Azure Active Directory 開發人員 (v1.0) 概觀Azure Active Directory for developers (v1.0) overview

Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) 是一項雲端識別服務,可讓開發人員使用 Microsoft 的公司或學校帳戶建置讓使用者安全登入的應用程式。Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) is a cloud identity service that allows developers to build apps that securely sign in users with a Microsoft work or school account. Azure AD 支援開發人員建置單一租用戶的企業營運 (LOB) 應用程式及開發多租用戶應用程式。Azure AD supports developers building both single-tenant, line-of-business (LOB) apps, as well as developers looking to develop multi-tenant apps. 除了基本登入外,Azure AD 也可讓應用程式呼叫 Microsoft Graph 這類 Microsoft API,以及 Azure AD 平台上建置的自訂 API。In addition to basic sign in, Azure AD also lets apps call both Microsoft APIs like Microsoft Graph and custom APIs that are built on the Azure AD platform. 此文件說明如何使用業界標準通訊協定 (如 OAuth2.0 和 OpenID Connect),將 Azure AD 支援新增至您的應用程式。This documentation shows you how to add Azure AD support to your application by using industry standard protocols like OAuth2.0 and OpenID Connect.


此頁面上的內容大部分著重於 v1.0 端點及平台,此端點只支援 Microsoft 的公司或學校帳戶。Most of the content on this page focuses on the v1.0 endpoint and platform, which supports only Microsoft work or school accounts. 如果您想要登入消費者或個人的 Microsoft 帳戶,請參閱 v2.0 端點及平台上的資訊。If you want to sign in consumer or personal Microsoft accounts, see the information on the v2.0 endpoint and platform. v2.0 端點會針對想要登入所有 Microsoft 身分識別的應用程式,提供統一的開發人員體驗。The v2.0 endpoint offers a unified developer experience for apps that want to sign in all Microsoft identities.

驗證基本概念Authentication basics 使用 Azure AD 進行驗證的簡介。An introduction to authentication with Azure AD.
應用程式類型Types of applications Azure AD 所支援的驗證案例概觀。An overview of the authentication scenarios that are supported by Azure AD.

開始使用Get started

v1.0 快速入門和教學課程會逐步引導您使用 Azure AD 驗證程式庫 (ADAL) SDK,在慣用平台上建置應用程式。The v1.0 quickstarts and tutorials walk you through building an app on your preferred platform using the Azure AD Authentication Library (ADAL) SDK. 請參閱 Microsoft 身分識別平台 (適用於開發人員的 Azure Active Directory) 中的 v1.0 快速入門v1.0 教學課程來開始著手。See the v1.0 Quickstarts and v1.0 Tutorials in Microsoft identity platform (Azure Active Directory for developers) to get started.

使用說明指南How-to guides

請參閱 v1.0 操作指南,以取得 Azure AD 中最常見工作的詳細資訊和逐步解說。See the v1.0 How-to guides for detailed info and walkthroughs of the most common tasks in Azure AD.

參考主題Reference topics

下列文章提供 Azure AD 中所用 API、通訊協定訊息和詞彙的詳細資訊。The following articles provide detailed information about APIs, protocol messages, and terms that are used in Azure AD.

驗證程式庫 (ADAL)Authentication Libraries (ADAL) Azure AD 所提供的程式庫和 SDK 概觀。An overview of the libraries and SDKs that are provided by Azure AD.
程式碼範例Code samples 所有 Azure AD 程式碼範例的清單。A list of all of the Azure AD code samples.
詞彙Glossary 本文件中使用的術語和文字定義。Terminology and definitions of words that are used throughout this documentation.

說明及支援Help and support

如果您需要協助、需要回報問題,或需要深入了解您的支援選項,請參閱下列文章:If you need help, want to report an issue, or want to learn more about your support options, see the following article: