Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS) 中支援的 Kubernetes 版本Supported Kubernetes versions in Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS)

Kubernetes 社群大約每隔三個月就會發行次要版本。The Kubernetes community releases minor versions roughly every three months. 這些版本均包含新功能和增強功能。These releases include new features and improvements. 修補程式版本會更頻繁地發行 (有時每週),而且僅適用於次要版本中的重要 Bug 修正。Patch releases are more frequent (sometimes weekly) and are only intended for critical bug fixes in a minor version. 這些修補程式版本包括對於安全性弱點或主要 Bug 的修正,這些安全性弱點或主要 Bug 會影響到根據 Kubernetes 在生產環境中執行的大量客戶和產品。These patch releases include fixes for security vulnerabilities or major bugs impacting a large number of customers and products running in production based on Kubernetes.

第一天會在 aks-engine 中提供新的 Kubernetes 次要版本。A new Kubernetes minor version is made available in aks-engine on day one. AKS 服務等級目標 (SLO) 會將目標設定為在 30 天內發行適用於 AKS 叢集的次要版本,具體取決於版本的穩定性。The AKS Service Level Objective (SLO) targets releasing the minor version for AKS clusters within 30 days, subject to the stability of the release.

Kubernetes 版本支援原則Kubernetes version support policy

AKS 支援 Kubernetes 的四個次要版本:AKS supports four minor versions of Kubernetes:

  • 已發行上游 (n) 的目前次要版本The current minor version that is released upstream (n)
  • 三個先前的次要版本。Three previous minor versions. 每個支援的次要版本也支援兩個穩定的修補程式。Each supported minor version also supports two stable patches.

例如,如果 AKS 今天引入 1.12.x,也會針對 1.11.a + 1.11.b1.10.c + 1.10d1.9.eFor example, if AKS introduces 1.12.x today, support is also provided for 1.11.a + 1.11.b, 1.10.c + 1.10d, 1.9.e + *1.9f* (含有字母的修補程式版本是兩個最新穩定版的組建) 提供支援。 + *1.9f* (where the lettered patch releases are two latest stable builds).

引入新的次要版本時,即會淘汰最舊的次要版本和所支援的修補程式版本。When a new minor version is introduced, the oldest minor version and patch releases supported are retired. 在發行新的次要版本和即將淘汰版本的 15 天之前,會透過 Azure 更新頻道宣告。15 days before the release of the new minor version and upcoming version retirement, an announcement is made through the Azure update channels. 在上述發行 1.12.x 的範例中,已淘汰的版本為 1.8.g + 1.8.hIn the example above where 1.12.x is released, the retired versions are 1.8.g + 1.8.h.

當您在入口網站中或使用 Azure CLI 部署 AKS 叢集時,一律會將叢集設定為 n-1 次要版本和最新修補程式。When you deploy an AKS cluster in the portal or with the Azure CLI, the cluster is always set to the n-1 minor version and latest patch. 例如,如果 AKS 支援 1.12.x1.11.a + 1.11.b1.10.c + 1.10d1.9.eFor example, if AKS supports 1.12.x, 1.11.a + 1.11.b, 1.10.c + 1.10d, 1.9.e + *1.9f*,新叢集的預設版本是否*1.11.b*。 + *1.9f*, the default version for new clusters is *1.11.b*.

列出目前支援的版本List currently supported versions

若要找出目前可供您訂用帳戶和區域使用的版本,請使用 az aks get-versions 命令。To find out what versions are currently available for your subscription and region, use the az aks get-versions command. 下列範例會列出 EastUS 區域的可用 Kubernetes 版本:The following example lists the available Kubernetes versions for the EastUS region:

az aks get-versions --location eastus --output table

輸出類似下列範例,其中顯示 Kubernetes 版本 1.12.5 是可用的最新版本:The output is similar to the following example, which shows that Kubernetes version 1.12.5 is the most recent version available:

KubernetesVersion    Upgrades
-------------------  -----------------------
1.12.5               None available
1.12.4               1.12.5
1.11.7               1.12.4, 1.12.5
1.11.6               1.11.7, 1.12.4, 1.12.5
1.10.12              1.11.6, 1.11.7
1.10.9               1.10.12, 1.11.6, 1.11.7
1.9.11               1.10.9, 1.10.12
1.9.10               1.9.11, 1.10.9, 1.10.12


當客戶使用不支援的次要版本升級 Kubernetes 叢集時,會發生什麼事?What happens when a customer upgrades a Kubernetes cluster with a minor version that is not supported?

如果您是在 n-4 版本中,您就不會在 SLO 中。If you are on the n-4 version, you are out of the SLO. 如果從版本 n-4 成功升級到 n-3,則您會回到 SLO。If your upgrade from version n-4 to n-3 succeeds, then you are back in the SLO. 例如︰For example:

  • 如果支援的 AKS 版本為 1.12.x1.11.a + 1.11.b1.10.c + 1.10d1.9.eIf the supported AKS versions are 1.12.x, 1.11.a + 1.11.b, 1.10.c + 1.10d, and 1.9.e + *1.9f*,而且您使用 *1.8.g* 或 *1.8.h*,您就不會在 SLO 中。 + *1.9f* and you are on *1.8.g* or *1.8.h*, you are out of the SLO.
  • 如果從 1.8.g1.8.h 成功升級到 1.9.eIf the upgrade from 1.8.g or 1.8.h to 1.9.e 1.9.f,則您會回到 SLO。or 1.9.f succeeds, you are back in the SLO.

不支援升級到早於 n-4 的版本。Upgrades to versions older than n-4 are not supported. 在這類情況下,我們建議客戶建立新的 AKS 叢集,並重新部署其工作負載。In such cases, we recommend customers create new AKS clusters and redeploy their workloads.

當客戶使用不支援的次要版本調整 Kubernetes 叢集時,會發生什麼事?What happens when a customer scales a Kubernetes cluster with a minor version that is not supported?

對於 AKS 不支援的次要版本,相應縮小或放大都會繼續運作,而且不會產生任何問題。For minor versions not supported by AKS, scaling in or out continues to work without any issues.

客戶可以永遠停留在某個 Kubernetes 版本嗎?Can a customer stay on a Kubernetes version forever?

是。Yes. 不過,如果叢集不在 AKS 所支援的某個版本中,叢集就不會在 AKS SLO 中。However, if the cluster is not on one of the versions supported by AKS, the cluster is out of the AKS SLO. Azure 不會自動升級您的叢集或刪除它。Azure does not automatically upgrade your cluster or delete it.

如果代理程式叢集不在某個支援的 AKS 版本中,主要叢集會支援哪個版本?What version does the master support if the agent cluster is not in one of the supported AKS versions?

主要叢集會自動更新為最新支援版本。The master is automatically updated to the latest supported version.

後續步驟Next steps

如需如何升級叢集的相關資訊,請參閱升級 Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS) 叢集For information on how to upgrade your cluster, see Upgrade an Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS) cluster.