Azure Stack Hub 耐用Azure Stack Hub ruggedized

Azure Stack Hub 耐用是一種耐用的雲端設備,可透過新增額外的縮放單位來擴充。Azure Stack Hub ruggedized is a versatile, ruggedized cloud appliance that can be expanded by adding additional scale units. Azure Stack Hub 耐用提供 Azure IaaS 和 PaaS 功能,以支援由數百名員工組成的組織單位的連線和中斷連接作業。Azure Stack Hub ruggedized provides Azure IaaS and PaaS capabilities in support of connected and disconnected operations for organizational units consisting of several hundred personnel. Azure Stack Hub 耐用可以支援從暫時性打擊 Outposts (COP) 或策略性動作中心 (TAC) 或解決已部署軍隊 battalion 需求的人員的 IT 工作負載。Azure Stack Hub ruggedized can support the IT workloads of personnel operating from temporary Combat Outposts (COP) or Tactical Action Centers (TAC) or address the needs of a deployed Army battalion. 在 Azure Stack Hub 耐用提供足夠的計算和儲存體容量,以提供靜態的模組化策略性雲端資料中心基礎結構,可在空間受限的環境中提供靜態的模組化雲端資料中心基礎結構,例如飛機電訊廠商或在邊緣操作的小型構成物或 expeditionary 單位。It has been proven in the field that Azure Stack Hub ruggedized provides sufficient compute and storage capacity to provide static, modular tactical cloud datacenter infrastructure in space-constrained environments such as an aircraft carrier or for small formations or expeditionary units operating at the edge.

您可以如何使用 Azure Stack Hub 耐用How you can use Azure Stack Hub ruggedized

Azure Stack Hub 耐用是可移植的耐用設備,提供容器化和非容器化的計算、儲存體和 PaaS 雲端服務,以進行 expeditionary land、海洋或空氣營運。Azure Stack Hub ruggedized is a portable, ruggedized appliance providing containerized and non-containerized compute, storage and PaaS cloud services for expeditionary land, sea, or air operations.

您可以使用 Azure Stack Hub 耐用來:You can use Azure Stack Hub ruggedized to:

  • 重複使用程式碼,並在 Azure 和您的便攜環境中一致地執行雲端原生應用程式。Reuse code and run cloud-native apps consistently across Azure and your portable environments.
  • 使用對 Azure 服務的選擇性連線來執行傳統的虛擬化工作負載。Run traditional virtualized workloads with optional connections to Azure services.
  • 將資料傳輸至雲端,或將資料保留在您的本機環境中。Transfer data to the cloud, or keep it in your local environment.
  • 在邊緣執行硬體加速機器學習、容器化或虛擬工作負載。Run hardware-accelerated machine-learning, containerized, or virtual workloads, all at edge.

使用 Azure Stack Hub 耐用的優點Benefits of using Azure Stack Hub ruggedized

Azure Stack Hub 耐用在 disadvantaged 通訊環境中支援與 Azure 一致的環境Azure Stack Hub ruggedized supports a consistent environment with Azure in disadvantaged communications environments

  • 包含4個節點 Azure Stack 的一個縮放單位,可執行多個應用程式、低容量和高容量選項。Includes one scale-unit of 4-node Azure Stack, capable of running multiple applications, in low, and high capacity options.
  • 在策略性運輸案例中,已針對耐用內部框架的增強隔離而提供。Delivered enclosed in tactical transit cases modified for enhanced isolation on ruggedized inner-frame.
  • 每個模組都可以由兩個人員來執行。Each module can be carried by two people.
  • Azure Stack Hub 耐用是以 Azure Stack 為基礎的多外型規格裝置,與可攜的便攜資料中心需求相同,其提供可在各種網路條件內執行多個應用程式的 IaaS/PaaS 供應專案。Azure Stack Hub ruggedized is a multi-form factor device based on Azure Stack, with parity to the requirements of a portable datacenter delivering IaaS/PaaS offerings capable of running multiple applications within a range of network conditions.

後續步驟Next steps

Azure Stack Hub 耐用容量規劃Azure Stack Hub ruggedized capacity planning