Azure Active Directory 應用程式 Proxy 與 TableauAzure Active Directory Application Proxy and Tableau

Azure Active Directory 應用程式 Proxy 和 Tableau 已互相合作,可確保能夠輕鬆使用「應用程式 Proxy」為 Tableau 部署提供遠端存取能力。Azure Active Directory Application Proxy and Tableau have partnered to ensure you are easily able to use Application Proxy to provide remote access for your Tableau deployment. 本文會說明如何設定此情節。This article explains how to configure this scenario.


本文中的情節假設您已完成以下事項:The scenario in this article assumes that you have:

為 Tableau 啟用應用程式 ProxyEnabling Application Proxy for Tableau

應用程式 Proxy 支援 OAuth 2.0 授與流程,Tableau 需要有此項目才能正常運作。Application Proxy supports the OAuth 2.0 Grant Flow, which is required for Tableau to work properly. 這表示,啟用這個應用程式不再需要有任何特殊的步驟,只需遵循下列發佈步驟進行設定即可。This means that there are no longer any special steps required to enable this application, other than configuring it by following the publishing steps below.

在 Azure 中發佈應用程式Publish your applications in Azure

若要發佈 Tableau,您必須在 Azure 入口網站中發佈應用程式。To publish Tableau, you need to publish an application in the Azure Portal.


發佈應用程式To publish your app:

  1. 以應用程式系統管理員身分登入Azure 入口網站Sign in to the Azure portal as an application administrator.

  2. 選取 [Azure Active Directory] > [企業應用程式]****。Select Azure Active Directory > Enterprise applications.

  3. 在刀鋒視窗頂端選取 [新增]****。Select Add at the top of the blade.

  4. 選取內部部署應用程式Select On-premises application.

  5. 使用新應用程式的相關資訊填寫必要的欄位。Fill out the required fields with information about your new app. 使用下列指導方針設定︰Use the following guidance for the settings:

    • 內部 URL:此應用程式需含有即為真正 Tableau URL 的內部 URL。Internal URL: This application should have an internal URL that is the Tableau URL itself. 例如: https://adventure-works.tableau.comFor example,

    • 預先驗證方法︰Azure Active Directory (建議使用,但非必要)。Pre-authentication method: Azure Active Directory (recommended but not required).

  6. 在刀鋒視窗頂端選取 [新增]****。Select Add at the top of the blade. 已新增您的應用程式,快速入門功能表隨即開啟。Your application is added, and the quick start menu opens.

  7. 在 [快速啟動] 功能表中,選取 [指派測試使用者]****,並將至少一個使用者新增至應用程式。In the quick start menu, select Assign a user for testing, and add at least one user to the application. 請確定此測試帳戶可存取內部部署應用程式。Make sure this test account has access to the on-premises application.

  8. 選取指派以儲存測試使用者指派。Select Assign to save the test user assignment.

  9. (選擇性) 在應用程式管理頁面上,選取 [單一登入]****。(Optional) On the app management page, select Single sign-on. 在下拉式功能表中選擇 [整合式 Windows 驗證]****,然後根據您的 Tableau 設定填妥必要欄位。Choose Integrated Windows Authentication from the drop-down menu, and fill out the required fields based on your Tableau configuration. 選取 [儲存]。Select Save.


您的應用程式現已完成測試準備。Your application is now ready to test. 存取您用來發佈 Tableau 的外部 URL,然後以已指派給這兩個應用程式的使用者身分登入。Access the external URL you used to publish Tableau, and login as a user assigned to both applications.

後續步驟Next steps

如需更多有關 Azure AD 應用程式 Proxy 的資訊,請參閱如何為內部部署應用程式提供安全的遠端存取 (英文)。For more information about Azure AD Application Proxy, see How to provide secure remote access to on-premises applications.