Azure AD 外部身分識別的計費模型Billing model for Azure AD External Identities

Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) 外部身分識別定價是根據每月作用中使用者 (MAU) ,也就是在日曆月份中具有驗證活動的唯一使用者計數。Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) External Identities pricing is based on monthly active users (MAU), which is the count of unique users with authentication activity within a calendar month. 此計費模型適用于 (B2B) 和 Azure AD B2C租使用者 Azure AD 來賓使用者共同作業。This billing model applies to both Azure AD guest user collaboration (B2B) and Azure AD B2C tenants. MAU 計費可提供免費層和彈性且可預測的定價,協助您降低成本。MAU billing helps you reduce costs by offering a free tier and flexible, predictable pricing. 在本文中,您將瞭解如何 MAU 計費,以及將 Azure AD 租使用者連結至訂用帳戶。In this article, learn about MAU billing and linking your Azure AD tenants to a subscription.


本文不包含定價詳細資料。This article does not contain pricing details. 如需使用方式計費和定價的最新資訊,請參閱 Azure Active Directory 定價For the latest information about usage billing and pricing, see Azure Active Directory pricing.

我需要做些什麼?What do I need to do?

若要利用 MAU 計費,您的 Azure AD 租使用者必須連結至 Azure 訂用帳戶。To take advantage of MAU billing, your Azure AD tenant must be linked to an Azure subscription.

如果您的租使用者為:If your tenant is: 您必須:You need to:
已連結至訂用帳戶的 Azure AD 租使用者An Azure AD tenant already linked to a subscription 不執行任何動作。Do nothing. 當您使用外部身分識別功能與來賓使用者共同作業時,將會使用 MAU 模型自動向您收費。When you use External Identities features to collaborate with guest users, you'll be automatically billed using the MAU model.
尚未連結至訂用帳戶的 Azure AD 租使用者An Azure AD tenant not yet linked to a subscription 您的 Azure AD 租使用者連結至訂用帳戶,以啟用 MAU 計費。Link your Azure AD tenant to a subscription to activate MAU billing.

關於每月活躍使用者 (MAU) 帳單About monthly active users (MAU) billing

在您的 Azure AD 租使用者中,來賓使用者共同作業使用量的計費依據是在日曆月份中具有驗證活動的唯一來賓使用者計數。In your Azure AD tenant, guest user collaboration usage is billed based on the count of unique guest users with authentication activity within a calendar month. 此模型會以 1:5 的比例取代計費模型,在您的租用戶中,每個 Azure AD Premium 授權最多允許五位來賓使用者。This model replaces the 1:5 ratio billing model, which allowed up to five guest users for each Azure AD Premium license in your tenant. 當租用戶結至訂用帳戶,而且您使用外部身分識別功能與來賓使用者共同作業時,將會使用以 MAU 為基礎的計費模型自動計費。When your tenant is linked to a subscription and you use External Identities features to collaborate with guest users, you'll be automatically billed using the MAU-based billing model.

適用于來賓使用者的定價層是以指派給您 Azure AD 租使用者的最高定價層為基礎。The pricing tier that applies to your guest users is based on the highest pricing tier assigned to your Azure AD tenant. 例如,如果您租使用者中的最高定價層是 Azure AD Premium P1,Premium P1 定價層也會套用至您的來賓使用者。For example, if the highest pricing tier in your tenant is Azure AD Premium P1, the Premium P1 pricing tier also applies to your guest users. 如果 Azure AD Free 最高的定價層,當您嘗試為來賓使用者使用 premium 功能時,系統會要求您升級至 premium 定價層。If the highest pricing is Azure AD Free, you'll be asked to upgrade to a premium pricing tier when you try to use premium features for guest users.

您必須將 Azure AD 租使用者連結至 Azure 訂用帳戶,才能適當地計費和存取功能。An Azure AD tenant must be linked to an Azure subscription for proper billing and access to features. 如果目錄中還沒有您可以連結的訂用帳戶,您將有機會在此程式中新增一個。If the directory doesn't already have a subscription you can link to, you'll have the opportunity to add one during this process.

  1. 使用至少獲指派訂用帳戶中的參與者角色或訂用帳戶內資源群組的 Azure 帳戶來登入Azure 入口網站Sign in to the Azure portal with an Azure account that's been assigned at least the Contributor role within the subscription or a resource group within the subscription.

  2. 選取您要連結的目錄:在 Azure 入口網站的工具列中,選取 [ 目錄 + 訂 用帳戶] 圖示,然後選取目錄。Select the directory you want to link: In the Azure portal toolbar, select the Directory + Subscription icon, and then select the directory.

    選取 [目錄 + 訂用帳戶] 圖示

  3. 在 [ Azure 服務] 下,選取 [ Azure Active Directory]。Under Azure Services, select Azure Active Directory.

  4. 在左側功能表中,選取 [外部身分識別]。In the left menu, select External Identities.

  5. 在 [ 訂閱] 底下,選取 [ 連結的訂閱]。Under Subscriptions, select Linked subscriptions.

  6. 在 [租使用者] 清單中,選取租使用者旁的核取方塊,然後選取 [ 連結訂用帳戶]。In the tenant list, select the checkbox next to the tenant, and then select Link subscription.


  7. 在 [連結訂用帳戶] 窗格中,選取 用帳戶和 資源群組In the Link a subscription pane, select a Subscription and a Resource group. 然後選取 [套用]。Then select Apply.


    如果未列出任何訂用帳戶,您可以 將訂用帳戶與您的租使用者建立關聯If there are no subscriptions listed, you can associate a subscription to your tenant. 或者, 如果您還沒有訂用帳戶,您可以在這裡選取連結來新增訂用帳戶。Or, you can add a new subscription by selecting the link if you don't already have a subscription you may create one here.


完成這些步驟之後,您的 Azure 訂用帳戶會根據您的 Azure Direct 或 Enterprise 合約詳細資料(如果適用)計費。After you complete these steps, your Azure subscription is billed based on your Azure Direct or Enterprise Agreement details, if applicable.

後續步驟Next steps

如需最新的定價資訊,請參閱 Azure Active Directory 定價For the latest pricing information, see Azure Active Directory pricing.