings:

  1. 選取左側的 容量 視圖。Select the Capacity view on the left. 您會看到容量狀態,包括 IoT 中樞叢集中布建的 Vm 數目及其資源使用率。You'll see capacity status, including the number of VMs provisioned in an IoT Hub cluster and their resource utilization. 顯示的節點數目是目前配置給 IoT 中樞的節點數目。The number of nodes shown is the current number of nodes allocated to IoT Hub.

  2. 若要增加容量,請選取 IoT 中樞叢集名稱、變更節點數目,然後選取 [ 更新規模]。To increase capacity, select the IoT Hub cluster name, change the number of nodes, then select Update Scale. 您可以新增多個 Vm 作為可用的資源,以增加容量。You can increase capacity by adding as many VMs as available resources allow.


    只有 IoT 中樞叢集相應放大 (較小到較大的) 支援預覽。Only IoT Hub cluster scale-out (smaller-to-larger) is supported for preview. (GA) 版本的 IoT 中樞正式運作時,將會支援大規模 (大到小的) 。Scale-in (larger-to-smaller) will be supported in the General Availability (GA) version of IoT Hub.

    iot 中樞儀表板-容量iot hub dashboard - capacity

後續步驟Next steps

如需有關的詳細資訊:For more information on:

Azure Stack Hub 監視功能(包括警示),請參閱 監視健康情況和警示Azure Stack Hub monitoring capabilities, including alerting, refer to Monitor Health and Alerts.

Azure Stack Hub 記錄檔收集,請參閱 Azure Stack 診斷記錄收集的總覽Azure Stack Hub log collection, see Overview of Azure Stack diagnostic log collection.