Azure Stack Hub 上的 IoT 中樞總覽Overview of IoT Hub on Azure Stack Hub


Azure Stack Hub 上的 IoT 中樞目前為預覽狀態,在預覽期間免費提供。IoT Hub on Azure Stack Hub is currently in preview, and is provided free during the preview period.

Azure Stack Hub 上的 IoT 中樞可讓您建立混合式 IoT 解決方案。IoT Hub on Azure Stack Hub allows you to create hybrid IoT solutions. IoT 中樞是一項受控服務,可作為 IoT 應用程式與其管理裝置之間雙向通訊的中央訊息中樞。IoT Hub is a managed service, acts as a central message hub for bi-directional communication between your IoT application and the devices it manages. 您可以使用 Azure Stack Hub 上的 IoT 中樞來建立 IoT 解決方案,並在 IoT 裝置與內部內部部署解決方案後端之間提供可靠且安全的通訊。You can use IoT Hub on Azure Stack Hub to build IoT solutions with reliable and secure communications between IoT devices and a on-prem solution backend.


功能Feature Azure 上的 IoT 中樞IoT Hub on Azure Azure Stack Hub 預覽版上的 IoT 中樞 (S2/S3) IoT Hub on Azure Stack Hub preview (S2/S3)
裝置到雲端的遙測Device-to-cloud telemetry
雲端到裝置傳訊Cloud-to-device messaging
每部裝置身分識別Per-device identity
訊息路由 1、4Message routing 1, 4
監視和診斷Monitoring and diagnostics
雲端到裝置傳訊Cloud-to-device messaging
裝置管理、裝置對應項、模組對應項Device management, device twin, module twin
對應項通知,裝置生命週期事件Twin notifications, device life cycle events
邊緣分層部署Edge layered deployment coming
系統管理員入口網站 2Administrator portal 2
秘密輪替 2Secret rotation 2
容量管理 2Capacity management 2
Backup & restore 3Backup & restore 3
DeviceConnected、DeviceDisconnected、ASC 4DeviceConnected, DeviceDisconnected, ASC 4
裝置模組設定Device module configuration coming
裝置串流、IoT 隨插即用、作業、檔案上傳 5Device streaming, IoT plug and play, jobs, file upload 5
使用事件方格4監視裝置連接狀態Monitor device connection state using Event Grid 4
容錯移轉 6Failover 6

1 限制為內建端點、事件中樞和儲存體。1 Limited to built-in endpoints, Event Hubs and Storage. Azure Stack Hub 上無法使用服務匯流排。Service Bus is not available on Azure Stack Hub.
2 適用于在 ASH 管理 IoT 中樞的操作員。2 For operators to manage IoT Hub on ASH.
3 備份提供預覽版本。3 Backup is available in preview release. GA 將支援還原。Restore will be supported in GA.
4 相依于 Azure Stack Hub 上未提供的其他服務。4 Depends on other services that are not available on Azure Stack Hub.
Azure Stack Hub 的藍圖中的55 In the roadmap to bring to Azure Stack Hub.
6 不適用 Azure Stack Hub。6 Not applicable on Azure Stack Hub.

Azure Stack Hub 上適用于 IoT 中樞的 APIAPI available for IoT Hub on Azure Stack Hub

APIAPIs Azure Stack Hub 上的 IoT 中樞IoT Hub on Azure Stack Hub
將設定套用至裝置Apply Configuration On Device
設定建立Configuration Create
設定刪除Configuration Delete
設定讀取Configuration Read
Configuration Read ManyConfiguration Read Many
設定服務適用Configuration Service Apply
設定更新Configuration Update
裝置直接調用方法Device Direct Invoke Method
取消註冊裝置Unregister Device
取得裝置Get Devices
更新模組對應項Update Module Twin
D2C 取得對應項D2C Get Twin
匯入裝置Import Devices
取得對應項Get Twin
取消註冊模組Unregister Module
更新裝置Update Device
更新模組Update Module
查詢裝置Query Devices
匯出裝置Export Devices
備份與還原– ADMBack up and Restore – ADM
取代對應項Replace Twin
備份與還原– DSSBack up and Restore – DSS
D2C 通知 DesiredPropertiesD2C Notify DesiredProperties
D2C Patch ReportedPropertiesD2C Patch ReportedProperties
取得模組對應項Get Module Twin
模組 D2C 取得對應項Module D2C Get Twin
取得模組Get Module
模組 D2C 通知 DesiredPropertiesModule D2C Notify DesiredProperties
模組 D2C 修補程式 ReportedPropertiesModule D2C Patch ReportedProperties
Module Direct Invoke 方法Module Direct Invoke Method
更新對應項Update Twin
大量裝置作業Bulk Device Operations
裝置到雲端的遙測Device to Cloud Telemetry
註冊裝置Register Device
註冊模組Register Module
取代模組對應項Replace Module Twin
取得裝置Get Device
分割區移動/角色變更Partition Move/Role Change

Azure 雲端上的 IoT 中樞與 Azure Stack 上的 IoT 中樞之間的差異Differences between IoT Hub on Azure Cloud and IoT Hub on Azure Stack

層面Aspect 雲端上的 IoT 中樞IoT Hub on Cloud Stack 上的 IoT 中樞IoT Hub on Stack
訊息耗用量Message Consumption 根據預設,訊息會路由到與事件中樞相容的內建服務對應端點 (訊息/事件)。By default, messages are routed to the built-in service-facing endpoint (messages/events) that is compatible with Event Hubs. 在 Azure 雲端上,您可以藉由提供 IoT 中樞連接字串或事件中樞連接字串來存取來自端點的訊息。On Azure cloud, you can access the messages from the end point by providing either IoT Hub connection string or Event Hub connection string. 不過,在 Azure Stack hub 上,只支援事件中樞連接字串。However, on Azure Stack hub, only event hub connection string is supported.

後續步驟Next Steps

如果您的訂用帳戶中沒有 IoT 中樞,請與系統管理員合作, 在 Azure Stack Hub 資源提供者上安裝 Iot 中樞If IoT Hub isn't available in your subscription, work with your administrator to install the IoT Hub on Azure Stack Hub resource provider.

若要瞭解如何使用 IoT 中樞,請參閱 Azure IoT 中樞檔To learn how to use IoT Hub, refer to the Azure IoT Hub documentation.